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Found 74 results

  1. Pair of black ash cabinets in decent condition. Plus 4x grilles in good condition. Driver mounting screws and grille fittings included. Be quick to say if you want them!
  2. Zingali Zero Otto floorstanding loudspeakers, satin black finish For sale due to upgrade to active speakers. The Italian Zingali Zero Otto speakers are a high efficiency design (93 dB / W) using an Omniray horn tweeter and two 8” bass / mid. Very rarely seen for sale on the used market. In great condition, no obvious marks on the cabinet, some very discreet scuffs near the feet where they have been moved. New owner will not be disappointed. I have the original cartons. I am the second owner, having bought three years ago. These were new in 2013. They are ported on the bottom face which makes room placement easy. These are fine in a modest sized room; previous 2 x 8” speakers boomed badly in my room whereas these Zingalis do not. Their sound is gorgeous, dynamic, deep and fast bass with detailed and open mid / top; natural and musically satisfying. Sounded great with my 70W valve amp and would probably be happy with either smaller SETs or monster amps. Biwire terminals, original links included. Current model (Zero Evo) retailing at £4,995. Asking £2,350. Zingali manufacture some seriously high-end speakers. But I believe they do not enjoy playing the usual hifi ‘game’ having lower dealer margins and no fawning to the press. Hence reviews are very hard to come by. Some links which I found: Some bumf: ZERO OTTO Zero point Zero marks the starting point of the Zingali loudspeaker range - and of everything for that matter. However, Zingali's Zero series is anything but the typical "entry-level" product, as it incorporates a full-blown Omniray implementation along with premium crossover/cabinet materials, supreme craftmanship and the same maker's devotion sensed as one comes near a flagship model. What sets it as the entry point is the fact that it's designed to fit a significantly more home-oriented audio/cinema application, where not everything has to evolve around the audio setup. Zero loss In essence, you get everything that Zingali is known for; playfulness, highest crest dynamics, shockingly natural tones, true-to-life dispersion of the projected soundscape, looks that's hard to beat... The exotic, the eccentric, all those attributes that grow in harmonic fusion as we are reaching for the upper (no) limit of the Zingali range may be what you are missing; or are you? TECH SPECS Enclosure type: Ported, bass reflex Compression driver: 1” - Coil 25 mm Woofer: 2 x 8” Coil 50 mm Horn: Omniray GZ 8” Power RMS: 300 W (AES) Nominal impedance: 6 Ω Frequency response: 32 Hz – 20 kHz Crossover frequency: 1200 Hz 12 dB/Oct Sensitivity: 93 dB (1W/1mt) Dispersion: 110° (-6 dB) Dimensions (H x W x D, mm): 1160 x 250 x 380 Cabinet: mdf 19 mm, mdf 30 mm Finishes: Cabinet/Panel: Satin Black – Lacquer White – Lacquer Black Piano Horn: (Cherry–Walnut–Wengè–Natural) Lacquer – Satin Black – Lacquer White – Piano Black Net weight: 28 Kg each Collection and demo welcome near Tewkesbury. I could post after cleared funds but these are very heavy and large, and with full insurance could be expensive. I am in need of a pre-amp for my new active speakers. I’m really after a balanced valve pre (e.g. Modwright) but may consider something else to tide me over until the right one comes along. So, I may be willing to consider something in part exchange. Also selling Octave V70SE valve amp, see separate advert. Sorry the photos aren’t great, I missed the last of the daylight. I may try to take some better ones soon.
