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Found 6 results

  1. Let me say it myself: TL;DR. The impatient can fast forward to the pics and then rewind to the text to work out what the hell is going on. ________ I'm still faffing around with with my Kendal set-up in the aftermath of my short-lived Boenicke W8 ownership and the unwinding of that. A brief reprise: Amp: Audia Flight FLS10 integrated gorgeous but OTT financially for second home and in absence of employment income. Traded to another wammer for Musical Fidelity A3CR pre/power pairing + cash adjustment Speakers: ATC SCM40 passives The FLS10 and SCM40 combo was a thing of beauty. I hadn't really understood what people meant when they described a sound as "liquid" but I do now. The MF and ATC's combo lacks synergy. Normally balanced SCM40's sound a little heavy-footed in the bass for my tastes, though many would love the combo (!) for its ballsiness. I start my new job mid-Nov. So what to change? Speakers? Amp? Both? Time to explore individually and together. ______________ Amp: always fancied a Sugden. Arranged a demo ANV-50 which arrived at the weekend. Speakers: I'm not interested in changing the ATC's, I thought, but am happy to throw into the mix the intriguing Posselt Albatross speakers in the Classifieds: an eye-catching statement but an elegant one. I'm going to audition them on Monday. From the few comments I could find online, I suspected they would be a little lighter in the bass than the ATC's. Today 24th Oct 2019 Sugden ANV-50: I spent a few days in Kendal getting to know this. It's Sugden's first departure from pure Class A and is impressive with the SCM40's. The bass is strong and as with the MF A3CR I can see why people will love it; the treble is crisp and clear. Ultimately I couldn't settle into the sound as a long term keeper because for me the mid-range gets a little lost between the impressive bass and impressive highs. I'm being as picky here as you'd expect me to be before lashing out close to £4k... it's a fabulous amp on which Sugden should be congratulated. The SCM40's have a deserved reputation for telling it how it is; a warmer or smoother speaker wold be lovely with the ANV-50, I'm sure. Posselt Albatross: but you're not auditioning the until Monday Nigel... well that remains the plan but by a remarkable coincidence on Sunday I was able to snap up a gloss black pair at a don't-even-think-about-it price. They have the original Morel horn tweeters not Scanspeak replacements and the gloss black is really smart but it's not the gorgeous teak finish of the others. I collected them yesterday. This morning Nick @Fourlegs was generous enough to host the amp and speakers: he laughs at my box-swapping and earnest protestations that it's just a phase I'm going through. First up were Nick's Pass Labs XA60.8 monoblocks into his Spendor Classic 200's, not as an unfair fight, just to get our ear in. Impressive in power and detail. Then the Sugden ANV-50 driving same speakers. An impressive showing, plenty of detail and bass, though in broad terms confirmation of what I'd heard with the SCM40's. Then the Sugden into Nick's pimped Dalis where the bass struggled to make itself heard even when being booted up the backside by the Sugden. Fabulous mids and highs though, beautifully integrated. In came the Posselt Albatross: they're around 30kg I think, so not backbreakers but a two-man lift due to their 6ft height. Neither of us knew what to expect of course. Great news. A really nice sound with the ANV-50, the bass being nicely filled out and sounding quite balanced with some lovely highs and mids. Lovely soundstage. I'm liking these already Switch to Pass Labs into Posselts: ah, now we're talking. Fuller, warmer, balanced and integrated across the frequencies. At 91dB the Posselts are not a particularly demanding load but the extra oomph worked very nicely indeed. I can see why the guy I bought these from had kept them as his only speakers for 25 years... The secret weapon! Nick has a Border Patrol 300B putting out a massive 8w a side... I have heard it before, it is absolutely gorgeous. I understand why Nick keeps the Pass Labs as his main rig but also appreciate why he has the Border Patrol ready for action; I've heard the BP twice and personally it wins my heart every time. Sublime. Border Patrol into Posselt Albatross: fantastic! I'll run out of superlatives so Nick might have to provide some more measured adjectives of his own but this was very good indeed: don't bother wrapping the BP, I'll eat it now. Tentative conclusion 1: the Posselt Albatrosses stand a good chance of replacing my ATC SCM40's. I would have bet against this... but to sing they need the right amp. It might not be these Posselts, it might well be the gorgeous teak ones with Scanspeak tweeters I'm auditioning on Monday - on paper they have even more sonically and aesthetically. Watch this space. Tentative conclusion 2: a Sugden amp stands a good chance of ousting the MF A3CR. in a week's time, I'm driving to Hull to return the loan ANV-50 to Fanthorpes. I'm taking (one pair of!) the Posselts with me and am going to hear them with the Sugden A21, A21 SE and (Marc doesn't know this yet) hopefully the IA-4 for the hell of it. Yep, I'm taking the Posselts not the ATC's. I'll update you of course. Stay tuned. In the mean time here is some amp and speaker porn. Apologies for the contrast in the speaker shots but you can see the lovely juxtaposition of the chunky classic Spendors and the lanky Posselts.
  2. Does anyone have a copy they can lend me? Interested in their review of the Sugden ANV-50 which is not available online for copyright reasons... PM me please.
  3. Four years old, bought new by me so have sales invoice. 30 wpc of pure Class A power. Totally reliable since new. Original box and documents. Selling for £1200. Used with Neat sx2's which will be going on here later. at probably £400 for them.
  4. I need to sell my system. It consists of Living Voice Avatar OBX-R2 with Sugdem Masterclass pre and power amps. This system is more than 10 years old, can't remember when I got it. A scratch on top of one of the speakers, otherwise mint condition. Cost wads of money when I got it, I will have to accept some loss but It has given a lot of pleasure over the years and I cannot imagine hearing anything better. I has been great but need to sell. Could anyone find £2.500 for this lot. What do you think? Some links: Transport or post is difficult, it being so big. I live Noffolk. NR133TN We will have to work that out. Adding a note that I forgot to mention. The volume control is manual, it does not work with a remote control. Speakers OBX-R2 with external crossovers. All cables included, XLR pre to power then some decent Ortofons to speakers.
  5. Sugden A21 SE - Pure Class A Integrated Amplifier **SOLD** 1 owner from new, immaculate condition. Unmarked as can be seen in the pictures. Original box and packing, along with remote control and user manual. 12 month warranty provided. Elite Audio are part of Audio Emotion, so buy with confidence. Please call us on 0203 397 1119, PM or email us at for more information.
  6. I have recently inherited some Proac Response SC1 speakers. I also inherited a Michell pre amp and power amp (all quite old now) but find the sound far too bright for my tastes. I am currently pairing the speakers with a NAD CD and amp which sounds fine but... I am wanting to buy a new CD player and Amp that will do the speakers justice. I have read a lot about the pairing of Sugden and Proac and wonder if the A21 Signature CD and Amp would be a good match or if I would notice the difference between these and the Sudgen Fusion 21 CD and A21SE Amp. Reading reviews I was also thinking about the Roksan Caspian M2 amp and CD player. Many reviews seem to suggest these are good and sound smooth. I know people will say go and audition and always have in the past (or tried equipment at home) - I now live in France and every dealer I phone within a few hours drive does not have the equipment I want to listen to. I am thinking of ordering on the internet with a view to returning if I don't like it (as you are able to do), but I want to make an informed decision so I don't have to return too much. We mainly listen to classical music (a wide range from small scale to large forces) - in the past I have returned amps and CDs that sound too clinical and harsh (they have almost attacked you when listening) and therefore assume we like a smoother sound, but we do want detail. I loved my Arcam CD with Marantz K1 Signature Amp and Proac Tablets but want something better than this now. Any views would be welcomed.