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Found 31 results

  1. Putting my Avid Ingenium up for sale. It includes the Project 9cc tonearm (not the Evo). This TT brought me back to my beloved LPs, but I've moved on and I have to pay for that I have fitted a new belt to this, and it has the threaded clamp. I do have the box for this, but I can't for the life of me work out how the arm was packed safely in it. Therefore collection from Littlehampton would be preferable, or meet up somewhere not a million miles away (or WAM taxi of course). Current new price £1,650 Yours for £600
  2. GavJ

    Dual 506 problem

    Hi, looking for some help... I have resurrected an old Dual from my loft. Its been lying about for a few years, the platter was a bit stiff but a good clean and a few drops of oil and its fine. But, when I return the tonearm to the rest the turntable does not switch off? I have disassembled the unit and the mechanical side of it works fine, it is physically pressing in the micro switch for off and releasing it for on. The switch internal contacts are moving freely and look fine, the capacitor across the terminals is split and looks done... also one of the pins has broken from the base, I'm wondering if this was loose and arcing which popped the cap? It must have been making contact or the platter would not have spun. Anyway, I think i could fix the switch and replace the cap (240v 0.01up) Would be easier if i could get a new switch, anyone know where i can get one? dualswitch.mp4
  3. I got the choice of ether a REGA Planar 3 with RB301 with a MP110 cart. or A new PRO-JECT ESSENTIAL II DIGITAL TURNTABLE Which one would be the better choice.
  4. I got the choice of ether a REGA Planar 3 with RB301 with a MP110 cart. or A new PRO-JECT ESSENTIAL II DIGITAL TURNTABLE Which one would be the better choice.
  5. WristyManchego

    Seeking amp advice - New to vinyl system

    Hi guys, I've come to the forum for advice after recommendations of being one of the best UK hifi/audio forums around. I'm finally looking to join the vinyl gang, it's been a long time coming. A lot of gear has changed since I first did some research on this so I'm brushing up on what might be some decent entry hardware. My budget is about £500. My mind is in two at the moment, I don't need to fill an auditorium, just an average 5x5 size room but I do want it to be a very unobtrusive, small footprint system. Here's what I've pieced together for best quality with little footprint: Pro-Ject Audio Systems Primary Phono USB Hi-Fi Turntable £228 Q Acoustics 3020 Compact Bookshelf Speaker £179 Total £407 What I'm looking for is an amp to suit, I don't have a lot of cash left over so I've been looking at mini T amps. The Topping TP23 gets a mention in THIS article on The Master Switch. They actually recommend the Orb Audio Mini-T but it's not available in the UK or costly to ship. It will save me a lot of cash and seems to get a good wrap but its about the only recommendation I can find on it which is why I'm coming to you. What are your thoughts on cheap amps for this setup, keeping in mind the smallest footprint possible? Or Should I go the ultra-compact route, forget the amp and speakers and get a pair of Audioengine A2+ Speakers? And upgrade later in life when I want more from my vinyl. All thoughts welcome.
  6. As the title states which arm would you use out of the two arms I have available? A Helius Orion MKII and a WB ACT two Carbon arms To put with them I have an ATOC9 MKIII MC Cart. The arm of choice will be used on a real nice 'The Source' Turntable Thanks DM
  7. Acoustic Signature Manfred MK2 XL - Cherry - With Upgrades - £2595, RRP - £4026 Ex-Demo unit in 'as new' condition. Has been upgraded with the TA-700 tone arm, silver diamond cut load weight and upgrade leather mat. Fitted with a Soundsmith Carmen II cartridge. Original box and packing. See our website listing here 12 month warranty provided. Elite Audio are part of Audio Emotion, so you can buy with confidence Please call us on 0203 397 1119 for more information.
  8. Ex-display Pro-ject Xpression Carbon UKX, in black; mint condition. A superb turntable that offers a lot of performance in a compact design. Very low use, comes with all the original packaging, accessories and warranty. Pro-Ject Cork-It mat is included in the asking price. £599 new, now only £450. Click on the photo for more information:
  9. As the title suggests, I am looking for either a Michell Gyrodec or Gyrodec SE without a tonearm. Please pm me if you have one available. Thanks for looking.
  10. I'm looking for a decent starter TT for a friend - something like a Project Debut but anything better on offer would be great considering his budget is under £100. I can collect within reasonable distance from Cambs. Please let me know if yo have anything suitable. thanks Adrian
  11. Proofreader

    Help required by turntable virgin!

