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Found 23 results

  1. My Mastersound Reference Evolution 845 integrated amplifier for sale. Parallel single ended triode amplifier using 2 845's per channel. 2x55W. Had some cosmetical damage to top plate recently. It got bent slightly and now one power transformer is not sitting 100% straight (not very obvious tbh). I had it for sale here few months ago for £4500 and then decided to withdraw it from sale, but now due to changes in my system it has to go and I will take £3250 for it. Comes with new set of output valves. Optional valve cage is included as well as Remote control. This is absolutely phenomenal amp. Sounds and looks amazing. Plenty of very possitive reviews online. Collection from SE London. Buyers are welcome to arrange their own shipping, but I will not be responsible if anything goes wrong in transit. Please message me with questions. Will try to upload more pictures later. Will consider swap offers. Interested in power amps, pre amps and dacs.
  2. Mr Underhill

    Border Patrol

    I am surprised that BP don't have a thread on here, so let's start one! I only own the baby in the range, the Border Patrol DAC. This little box is just superb, and knocks that ball out of the park in terms of VFM. I compared it to the Schitt Yggdrasil, at twice the cost, and a Lampizator, at four times the cost, and preferred its balance of sound. My version just has a spdif input and the uprated PSU. Downsides? It will handle files up to 9624, but really only uses 16/44.1. Won't handle DSD, or unfold MQA. But, really when it sounds THIS good I don't care. I agree with this, even if my experiences with 'other' DACs is rather less extensive: M
  3. While running through a few items came across this which looks interesting and not something I had ever seen before . If I had loads of spare cash would consider taking a chance but glad to say I have none so will just list it here in case anyone else is interested.
  4. bohemian

    Valve amp help needed

    Yesterday I listened to my system and all was well. I switched off and nothing was untoward. Later I tried to switch on my preamp (Primaluna Dialogue Premium Pre) and - nothing! I am assuming that it is probably the mains fuse, (but of course I don't have a spare to hand!). I guess the first thing is to get a replacement fuse. Can anyone suggest a source? It is a Littelfuse 500mA 250v slo-blow series 213. I have looked at the valves and all seems OK to my untrained eye. If it is anything more serious it is under warranty. I cannot check if the power amps are ok, as you are not supposed to switch them on unless the preamp is on - please correct me if I am wrong. Or is it don't switch them on unless speakers are connected? I know I was told to always switch pre on first, and then powers, and switching off in reverse order. All and any help much appreciated, Chris
  5. I am selling my Icon Audio Mk111 Stereo 40 valve amplifier. KT88 output valves, 40w per channel, push-pull, pure triode or pentode ultralinear modes, three line-level inputs and tape circuit. Includes spare matched set of TAD KT88s, second unmatched set of Sovtek KT88s, new 274B and a Philips Jan6188. I've owned it from new in November 2011. Current equivalent model is £1900. Looking for £650 ovno. Very, very heavy, so buyer collects or arranges collection. (PM me for any other details) Thanks for looking.
  6. For Sale - Kensington, London. Collection only. 1. AVO VCM 163. Premium tube tester, top of the range. Meters both need servicing, and it needs recalibrating. So not currently working. Sold as-is with no return. 2. AVO Mk 3 tube tester. Previously owned by Bill Beard. Needs a service, so sold as-is with no return. It was previously working OK except for one or two sticky controls. Looking for £450 each. Email
  7. Audio Research Ref 210 monoblocks for sale - £6,900 Cost when new: $22k USD £20k Very good condition. 1,577 valve hours. Supplied in original cartons with all accessories, remote and manuals. 230V UK/EU versions (not US 120V imports). Manufactured in 2008 (s/n 38003307, 38003308). Also advertised on eBay, where more hi-res pictures can be seen. Sonus Faber Amati Anniversario also for sale (also on eBay). Located SE London. Any questions, please ask.
  8. Steveh

