Corbyn Wins

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Super Wammer
Is that the show on after QT with Andrew O'Neill (I rarely watch TV but was staying in a hotel) If so the guy is a complete loon.

Yep, that was my impression. Apparently, according to him, global warming is a myth. Indeed, he had a graph to show that the earth is cooling.

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 ... Despite that female-maybe cretin (apologies to real learning-difficulties people) Emma Barnet(t) on BBC R4 Women's Hour yesterday re a resourced-available childcare 'number', Corbyn has definitely surprisingly come over as best leader/policy-conveyor.

Despite my £147 annually BBC perseverating all over re this ...

I/we despite having a bolt-on Labour local winner will vote RED in blue League-winning erection-year - aargh!

TEAM = not tame - mate ... up an' atem ...

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