    Hello I wonder if I could ask for some turntable advice please? I've never had a turntable before and I've just been given a mint looking 1978 Technics SL150 direct drive (with its original packing) with SME Model 3009 Series II (improved) pick-up arm. I believe it has a Shure cartridge fitted. As it has been stored in its box and not played for at least 25 years, is there anything I should be aware of when using for the first time. Any hints and tips and websites suitable for a turntable virgin would be gratefully received.
  12. maz06

    SALE Denon DL304

    Denon DL304 Cartridge Denon DL304, these are brilliant cartridges. This one I would say requires a re-tip so it is being sold as a non-runner. New old stock versions of these sell for a lot of money. £ - Open to offers. Collection preferred - Greater Manchester, but would post at cost.
  13. alans1957

    WANTED Kuzma Stabi XL

    Wanted Kuzma Stabi XL, will pay cash or SME 20/3 + cash.

    Goldring Legacy Special Edition

    We have a very limited number of special edition Goldring Legacy Cartridges available. These are the first ten bodies ever made which were held back for release at a later date. each cartridge comes with a authentication certificate signed by David Giffin, who built all ten of these special editions. There's no extra cost to you either. To buy the cartridge outright is £695.00 or £555.00 on the Goldring exchange scheme. "To ensure a record cartridge reproduces an accurate transcription of the record groove, the cartridge components must be rigidly mounted to the tone arm, whilst simultaneously allowing the tiniest movements of the diamond stylus to be transmitted, via the cantilever, to the sensing coils. The Legacy boasts an ultra low resonance magnesium metal body which is both very light and extremely strong. For convenience and rigidity, it has threaded inserts allowing the cartridge to be easily mounted and accurately aligned into the headshell. The stylus is a very low mass 'Vital' fine line diamond, which is highly polished and gives extremely low distortion. To maintain rigidity, this is attached to a hard alloy cantilever which transfers the maximum level of detail from the diamond to the coils; the latter are hand wound using only the highest purity copper." Frequency Response20Hz-30kHz +/- 3 dB Channel Balancewithin 1 dB @ 1 kHz Channel Separationbetter than 25 dB min. @ 1 kHz Sensitivity0.25 mV +/- 1 dB @ 1 kHz Static Compliance25 mm/N Dynamic Compliance @ 10 Hz 15 mm/N Vertical Tracking Angle24° Stylus RadiusVital Fine Line Stylus TypeNon-Replaceable Load Resistance100 Ω Load Capacitance100 - 1000 pF Internal Inductance3 uH Internal Resistance7 Ω Cartridge Mass8.0 g Cartridge Mass (inc. fixings) 8.9 g Fixing Centre0.5" (12.7 mm) Playing Weight1.5 - 2.0 g (1.7 g nom.)
  15. Hi please can you folk help me need to buy a pair of active speakers to connect to a turntable for a simple set up- as a present. But I don't know enough to make an informed choice. What would you recommend? What's best between those two? Would they good for what I need? Roth Oli Powa-5 Or the bigger Edifier studio 7 R2700 cheers!
  16. I need to downsize my kit as its starting to slowly take over the house and I cannot really justify having two turntable setups. This Thorens TD160 MK II is a super sounding classic turntable that will give many a modern turntable a run for its money. It has been given a bit of a facelift and is now sporting a rather nice Bamboo plinth and a carbon fibre top plate and tonearm board. Hidden underneath lies a upgraded inert carbon fibre sub chassis. Its fitted with a hybrid carbon SME arm board and I will also include a carbon Rega arm board as well as a great sounding carbon cork carbon record mat and the record weight shown. It would be fair to say this turntable has had a lot of time spent on it. The SME 3009 series 2 improved (cardas rewire in 2016) tonearm is not included in this sale but if the purchaser also wanted it then I would let it go for an additional £200 but this price is only if sold with the turntable or I will tuck it away in the draw for use another day. The mounted fluid dampening paddle and MC cart will be removed and are not included. I would like £350 including UK postage for what you see below (but not including the tone arm)
