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Found 24 results

  1. SOLD via eBay. Onkyo C-N7050 Network CD Player with remote. No marks, scratches, dings or dents. One owner from new. I do not have the original box or instructions but it will be very well packed for transit. The CD player in this unit has had very little use as I only really ever used it for listening to Internet radio stations. What HiFi 5 Star award and review here: Looking for £160 + postage (£10) Features. A High-Quality CD Player and Network Audio Player in One Discover the Power of High-Resolution Audio Stream Direct from Smartphone and Tablet Direct-Digital iPod/iPhone-Certified Connection via USB Premium 32-bit Digital-to-Analog Conversion For all features please go here: Any questions please get in touch. Thanks. Zoom in
  2. Just replaced this amazing bit of kit with Auralic's sensational Vega G1. Streaming made easy, Tidal, Quobuz integrated into Auralic's own control interface Lightning DS (Apple). Play Spotify, bluetooth, as well as wired or wireless. Comes pre-fitted with 1TB internal SSD, original packaging & tool, and with iFi ultra low noise PSU. 2.5 years since bought new from Audio Emotion, £685 worth of musical goodness, for just £395. Postage will be whatever it costs, collection & demo available if you're near St Albans. Check the reviews on the web, but in summary it's a terrific streamer & dac.
  3. Hi, I am looking for advice on streaming and next steps for my hi fi. I currently have Rega P3 with Linn Adikt MM cartridge and Neo PSU, Linn Classik as a CD player, Linn Katan speakers all through Moon 240i integrated amp with in built DAC. I am currently playing my i tunes and tidal on my i pad connected through the Moon DAC using the USB B cable rather than the MP in socket at the front. The amp tells me I am getting 44.1 kHz playback and it sounds really good. I plan to buy a streamer and am not sure about my next step. I know if I but the Moon Neo Mind I connect it to the internet initially wired and it then operates wirelessly, it seems a good solution yet expensive at £1700. I have seen Linn Majik DS used around £850 and if I could play this wirelessly it would seem a good bet, is it similar to the Moon in that it needs only an initial wired connection, or does this need to be maintained. The other question I have is whether the cheaper Arcam airplay around £400 would work wirelessly and provide good sound quality ? All advice welcomed kind regards Peter
  4. As per headline, Auralic Aries mini for sale, owned since new and fully boxed, working etc. No point in writing a lot of stuff here, you guys know what it does, if you don't you can look it up on the web. Purchase also includes iFi power supply (this makes a MASSIVE difference to the sound). Can be supplied with 2 TB SSD or without storage. £450 with 2 TB SSD and enhanced power supply £350 including power supply (no hard drive included) Any questions, just drop me a line and I'll get back to you as soon as I see it.
  5. For sale is my Linn Klimax Renew DS1 (Klimax DS2 board) digital streamer I have had this since 2015, (serial No 1366470) its in excellent condition, no marks or scratches. It comes with Lejonklou mains power lead and original Linn packaging. Im in West Midlands, UK, will post within UK free of charge, elsewhere at cost. Price £2200 or best nearest offer. Reduced to £2000
  6. Selling my Bluesound Node 2 streamer (black). It is in immaculate condition and comes in original box with all accessories/cables. It was massive upgrade over Cromecast streamer I had before. It also supports Tidal Masters. £300 posted, or £290 collected from SE London.
  7. Streamer Pioneer N70A for 650 GBP 2 years old, no warranty but in mint condition. Sold as seen. Pickup only. Birmingham B218DJ. Contact on or via text message to 07756978393
  8. For Sale. Naim ND5XS Streamer. Fantastic condition, complete with remote and original box, pretty sure I can find the original power cable too! Collection prefered from Cambridgeshire area, but can courier if required. £1250 (UK buyers only) sensible offers?
