Clarifying best methods for speaker/floor isolation

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All materials of all shapes and sizes have differing resonant characteristics.

These will affect the frequencies absorbed from, and reflected back to, the speaker that is standing on them.

This in turn will affect the sound made by the speaker.

Or so it seems to me. :)

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Frequency, intensity, decay.

Glass and bronze make nice bells, granite or wood not so much.


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Steering this gently back on track, is Auralex just an expensive branded way of achieving the same thing with sorbothane and a granite sheet then?

Aurelex dudes are first an amp/speaker stand for musicians. Mark up in the pro-audio sector is reasonable compared to high-end hifi.

IIRC the difference between the three models is footprint, and weight spec.

The dark carpet grey finish is neutral, unobtrusive, good invisibility factor, footfall problems eliminated. :^

Having played a few village hall stages with a band in my youth, wish I'd had one then. :D

Earmarked potentially for future (down ported) speaker use, because of "allergic to everything" downstairs neighbour. One under equipment stand at the mo'.

Best method I've found is to use Sounddeadsteel (aka sounddampedsteel) squares directly under the speaker spikes.


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