  17. Soneteer Sedley Phono Stage (non USB) This has been a brilliant phono stage in excellent condition. I auditioned many around this price point and to my ears this was my favorite. Large sound stage but the bass doesn’t have a bottom end bloom which I found with some others I auditioned. Caters for MM/MC as well as various capacitance and resistive settings settings. Gets great reviews. £ 375 ONO – has original packaging. Collection Preferred (Greater Manchester).
  18. Hi I got vinyl for Christmas and have just taken myself to my music room to listen. Fired up the turntable (Rega Planar 2, 25 years old) and it seems to be dying. Platter turning at maybe 20 rpm. I don't really use it much but it was ok maybe 6 months ago. I googled to see what I could do but what I found online didn't match what I can see. Everything on mine seems to be sealed underneath and I can't see what can move up top. There doesn't appear to be any rubbing noises - it is just slow Anyone any ideas at what I could look at to get it going again? Is it likely to be dead? If so and I want a few-times-a-year turntable what do I look at? I escaped redundancy a few weeks ago but expect to be caught in the next round, in a year or two, so trying to save pennies. Any thoughts would be most welcomed :-) Oh - Nick Cave's 'Skeleton Tree' and David Bowie 'Blackstar' btw Damian
  19. Pink Triangle LPT Turntable Owned this for a couple of years and have now upgraded to another Pink Triangle. This is in good condition with a Black Ash Plinth. Both 33.3 and 45 RPM speeds work. Comes with Helius Scorpio arm. Pics show the upgraded Funk Firm Boing suspended feet (these have been removed, but can be bought additionally. Few little marks on the top plate and plinth but not noticeable unless close up. Collection Only. The deck can be viewed at Doug Brady Hi-fi Warrington. 495 - ono
  20. Luxman PD-171A Set Up The Luxman PD-171A Turntable is the latest addition to our turntable line up. Delivering a bold, fluid and refined sound, The PD-171A is a unique addition to our turntable portfolio. Here is an article from Steve at Fanthorpes describing the full setup of the PD-171A….. First thing that impresses is the careful use of multiple individual layers of packaging, with individual compartments for the separate parts giving excellent protection and also allowing parts to be easily identified on opening the box. The main plinth section is enclosed in a cloth and polythene bags to protect the beautiful wood and metal finishes. When placing the main plinth section onto my stand I was impressed by the isolated felt bottomed feet, with the two front feet being adjustable to allow me to easily level the turntable for the next setup procedures. The tonearm usefully comes pre fitted but using the removable headshell allowed me to easily mount the cartridge and fit the cartridge wires correctly. The arm height (VTA) is simple to set as horizontal prior to listening tests using the side mounted allen bolt, allen keys are supplied in the box. Also the cueing platform is adjustable for height using an allen bolt. The high level of engineering quality was evident straight away when opening the box with very high quality surface finish on all parts, as I mounted the platter and motor cover plate this care of manufacture and build quality was nice to see and made accurate adjustments very easy. The 5kg platter was simple to fit and did not require a lot of handling due to the cleverly supplied screw in keys which fit temporarily to the platter to lift it into place, no fingermarks left on the platter edge. The concave motor pulley ensures correct position of the belt as the unit is running, this is a single diameter the speed changed by simple use of the front top surface mounted 33 and 45rpm selection buttons, additionally there is a variable pitch control which is lovely and precise and enabled me to accurately set the speed. Setting the tracking force was very easy to do using the screw on counterweight due to its fine, well turned thread on the stub axle. I am using the Roksan digital stylus force gauge for quick and accurate setting, here being set to 2.5g for our demonstration Ortofon Cadenza Red moving coil cartridge. Cartridge alignment being set using the easy