    valve pre-amp

    Recently purchased valve pre-amp, using it into Chord power amp. Sounds fine to me . What I need to know from valve afficionados(please) : Is there anything to be gained by replacing the original 6J1 valves with "better" ones, and, if so, what would you recommend?
  9. SOLD - Had this for a few years, only as a back-up/project but I do not really use it so it is for sale. It has a brand new power transformer from the original supplier. It has AudioNote Soro output transformers which necessitated a change from Ultralinear to Pentode operation. All the electrolytics on the PCB have been changed as well as the ones in the PSU. The PSU also has a new Rectifier. The large 4K7 resistors on the PCB are replaced as well. All the replacement parts are of better quality than the originals. The EL34s are JJ and have been checked and matched recently. The signal tubes are the ones fitted when I bought it so not sure of their history, there is a NOS Mullard in the central position. To finish it off a set of AN chrome knobs are fitted. The casework is marked in a few areas and the perspex cover has a haze of fine scratches on it. Overall the externals are average for it's age. There is no packaging and it is very heavy so do not really want to ship it. Happy to deliver within 50 miles (maybe more with agreement) of Farnham, Surrey or it can of course be collected (and demonstrated) from same. Looking for £550 ono. SOLD
  10. Bought this excellent amplifier on a whim but I am relocating to the USA so am going to offer it for sale. Amp is as new in original packaging with manuals. Supplied with original valves. RRP is £1100 asking £500. I also have a solid wood custom made platform specially made for this amp, this can be had for an additional £150.
  11. Email We have for sale a used pair of CR Electronic Design Amphion Class A monobloc Power Amplifiers for £799.00 These monoblocs are based around the 6C33C linear tubes,combined with the excellent circuit design the Amphions give a wonderful open quality of sound that made these an incredibly well regarded pair of amps. These have also been upgraded, the previous owner had the following upgrades done to these: Replace 8 x 100v smoothing caps in PSU Replace 4 x 450v smoothing caps in psusReplace 8 x 450v electrolytics on input boardsUpgrade all 6 coupling caps to Mundorf film /foil These monoblocs are items that have been trade in, if you have something that you would like to trade in against these send us a message with what you have and we will come back to you.
  12. Audio Note CDT Zero and DAC Zero in silver. One previous owner, original remote for CDT and boxes for both. DAC has valve output and, as well as RBCD, I understand it should also accept up to 24/96 over spdif (I have not tested this). £275 each. SW London collection or post. PM me with email for pics/more details.
  13. A matched quad of Genalex Gold Lion with super cryo treatment. £55 per pair or £95 for all four. Postage will be done at cost. They are a matched quad. I bought these from Ron at Cryoset in 2013. I used them regularly when I wasn't tube-rolling for about a year (approx 6-800 hours) and then I moved away from using valves. A short review here: Additional: I forgot to say that I am missing one of the boxes. I will do my best to find it - it must be somewhere here! Thanks for looking.
  14. Doing an "interest check" at this stage: I have an EAR890 power amplifier that is (literally!) gathering dust at the moment. My wife is somewhat against selling it (as it took us so long to find it, and she loves it!) - but I feel the funds could be put to better use. It has been serviced by EAR twice in the last six years that I have had it, and has matched KT90 valves that are relatively new. I think I have a spare valve for emergencies. EAR servicing is brilliant - they arrange couriers (far cheaper than you can do yourself) turnaround is swift, and the charges are minimal. I couldn't recommend them too much. They have humans that answer emails, and when I took it to the factory when I first got it, Tim De P worked on it personally. I'm hoping to get something in the region of £3500 if that is reasonable, and don't want to go to eBay. I'm in North Oxfordshire, about 8 miles off theM40 - it's quite a hefty beast, but I do have the original packing box.
  15. SOLD -For sale LECTOR Pre ZOE _ Power VM200 - Valve Amplifier Set - Woody - One year old - SOLD More info here
  16. Selling my Canary 339 MKII 300B Monoblocks with Living Voice Mods, with a retail value of £12,000 with the mods see picture below. These are push pull and produce 50watts per channel. They are in excellent condition with original boxes. £4,250 ONO
  17. Hello After a bit of deliberation I am moving on my Audion KT120, lovely bit of kit which I have been using with NBIEN, ART and SNELL speakers and it has been extremely happy. I have recently upgraded to a pair of valve mono blocks and unless I go tri-amping I'm not going to use the KT120 so time to move it on and start to build a second system that the wife can use! Looking for around £1500, Im based near M40 junction 6, I would prefer collection due to the fragility but will deliver within 20 miles of me, I also travel to Manchester occasionally if it helps! I have the box and manual also. Pictures paint a thousand words so here they are:
  18. alans1957

    Audion Power Amps

    Anybody use/have used Audion power amps, if so what do you have and what are the strengths and weaknesses? If you have moved on, what did you have? what did you change to? and why? My current system is SME 20/3 with Rigid Float arm, VDH White Beauty, Tron Seven GT Phono, Mactone Pre (LV mods), Canary 3309 MkII (LV mods), LV OBX RW (Mk2+ish)
  19. For sale PrimaLuna Prologue Eight - valve CD player - Dual Mono stage - boxed. Actual version with new output board. Original value package with remote and everything. 220/230V 50/60Hz Detailed description here 870£ + 40£ shipping to UK. No additional PayPal fee.
  20. Purchased from Electromod on 21st December 2015 (receipt supplied) this is a highly regarded balanced headphone amp that will drive pretty much anything. You can do some tube rolling with this amp and as well as the original supplied tubes i'm including a pair of NOS Mullard Amperex Red Label ECC88's (cost me around £55) and the unique Schiit Solid State Tubes (LISST) (cost £85). You too can drive yourself mad trying to hear the difference between the three options! I'm selling on as I've know moved onto headphone amp exotica and no longer require the Schiit. More info at: These now cost £775 (mine was £729) and with the extras total was around £860. Looking for £600. UK next day delivery £9.95 or collect from West London.
  21. Søren Johannsen

    WANTED Croft Epoch Elite

    Looking for a good condition Croft Epoch Elite preamp (or possibly a Super Micro A). Good price offered.
  22. For sale is my beautiful and unusual Unison Research Preludio which comes with the rarely seen real mahogany wood trim which looks simply stunning. I've barely used the amplifier so you will see the condition of it reflects this. Like new condition, it came straight from Italy to me. This amplifier also comes with the unison research remote control and I'm also throwing in my pair of Gold Lion tubes to complement the KT88s which come with the amplifier. This amplifier is a sad sale, the music produced by it is absolutely stunning. Pair it with some sensitive speakers for best effect. I have used it with Triangle Comete 30th anniversary stand mount speakers. the 14W of class A demolish my 50w Mcintosh solid state amp. The only thing you may notice is a tiny scuff on the top of the remote control, this in no way affects the operation. I am looking for £1200 for this superb amplifier. PLEASE CONTACT ME if you wish to make an offer and with any questions you might have. I am in the Portsmouth area and also accept collection if preferred. But will accept payment through paypal. Delivery charge will depend on your area.
  23. SOLD Includes Remote, Mains Lead & Instructions Offered in Excellent Condition & Perfect Working Order I am able to demonstrate anytime Recent New Valves - Approx 200hrs Spare Valves Included Original Box & Internal Packing Original Remote Control Original Instructions Very difficult to see marks on the top & RHS cover (images on request) I would prefer if buyer collects or arranges collection I can send via Courier if required however it will be expensive due to Insurance Manufactured in 2008 Price £1,950 plus Delivery SOLD