  9. I'd be grateful for further input from experienced wammers who have already been generous and patient... After a super-helpful conversation I landed on a Bluesound Node 2 as my new DAC/Streamer solution - and I couldn't be happier. My next project had dual purposes: do something about my complete and embarrassing lack of backup of my NAS take advantage of that backup to access my whole music collection in my northern man-cave in Kendal (and at Kegworth and ...) I bought myself a 3TB WD My Passport HDD drive. After a typically helpful Wam conversation (seriously!)... ... I spent an enjoyable, informative and scary morning with generous Dave (slavedata) looking at Pi-based solutions and have <whimpers pathetically> probably ruled that out. The most obvious solution is a second Bluesound Node 2. Formatting the HDD: Bluesound Node 2 can read (only) FAT32 and NTFS so I'll go with FAT32 (exFAT is equally platform-agnostic and doesn't have the 4GB file size limit but that is hardly a real world constraint for a music collection. Have I got this right? Connecting the HDD: If I buy a second Bluesound Node 2 it will live in Kendal; but the external drive (HDD) will regularly travel between there and the midlands for the purpose of backing up my NAS. I have read a couple of confusing threads on the generally excellent Bluesound support site which seemed to mix up USB memory sticks and external drives, and implid that I may have to reindex every time I plug the HDD into the Node 2; and/or that if I plug the same HDD into the router then I won't. That was the point at which I stopped reading and came to the wam... Reindexing doesn't take forever and isn't a showstopper but if I can just plug-and-play then obviously I'd rather do so. How shoud I be connecting my external drive/HDD to th Bluesound Node 2? Direct to USB port? Or via router? All advice much appreciated. Many thanks, Nigel
  10. Latest RealReview from David Ayers Sometimes in life you don’t get what you expect, and so it was when I agreed to review the SOtM sMS-200ultra network player. What I expected was a drop in replacement for my Pioneer N50a player, which is a decent midrange streamer and is why I jumped at the chance to review something rather more upmarket. What I got was what is more commonly known as a renderer, which means when I opened up the box and examined the contents, instead of the expected RCA outputs, what I actually saw was a single USB out. After initial exclamations of, “what the heck have I got myself into”, I spent considerable time researching this and similar products, the most well known of these being the Microrendu. So, if like me you don’t know what this type of product is meant to do, let me explain. Basically it is a small computer running software to allow your current DAC to connect to your network, and save having a laptop etc. sat on your rack. What separates this from a regular mini computer is the attention given to inputs and especially the USB output, in terms of the quality of the USB signal and also the noise in the connection. It also supplied very clean power allowing portable DACs to be used as well as mains powered ones. To get sound out, you must attach a separate USB DAC. The software called Eunhasu comes preloaded, and fires up automatically when powered up. Access to this software is through a web interface via your browser. It has a number of options available, and I will explain those later. On the rear panel there is a socket for the supplied wall-wart power supply, an ethernet port, two USB ports for attaching hard drives or flash drives, and finally the high grade USB output. A reset button and micro SD card port are also positioned here, the former for emergencies, the latter to hold the software that runs the whole box. An upgrade linear power supply is available, but this was not supplied for the review. The unit itself is small and slim, and sits on four tiny clear bouncy feet. I didn’t use any special isolation during my time with the 200ultra. The options to connect in the software include Roon Ready, Squeezelite, DLNA, and the popular HQ Player NAA. Somewhat overwhelmed with options, I decided to not use the HQ Player NAA for any of the review, as it isn’t integral to the use of the unit, and those who love it will already know what it does. So, now for the problem, as a user of an all-in-one streamer solution, how was I to review this. Here at home I have the aforementioned Pioneer N50A, which can also be used as a USB DAC, the very competitively priced Meridian Explorer 2 DAC, and a Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 1, which I use as an ADC to digitize my LPs. With this lineup I was concerned that the 200ultra would not be given a fair trial. With that in mind I also arranged with a fellow Wammer who lives 400yds from me that we would also audition the 200ultra in his system with his Stello Eximus DAC. More on that later. Connecting up the unit was simple enough, power, Ethernet, and Meridian DAC in the back, with my existing QED cable to go from the DAC to my Musical Fidelity M3i integrated amp. I switched on and watched the various colours glow on the from switch as the system booted. I already have Jriver all set up on my laptop to feed my Pioneer, so I used the web interface to activate the DLNA software, set Jriver to stream via DLNA to the player using the “Audiophile 24 bit” configuration and pressed play… A word about the Meridian DAC, now I bought this with the express purpose of investigating MQA from Tidal. As such, I normally plug it straight into my laptop, and thence to my system. I would categorise the DAC as being good value for money at £129, but a bit rough and ready. Back to the plot, first track