to use AVID universal protractor. As a conclusion this turntable was a pleasure to assemble and adjust due to the exemplary manufacturing quality of all parts and the precision of all adjustment controls. The well protected and clever packaging made sure all parts were straight to hand as needed and assembly was simple especially due to the platter keys and the removable tonearm headshell. This turntable will provide any owner with a real pride of ownership combining both a traditional attractive design and superb finish to both wood and metal surface. Retailing at £4995 the PD-171A is a must listen for people considering a new deck at this price point. For more information about the Luxman PD-171A Turntable call us on 01482 223096 or email
  21. Hello wammers, I have now for sale my beloved Amazon One turntable and its Robert Fuchs 12" tonearm. Both are as rare as hen teeth , so some additional information here and here Fuchs Tone Arm/12" Tone Arm Pics of the actual turntable and arm Pick-up in France (Le Havre) is strongly advised but shipping is possible. Delivery in Portsmouth is an option too and I'll throw a Garrott P77 and an extra stylus with it as a gift. Price including either shipping or nice French meal : 2100£/2500€
  22. Evening all, having had a bit of a run on charity shop vinyl buying yesterday i came home to find my Rega Planar 3, bought at least 2nd hand off the wam some time back, running at 30rpm or less - not good. As usual cash strapped, so I am weighing up 2 options. Should I buy a second handheld motor which may be 30 years old for £30 , or should I buy the new 24v model which is being sold as an upgrade? I have heard that the 24v model can be noisy, and that has been an issue with the current motor, which i think has probably had a wonky bearing for some time, hence the noise and speed issues. Thoughts?
  23. The Ultimate Hi-Fi 2016 Yearbook from Hi-Fi News was published last week, ranking the best of the best in the world of high end audio. The magazine looks at products from across the globe, with everything from turntables and DACs, to loudspeakers and amplifiers. Two products sold by Elite Audio Distribution were Highly Commended by the magazine, ranking them with some of the most outstanding audio components in the world. Turntable: Acoustic Signature Primus RRP: £1,195 The first to be highly commended was Acoustic Signature’s Primus Turntable. The judges were impressed with the turntable’s quality, considering that it is Acoustics Signature's entry-level turntable. “Performances came together in a very neatly-rendered whole.” The final verdict saw the magazine claim that the Primus is the perfect introduction to analogue sound and that “as a plug-and-play starter combo, it excels”. Integrated Amplifier/DAC: Gato Audio DIA-400S RRP: £4,590 The predecessor of the Gato Audio DIA-400S, the DIA-400, was already a Blue Moon award-winning integrated amplifier/DAC and now the "S" has been highly commended by Hi-Fi News. “Well thought-out, the DIA-400S really is easy to set up and use.” The judges were impressed with its clean and subtle sound, that wasn’t too clinical as it still managed to maintain the warmth and atmosphere of the tracks they tested it with. "It gave the impression of having eased away any remaining rough edges or congestion there might be in the usual CD player sound, but without any obvious penalty.” The design of the DIA-400S was also praised, with everything from the elegant curve of the device to the dial and display. Both the Primus Turntable by Acoustic Signature and the Gato Audio DIA-400S integrated amplifier/DAC are available from Elite Audio Distribution on our 30-day, no-risk trial. To buy, simply contact Elite Audio Distribution on 020 3397 1119 or
  24. Technics SL-6 Linear tracking turntable. Owned since new and allows multiple auto track selection. No lifting and dropping needles manually.. Works perfectly and is a very compact fully operational table which fits in small spaces and avoids vinyl damage whist being very convenient. £75 ono - New Forest/Southampton collection or pay postage
  25. London UK: For sale a grey Rega Planar turntable. I also have a good condition Audio Technica MC7 moving coil pickup, not fitted but would go nicely with the Rega. Andy Contact me on: