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Hi Dean,

All the samples have been diluted and are ready to use straight from the bottle.



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Another batch just sent out.

I'm looking for 2 more testers if anyone else is interested.

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PM sent

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Some feedback from the customers I sent samples to.....

Jack thanks for the sample I finally got round to using last weekend. I use a KAB manual cleaner ( basically a manual nittygritty). I have been using moth solution up to now, the biggest problem I had with this was drying time, no matter how long i cleaned there was always some residue I had to wait to evaporate before I re sleeved the record. The revita solution works a treat not only did it get more gunk out of previously cleaned records but it evaporated much quicker. The records were really clean and in my limited experience of cleaning solutions this is the one to use. When my little bottle runs out I will be placing an order for some.


- - - Updated - - -

'Hi Jack

Thoughts and impressions on the sample of Revita record cleaning fluid, a little late but it's been too hot for record cleaning this past week or so!

This seems to do an excellent job. Used with my Okki Nokki RCM without a 'rinse cycle' all my test records played back better after cleaning, even new quality pressings from the likes of Pallas/QRP both looked and sounded better. Typically groove/surface noise seemed reduced and the sound is both smoother and more highly resolved somehow, a bit like having a new more expensive cartridge.

The Revita fluid left every record I tried with a nice vinyl sheen. A couple of LPs I had written off as lost causes were improved, this after trying everything from home brewed IPA based recipes to commercial products from MOFI, Kieth Monks, L'Art du Son and others, impressive results indeed.

The only problem with the Revita is that I am now going to have to fork out for a bottle, it really is great stuff.


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