up was David Bowie’s ‘Oh, You Pretty Things’ from Hunky Dory, in FLAC at 24/192. I was amazed, as in mouth open disbelief. This isn’t a rough and ready DAC, it’s actually remarkably capable, but fed from a laptop it has no chance to show it’s true colours. The clean power and digital signal from the 200ultra lets this little DAC fly, with quite remarkable results. Yes I gained the usual clichés like extra detail and control, but what was truly surprising was the gains that I got in dynamic tension, and the flow and ebb of every song that I played. It should be noted that with the Eunhasu’s implementation of DLNA, it relies on the server sending the information, it cannot be used to pull the files for playing. Now with my Pioneer, this approach is a problem, as it doesn’t support gapless in this mode, but I’m happy to report that all albums that I listened to (and there were many) played gaplessly without any hiccoughs. Next up I set up Squeezelite to catalogue my music collection, all of which is held on two NAS boxes on my network. This it did very swiftly, and using the Logitech Media Server web page, or alternatively the LMS app on my phone, I was soon able to play any album that I wished. I did feel that the sound quality was marginally softened compared to the DLNA option, but it was slight. I also used the Tidal integration option within LMS which worked but had one fatal flaw, which was that any MQA album I tried failed to illuminate the MQA light on the DAC. Clearly something isn’t bit perfect with this implementation, and searching the internet showed that I was not alone with this issue. Obviously the 200ultra is not to blame for this. Wishing to test out MQA via the 200ultra, I opted for the Roon 30 trial, as Roon has Tidal integration built in. I can confirm that MQA albums played from Tidal through Roon and the 200ultra will pass through to the DAC bit perfect and the light illuminates appropriately. In fact I had excellent results using this option. I briefly tried the 200ultra with my Pioneer N50A streamer, which also has a USB input, but I wasn’t particularly happy with the results. I’m not sure why, but I preferred the sound of the streamer’s internal access to DNLA than via the 200ultra and the USB input. Is this because the Pioneer isn’t optimized for USB? To be fair, this wasn’t really a test of how the 200ultra would be used normally. OK, so with these trials under my belt, I needed to find out how the 200ultra would fare with an upmarket stand-alone DAC. Fortunately for me, I have a friend and fellow Wammer 400 yards up the road from me, who happens to have a Stello Eximus DAC which he feeds directly from a laptop. A quick message, and I was off up the road clutching the 200ultra and my laptop with Roon installed under my arm. Now the Stello is an excellent DAC which I have heard before in his system, and really enjoyed. It is mains powered, and I wasn’t expecting the same sort of improvement that I heard with the little USB powered Meridian. I was wrong. One listen of ‘Déjà vu’ from Roger Water’s Is This the Life We Really Want’ album from Tidal via Roon was all both of us needed to be convinced of the clear superiority of the sound emanating from the speakers. Put simply, it was clearer, more defined and very much more dramatic. My friend’s immediate reaction was, ‘I have to investigate these types of interface’. So in summary, the sMS-200ultra is an expensive piece of kit that clearly delivers the goods. If you are looking to add networking capability to an existing DAC, then it should definitely be on your must hear list. Distributed in the UK by:
  11. Has anyone got or had a Sneaky? I am looking for a streamer, willing to spend £1k if its the right thing for me and a good deal (asking too much?) I have tried a few cheaper devices but have not settled with. I have a few Linn products and have been happy with them, so assuming theor streamers are good as well? Will not be using the inbuilt amp, will be feeding into a Meridian 501 pre amp / two Linn LK 140 power amps and pair of Castle Knight 5 floorstanders. Looking for at least the sound performance of my Karik / Numeric CD player. What about the app.. can anyone comment on this also Ta
  12. Hi Here I go..... Bought end of 2014, currently in perfect used condition For sales is my Cyrus Anniversary system (less the Cd Player), for you who don't know what the Anniversary system is, it's basically Cyrus Signature range with few upgraded parts, and a higher quality paint finish. So, what's for sale? New Price - Cyrus X300 Signature £2895 - Cyrus X300 Signature £2895 - Cyrus DAC XP Signature £2995 - Cyrus PSX-R2 £745 - Cyrus Stream X Signature £1395 - Cyrus Hark II Stand £600 - Black Rhodium Cratos Power Leads x 5 £750 No cables included, I'm keeping them for my next system Total New cost £12,275, Selling for? see below I don't have the CD player anymore, I sold it a few years back to fund my TT. If you really need a Cd player Cyrus signature going on Ebay for £1000, or If you already have Cd signature and also phono signature and the rest of your system is not signature, then this would be perfect. Here is a link to the review, Selling for??? I am open to sensible offers, I am not willing to sell any item individually. PM if interested
  13. In a very good condition and perfect working order, silver face plate. It now comes Roon ready with a Manic Moose software (not upgraded yet). Looking for £850
  14. Auralic Altair Streaming DAC - Silver - £1395, RRP - £1749 **SOLD** Being sold as 'Used' only because the box has been opened and cannot be sold as New - it is in completely 'as new' condition. All original box, packing and accessories are included. Full manufacturer warranty.
  15. Naim ND5 XS Network streamer for sale, excellent condition All accessories, no box Latest firmware with Tidal support £1350 + 25 p&p
  16. We have just released a new review of Linn's newest top streamer the Klimax DSM Mk3. Not only is this one of the first reviews of Linn's streamer but we are also introducing a new reviewer, Alex Colburn. Not only is this a good review of the design of the streamer but also a comprehensive subjective review. I managed to hear the streamer in a shop for a few hours and it was impressive and far better than what it replaced. Want to know more then go here:
  17. AURALiC Aries Lightning Streamer with Ultra Low Noise PSU - £995, RRP - £1495 **SOLD** 1 owner from new, in 'as new' condition. Originally supplied by us, only 3 months old. Comes with original box and packing. 12 month warranty provided. Elite Audio are part of Audio Emotion, so you can buy with confidence Please call us on 0203 397 1119 for more information.
  18. We are pleased to announce that Elite Audio is now the official UK distributor of SOtM products. The Korean brand have a passion for excellent sound quality with their name literally standing for "Soul Of the Music™". The components created by SOtM are some of the most outstanding in the world, with the company already boasting a few Blue Moon awards. From Headphone amps to power supplies, SOtM have certainly made a name for themselves in the audiophile world. Elite Audio currently have a selection of SOtM products in stock, including a couple of the brand's Blue Moon winning components. sMS-200 Mini Network Player (RRP: £449) Most recently awarded the prestigious Blue Moon award was the sMS-200 mini network player. This Blue Moon was no ordinary Blue Moon however, as the sMS-200 was given the Blue Moon Realization award for its excellent value. SOtM developed this component with their own technology, focusing on creating the best sound from a network player. The ARM processor board is its most impressive feature and combines SOtM's own expertise and technology. The sMS-200 is compatible with several software programmes including Roon Ready, MPD, DLNA and SqueezeLite. Frederic Beudot of 6moons said "...the sMS-200 easily takes the top spot in my list of recommended file players and walks away with a well-deserved value award". This award-winning streamer is now available for pre-order, with 12 months of Roon Ready free for the first five pre-orders. sDP-1000EX DAC & Pre-Amp (RRP: £3,495) One of SOtM's more high-end products is the sDP-1000EX and combines a whole host of audio features. Not only is this component a DAC it is also a pre-amplifier, has a USB audio function which supports DSD playback, a high-performance clock circuit and a battery power supply. Back in 2013 the sDP-1000EX's predecessor (the sDP-1000) received the Blue Moon award. With a few minor improvements to enhance the sound quality and detail even further, the sDP-1000EX takes the award-winning component even further. Srajan Ebaen awarded the sDP-1000 with the Blue Moon Award and pointed out just how excellent a DAC it was for those looking to downsize their set-up; "If I were to simplify my hifi life, stick with the sound quality I've grown accustomed to from owning the Hex and Vega and not suddenly played a very different money game, the SOtM sDP-1000 really would be my first choice!" To view the full range of SOtM products we have in stock, please visit the product page. To find out more about SOtM, please visit their website. Elite Audio also offer an excellent 30-day, no risk trial on selected products allowing you to try out audio components at home with your own system. A generous part exchange is also available allowing you to upgrade for less. To find out how much your old hi-fi components are worth, take our part exchange challenge now. Alternatively, you can contact Elite Audio via email: or telephone: 020 3397 1119 for more information.
  19. Hi I'm looking for a high quality Streamer that also has WiFi and Bluetooth. Location prevents running a network cable to it so unless it is Bluetooth capable I wont be interested. Flexible budget but ideally less than £1000 What is out there or what have you got that you would part with? Cheers David
  20. droom

    SALE NAD M50

    Excellent condition complete with original box, remote and all accessories. Slight mark on the top right hand side of the side panel that I have tried my best to highlight. Current version (M50.2) is £3,800 £749
  21. Mint Pre-owned Linn Majik DS in black. Serial nos 1313655. For sale £1,175. Network Streamer complete with all accessories and packaging. Will be packed in original box. Linn warranty until 21st November 2017 Cost new - £1,660 after p/ex. Supplied by House Of Linn on 21 Nov 2012. Bring your music system bang up-to-date with a Majik DS network music player: Streams any digital source over a standard network Supports virtually any digital format up to 24-bit 192 kHz Integrates seamlessly with Tidal & Qobuz lossless streaming On-board volume control allows direct connection to a power amp Analogue outputs for connection to pre- or power amps Exakt Links for connection to Linn Exakt speakers or Exaktbox Space Optimisation built-in Superb build quality and (impressively frequent) over the air updates. Moving house. Naim Supernait 2 also up for sale.
  22. Upgrade forces sale of my nearly-new Naim SuperUniti. Purchased new in March 2016, and bears a serial number that corresponds with that date: 4005XX. This comes complete with all original packaging, remote, manuals, etc. It's in pristine condition, and I'll ship it insured FOC. Current price is £3785. Selling price: £3000
  23. For sale is my Naim NAC N172 XS streaming preamp (SN: 374590) - £1050 - Woking, Surrey. Great value unit from Naim. Made to go into the NAP 155 XS power amp, I've found it sounds fantastic into the more beefy NAP 200. The N172 natively plays Tidal and Spotify, streams internet radio and up to 32 bit 192 kHz hi res audio files from a NAS or USB. Has a dedicated line out to go straight into a preamp and give an easy future upgrade path. Also has two dedicated analogue inputs to act as a dedicated preamp and a jack input at the front for a mobile device. Has four digital inputs to upgrade other sources, and front and back USB inputs, all making it a handy hub. This unit is mint, boxed, has fully updated firmware, and well within the 5 year warranty, being from Sept 2014. A brand new N172 is £1765 so this unit is fantastic value at only £975. Located in Woking, Surrey, which is just a 25 min train from Waterloo. Happy to demonstrate before purchase. Please message me on or 07747563778 to discuss further. Having trouble uploading pics but happy to email them out.
  24. For sale is my Naim NAC N172 XS streaming preamp (SN: 374590) - £1050 - Woking, Surrey. Great value unit from Naim. Made to go into the NAP 155 XS power amp, I've found it sounds fantastic into the more beefy NAP 200. The N172 natively plays Tidal and Spotify, streams internet radio and up to 32 bit 192 kHz hi res audio files from a NAS or USB. Has a dedicated line out to go straight into a preamp and give an easy future upgrade path. Also has two dedicated analogue inputs to act as a dedicated preamp and a jack input at the front for a mobile device. Has four digital inputs to upgrade other sources, and front and back USB inputs, all making it a handy hub. This unit is mint, boxed, has fully updated firmware, and well within the 5 year warranty, being from Sept 2014. A brand new N172 is £1765 so this unit is fantastic value at only £975. Located in Woking, Surrey, which is just a 25 min train from Waterloo. Happy to demonstrate before purchase. Please message me on or 07747563778 to discuss further. Having trouble uploading pics but happy to email them out.