Avantgarde Zero 1 Pro - The End Game?

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1 minute ago, PuritéAudio said:

Auditioned them here,


why is the choice between those particular two loudspeakers?


First step involves a pair of loudspeakers, not a loudspeaker + sub. I will use the setup for both movies and audio.

they need to be in the 7-11k gbp price range. So I need full range speakers.  Focal Sopras do not have enough bass, tested those too. I also tested sonus faber olympica 2, inefficient at 88db and 40hz min response.

the 803d3 go down to 16hz and avantgardes are approximately the same yet with different bass design.

I liked the sonus faber wooden panels, but not the specs. The gf doesn’t like any boxed speaker like the django from marten, the kef reference 3/5. She could accept the blade 2 but those cost 15k£. Too much.

Also, if possible, white finish.

These two speakers satisfy those requirements and sound good. Now they are also quite different, with the bew i am convinced they sound a bit muffled, but i am also unsure about the pairing. I tested them with a 5k£ amplifier i am not going to be able to afford.

Hence the need for the more experienced advice i am hoping to find here :) as i had not much time to play around with any of those speakers but the bowers have years of heritage and reviews while i find not so much info on avantgarde and the zeros.

another factor i was thinking with horns is off-center sound distortion... does it get distorted if you are not exactly in the center of the triangle?

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