  3. Royd Abbot floor standers in real wood veneer ( with scrapes !! ) the grill fabric will need replacing too ( I have some in brown) Please be aware that these are not mint cosmetically but I think quite presentable at the price . One broken grill peg . They sound bloomin lovely. collection in person only though. £150
  4. FOR SALE £495 Spendor S5e floor standing loudspeakers in cherry wood veneer. One owner from new and in very good condition. Complete with Naim NAC A5 cable links and instructions. I have made a gallery of photos here: What Spendor said about the speakers: The Spendor S5e is the ideal solution for everyone who demands superb sound from an extremely compact discrete floor standing loudspeaker. The S5e has two individual 140mm Spendor drive units. One driver handles the delicate midrange and upper bass. The second bass unit handles the very low frequencies and it is engineered to match the 3D linear flow port. The result is a small loudspeaker which delivers convincing punch and weight and a surprisingly 'big' sound. The Spendor S5e has excellent efficiency and an easy to drive load so you don't need a big powerful amplifier. With our linear flow reflex technology you can even place the cabinet very close to a rear wall and the bass will remain clean and controlled. The Spendor 'S' series loudspeakers feature many innovations. Linear flow port technology for non-turbulent low frequency air flow and predictable bass response, Spendor 'e' drive unit with stiff, light internally damped ep38 polymer cones for ultra low colouration, and dynamically damped cabinents which reduce energy re-radiation to inaudible levels. Each model delivers a balanced energy output to guarantee a consistent sound and a vivid seamless sound stage in a diversity of living environments. This technology is complemented by elegant modern styling. Whether you listen to music or film, stereo or surround sound, there is a Spendor loudspeaker system to match your individual lifestyle. There are a couple of marks to the cabinets which are shown in the last two images of the photo gallery. I also don't have the original boxes as they were thrown out (by mistake) after a recent house move. I'm happy to demonstrate at my home in Monmouthshire, Wales. .
  5. I recently completed this pair of SB Acoustics 16 MTM speakers, from the kit available from Jantzen Audio in Denmark. The cabinets are made from 22 mm MDF, veneered with Birds Eye Maple, lacquered and polished. The footprint is 22 cm x 27 cm which is about the same a a stand mounted pai would be. They sound superb, deep tight bass, mid is very transparent and the tweeter is about as good as it gets - just my opinion, of course. HEre is a link to the Troels Gravesen web page: I have measured the frequency response using REW and got the same result as Mr Gravesen so they work as expected. I have pictures of the build if prospective buyers are interested. I am happy to audition them, I live near Bedford. Price is £1850 and pick up only.
  6. SOLD Nice pair of Impulse H2 in a darkish wood finish. This particular pair went down very well at Scalford in 2015, I am told, and have had several previous owners here on the wam (so you might recognise them). The original bass drivers have been replaced by the ones used in the later Ta'us model. They have rubber surrounds (as opposed to the foam surrounds used in the original drivers) so should be good for quite a few years yet. In very good shape for a 25+ year old pair of speakers. A few minor marks here and there, but nothing dramatic. Looking and sounding great. It took a pair of Zu Definition 2 to unseat them (and it took me a while to decide which ones to keep). Apologies for the rubbish photo - I'll upload some decent ones tomorrow. Price is £800 firm. EDIT: I could be interested in a swap/PX for a decent network player/streamer or some decent solid state amplification. Postage is out of the question, I'm afraid, so it will need to be either collection from Northumberland (in which case I will be very happy to demonstrate) or perhaps a meet up/wam taxi arrangement if we can sort it. I remember promising someone first refusal if I ever decided to sell these, but being the stupid old git that I am, I can't remember who that was. Jog my memory if it was you (and you are still interested) .
  7. jmoon80

    New speakers

    My wanted ad was at risk of turning into a discussion thread, so thought I'd post here instead of bumping it again. My new Kensington GRs arrived yesterday, courtesy of hifiguy, and just wanted to say thanks for the comments and advice in here. So far so (very) good. I've not even put the spikes on yet while I play with positioning, and I gather they need a good few hours play to really open up, so I'm hoping there's even more to come. Sadly the grilles have had to go back on to protect from little fingers...
  8. Pair of spendor A6 award winning speakers. One careful owner in smoke, pet, child free home. Excellent condition, small ding on top of one speaker - see photo- can only see close up. I bought new from Sevenoaks around 8 years ago. Have original packaging, grilles etc. Fantastic sound, only selling as going active. Looking for £800 ono pls
  9. Now SOLD. Thanks GAUDER AKUSTIK ISOPHON CORVARA LOUDSPEAKERS FOR SALE These interesting speakers from highly respected German manufacturer Gauder Akustik are available for sale, after 17th March 2019 when I played them at the Wigwam Kegworth Show. The spec is as follows: "Teardrop" cabinet constructed of an outer aluminium layer, grooved ply and MDF then the grooves are sand filled. Attractive "shield" shaped black grilles Woofer: 1 x 178mm Mid: 1x 178mm Tweeter: 1x 25mm Inifinite baffle Crossover frequency: 120/2800 Hz Slope:> 48 db / octave Impedance: 8 Ohm Sine power: 130 Watts Peak Power Handling: 230 Watt Floor spikes included. Height: 97.0 cm Width: 21.0 cm Depth: 41.0 cm Weight: 18 kg Colour: Electric Blue These are boxed in very large, substantial boxes which are from a pair of Audio Physic speakers. But they have custom cut foam inserts to suit the shape of the Gauders and provide excellent protection for transport. See comments below from when these speakers were in action at Kegworth. Enjoy something a bit different Now on ebay with a starting bid of £449 Linn Exakt filters for these speakers are also available at a discounted price when purchased with these speakers Edited 18 March: From The Wam Show 17 March 2019: Lejonklou forum member u252az: "Sunbeams system was the first Exakt system I have enjoyed - worth going just for that" CyrusUnofficial forum member hifinutt: "Gauder sounded superb . Very natural" and on AOS "my favourite was the gauder akustik" CyrusUnofficial forum member Czechchris: "I too liked the speakers you had playing, the blue ones"
  10. Hi everyone, I'm generally happy with the sound of my system, the problem came when I walked into a B&O shop and heard the Beolab 50s. The mids and highs were so much clearer and didn't get nearly as "screechy" yet sounded much more crisp at very high volumes. I'm just wondering what I could do to replicate their sound (short of paying £26k). Any thoughts appreciated. Picture of setup (listed below) attached: Speakers: Focal 726V Amp: Nad C370 (cleaned up about 2 years ago) Dac: Irdac 2 Sub: Homebuilt, 2x peerless xls10, 2x 300w rms digital plate amps. Ported, tuned to 20hz. I'm thinking something like 2nd hand Adam Audio Gamma / B&W 802d s2/3 but would be very open to suggestions. Budget is as low as possible to replicate / rival the sound, max probably 10k including electronics. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi all Has anyone tried these speakers out or had experience of them? I would be interested in feedback as I know of a demo pair for sale but they are 100s of miles away and would like to hear your opinions as to whether its worth the journey. cheers
  12. I have a pair of PMC GB1 speakers for sale, the cabinets are Light Oak. Collection from Rochester,Kent. £950 ono Speakers are in very good condition with floor mounts but no boxes.
  13. Hi there. For sale is excellent pair of Kef R100 bookshelf speakers. In rosewood finish. Great condition with only few minor dinks and scratch on front as per pictures but this is under the grille. In rosewood finish which is not for sale anywhere anymore. Dont have original box but will pack safely for delivery. Want £250 by bank transfer ideally. Collection from eastbourne or can post for £15
  14. For sale, good condition pair of ProAc Studio 148's in Cherry. Sold with all packaging, instructions, spikes and terminal links. Buyer collects from Fareham, Hampshire. Now £800
  15. £850 Audio Physic Sitara 25 loudspeakers for sale in very good condition with original boxes and accessories. Comes in piano gloss white. Original price £1,950 + £250 for the white gloss option. Typically offered for £1000+ on eBay. New they are going for £2,760 see: Bought new in 2008, but only used for around six years. I bought them in Barcelona at Style Sound, an official Audio Physic dealer. Unfortunately these floor standers are a bit too big for our little cottage lounge, so had to go for little box speakers without reflex tunnel at the back. I have had them paired with my Naim amp and later with my Croft amps which were both very good combinations. The white piano gloss is a beautiful finish (imo!) and repairable when scratched or chipped, where a wood finish would be damaged forever. I have had a few small nicks repaired, but this is very difficult to see, especially on the photos. 980mm/38.6” (H) x 147mm/5.8” (W) x 220mm/8.7” (D). Weight of 17Kg each. The speaker has a minimum impedance of 4 ohms, sensitivity of 89 dB, and frequency response of 36 Hz – 40 kHz, with a recommended power handling of 20 – 120 watts. I am happy to demonstrate at home when picked up. Amersham area, Bucks. Please feel free to PM me with any questions or to request more photos.
  16. £800, £700, audition/pickup in Brighton welcome. Will meet halfway in SE/London. No packing so reluctant to send even by courier. Wilson Benesch Actor loudspeakers in cherry. The first grown up speakers I ever had were S/H WB Orators and when these big brothers became available I had to have them. On Wammer advice they were replaced with Audionote AN-E 3-4 years ago and they have sat essentially unused since then. Spikes, terminal connecting plates and photocopied manual included. 88dB sensitivity. 110 cm tall (with sloping top), 23 cm wide, 37 cm deep. Approx 48 kg. Huge WAF (sample size n=1). Some dings and imperfections, nothing noticeable from listening position. Black bases could do with touching up (see terminals photo). Some historic love from the 'Wam:
  17. A pair of Rogers db101 in silver, I think it's called "Tech" Good for a study, kids bedroom or small system. Boxed in good condition. Buyer collects from Fareham, Hampshire. £50
  18. Bang & Olufsen Beolab 3 speakers Pair On Ebay
  19. One Pair Martin Logan ElectroMotion ESL Speakers One careful owner - these ESL speakers are first class condition - truly outstanding sound quality (see the reviews). Reason for sale: need to downsize. Buyer collects please (I did not keep the boxes). These amazing hybrid electrostatic / ported bass driver /speakers have been a total delight to own and enjoy for a few years, but sadly, must now part with them. C/W manuals, power supplies and extras. Oxford area. Price: £1600 cash please. Buyer to collect
  20. JIM ROGERS JR150 LOUDSPEAKERS, in Immaculate Condition I am relisting these as I am now including a beautiful pair of custom made stands. These were made for me by Russ Collinson of Layers of Beauty at a cost of over £300 and perfectly compliment the 150's. The side cheeks are 22m thick solid Indian Rosewood and look just gorgeous These have been my pride & joy for many years and I NEVER thought I would sell them but a house move means they have to go. Not my main speakers and so rarely used apart from the occasional swap when I have changed my main speakers. These still sound wonderful even after all these years and as you can see they are in exceptional condition. Even the leather inlay to the tops is still pretty much perfect. Collection from Berkhamsted HP4 (cash only if collecting) £599 collected. On ebay for £699 I will consider shipping at buyers risk
  21. I have inherited my late brother-in-law's much loved Lowther Speakers. He had owned them for more than 30 years, upgrading the drivers from the original PMs to DX4s and then to EX4s in 2001. Latterly he had them connected to a Mitchell Gyrodec via an Accuphase integrated amplifier to air his imposing collection of filmscore soundtracks. Sadly I have no room for them. Offers in the region of £3000 are invited. Inspection/demonstration can be arranged in the Shrewsbury area. Buyer to arrange shipment.
  22. Stradivari, what a name for a loudspeaker company. Stradivari made some of the most stunning violins ever and they are in huge demand by top violinists. The best were made 400 years ago and the demand and rarity are so high that the price of them is in the millions. They look superb and were made with specially treated wood and a really thick varnish to sound absolutely unique. Sonus Faber also had a top of the range speaker called the Stradivarius which looked and sounded superb. I have always wanted a pair and got within 30 mins of owning a used pair but was beaten to the punch. So, a loudspeaker company called Stradivari raises my expectations and biases. Stradivari loudspeakers are made in Holland under the expert eye of Frits Straatsma. He has been involved in audio for nearly 30 years and has developed many loudspeakers with his current range being the Amorat, the Pantera and the Magnus, which is here for review. The Magnus is a three-and-a-half-way speaker with two 6.5“ bass units, a 5” mid-range unit with a phase plug and a 25mm tweeter. And the really unusual thing is that Stradivari makes their own drive units. Yes, these are not bought in units from someone like Scanspeak but they are individually designed and built on the Stradivari premises for this specific purpose. These speakers are put into a superb looking piano black, boat-shaped loudspeaker that has the look of a real musical instrument. Of course, they do tend to be a fingerprint attractor much like a real piano. For an additional £1,000, you can have a high gloss wood finish. The speaker cones are made of paper with natural materials added to help absorption and damping. Frits does not like hard materials used in some speakers as they have very little internal absorption and he says they have a tendency to sound cold and lifeless. He also does not like aluminium, carbon fibre and fibreglass cone materials as they can sound cold, hard and sharp with ceramic materials and Kevlar getting the thumbs down as well, as he believes they sound lifeless, flat and shrill. We will see. The Magnus uses second order crossovers between the individual speaker units. The bass speakers use a long throw coil with a symmetrical magnetic field to help keep distortion low in the deep bass. The speakers are 90 dB efficient and as they do not have very low impedances or bad phase angles they do not need huge currents, so amplifiers that can double up are arc welders are not needed. The speaker units do not have dust caps in an effort to minimise compression. The 25mm tweeter has a surround made of real leather which is a nice detail to get better audio and looks. The specifications show a bass response of 22 Hz in the bass and for the top end 40 kHz, both at -6db. That bass is impressive from two 6.5” bass units even from a reflex ported speaker. I measured the speaker response in my room and got results that show the bass figure is about right. For the real geeks amongst us, there are many more design details on the Stradivari web page at: I was determined to get the best out of these speakers so selected the best-suited amplifier from my collection of Pass Labs A30.8, Allnic Integrated with 100w/ch using KT150s and a Unison Research S6 with its EL34’s in triode mode. For speaker cables, I tried my Cut Loose silver ribbon bi-wired cables, Chord Signature XLs (in for review) and a pair of Transparent Audio Supers MM2s. I ended up using the Audionote CD4T, Audionote DAC4.1, Pass Labs XP12 and XA30.8 with TA Super MM2s. How easily can our expectations be dashed? I am expecting from the name and my interest in the Sonus Faber Stradivari to hear a big warm cuddly sound. Nope. These are modern sounding speakers. They are clear, transparent and have a fast bass. And no they do not have that over the top modern monitor sound which is impressive with ultra-detail but gets wearing in time. In that respect, these speakers are really musical. They reproduce a huge amount of detail but without a wearing sound. So, listening to them for a long session is no problem. There were many occasions where I heard additional details but always as an integrated part of the music and voices were really clear. It was easy to hear song lyrics. So, I went through my ‘test list’ which I have recently modified from what I previously used. I now use tunes I like rather than audiophile music which can be brilliantly recorded but sounds dull, dull, dull. So, starting with Elsaine’s Vaporous from her Hybrid album: This is a modern electronic track with a lot of processing on her voice. The words she sings were easy to understand, the drums and bass were easy to follow with all of it bathed in a huge amount of reverb. Despite hearing all these elements, the music was not taken apart and remained an integrated whole. Ember’s WhoMadewho from the Ember EP is also an electronic track but with a more powerful bass. Again, this was an easy to follow track with a much more powerful and tighter bass than the Elsaine track that really showed off what these speakers could do with the low bass. I really enjoyed this track and it made a lot of musical sense. OK, for something completely different I played 2 Cellos and the Game of Thrones melody. This is a very close-miked recording with great cello string tone. The speakers played the slow build up to the powerful and easily remembered main tune had great power without the need for excessively loud volume levels. This musical drama builds you up for the film-like show that follows. Drama from fast and powerful music rather than just playing it loud. These speakers work well at low volumes. OK, ok I did use Tarova from Snarky Puppy’s Culcha Vulcha which some regard as audiophile jazz. But SP plays with great enthusiasm and have some interesting timings on the track. Everything was clear, dynamic and the bass fast and very well timed. It was easy to hear how changes to timings affected the impact of the track. These guys sounded as though they were really enjoying their music making and there was no inhibition in their playing. The speakers played that really well. Of course, I had to play something from Percy Plant and the boys’ first album. This was when Led Zep had a lot of real fire in their music and there was no holding back with their songs. Yes, it was not the most refined recording but boy is the playing dramatic and Rob Plant really lets rip with his singing. This was ideal for the Magnus fast, dramatic and powerful. The speakers let you hear that the recording was not brilliant but that did not stop the enjoyment of the music. I obviously played some more sedate female singing and the Magnus played them with great detail and delicacy. Their voices were very clear but there may have been a tad less humanness in Kasey Chambers’s Hell of a Way to go, Rhiannon Giddings’s Birmingham Sunday and Eilen Jewell live tracks, although Eilen’s live track Dusty Boxcar Wall (Live) really went along at a great pace and sounded very alive. I suspect a slightly different cable is all that is needed. I really liked how the speakers played the live version of Pink Floyd’s Careful with that Axe Eugene with Roger Waters’ screaming coming over really well even when the mike overloaded. That was good and scary. I finished with Hans Zimmer’s Why so Serious? and Fanfare for the Common Man by Aaron Copland. The Magnus reproduces classical music really well with the right amount of rasp to brass instruments and edge to string tone. The whole 3D effect (one real and one not) was easily heard with great layering. Good to hear it in the electronica and classical music. Not that Hans Zimmer is classical music of course but it made me jump in my seat. I finally topped that lot out with Bonnie Raitt’s I Can’t Make You Love Me which was really, really lovely and allowed me to get really immersed in that track. And then after these new test tracks were played I spent a good few hours with whatever music attracted my attention via Tidal. This few hours of music helped to reinforce what I had already heard but over a much wider range of music. I have to admit I went out of reviewer mode into audiophile mode. Always a good sign. And so it continued for the rest of my time with these speakers. So, any problems? Well, a couple of thoughts. The speakers sit on large round feet and they wobbled on the carpet. I assume that houses in Holland have solid wooden floors and these flat feet sit on them without any movement. But in carpeted rooms, they wobble. I tried to stop them wobbling and it tightened up the focus of the soundstage so I would recommend Stradivari either offer spikes or fit outrigger feet. They would not be that hard for a toddler or a dog to knock over. These speakers cost £7,127 with an extra £1K for the wood versions. There are some really good speakers in the £7K -£10K price range, so they are entering a competitive field. These speakers deserve to be in the top group of these speakers but there are some good ones. If you are looking for a modern sounding speaker with great attention paid to the details of how the speakers are built, that use their own very high-quality drivers and will not look out of place in most modern homes then you really must get to hear these speakers. And the even better news is they are being brought into the UK through Guildford Audio and I am sure Trevor and Gavin will ensure that you hear these speakers at their best. They sound very good, look good and will give the lucky buyers a great set of speakers. UK seller: MAGNUS Speaker specifications RMS power: 180 Watt continuous Impedance: 4 – 8 Ohm Sensitivity: 92 dB Frequency range 22 Hz – 40 kHz. Bass 2 x 136 cm2 Mid 1x 74 cm2 Tweeter 8 cm2 Crossover frequencies; Low: 22 Hz – 200 Hz Mid: 300 Hz – 3.5 kHz High: 3.5 kHz – 40 kHz Dimensions Height: 109 cm Width: 19.5 cm Depth: 35 cm Weight: 25 kg
  23. Boycie

    Fyne Audio

    Morning All, Has anyone had the chance to listen to any of the Fyne Audio range of speakers yet? They are a relatively new start up from bonny Scotland but I read that they have around 200 years of speaker experience between them and mostly from Tannoy. I'm looking to possibly change my own speakers in the near future and wondered if these would be worth auditioning? A couple in the range have had good reviews from What HiFi but that doesn't mean a lot as this little hobby of ours is so damn subjective. Case in point is I went to the Audio Show East at the weekend and to my ears, the Kudos room was the best sound in the show. However, I didn't realise at the time that the Titan 505 stand mounts were being driven in active mode via a digital crossover. I wonder how they would have sounded in passive mode? Anyway, at £7750 inc stands way outside my price range. From speaking with Alastair and Andy, it appears other people hated the sound, so subjective! Cheers everyone.
  24. Hi People Picked these unusual speakers up from the Audio Jumble in Tonbridge Kent , Was told the ribbons don't work at time of purchase Arrived home and fired them up and yes on tweeter was not working and the other was very quiet Some investigating later also revealed one of the Keff drives had a voice coil rubbing , I managed to obtain 2 SP 1014 replacement units that looked almost new , Out with the soldering iron and the faulty driver was replaced I removed the Decca London ribbon tweeters to investigate and could not find a fault , Swapped the units in the cabinets still no joy ? Put out a plea for help on the Wam and Serge to the rescue , Cutting a long story short Serge offered to have a look at them for me and collected them at the show Some time later Serge contacted me saying he had tested both transformers and they were a close match , The fault that was stopping them working was some " What looked like " Vaseline on the ribbons and grills , This was cleaned off carefully by Serge using isopropanol and a soft brush , They were then re assembled and tested with a test tone and a meter , ALL GOOD Serge found a box and packing to send them back , I was so excited , could not wait to put them back together and have a listen Boy , I think they sound great , Lovely bass , mids sounds realistic and honest treble sound lovely through the ribbons Big room filling sound that packs a punch with the 4 SP 1014 I think they may be my Scalford 18 speakers I HUGE thanks go to SERGE , Once again , And the beer is on me Serge at WW 18 They are rater large 33" x 12" x 17"
  25. Folks, Some of you including @Lurch might be interested in the story behind these, if not as a prospecive purchase. I've drafted a listing on the 'bay (pending £1 final valuation offer) at £699 or offers with the description below, but here is the background story. You may recall how I accidentally bought a pair of Japanese-market-only Pioneer S-180A's with knackered woofer foams which I had sorted by Mike Powell: and subsequently included these speakers in my vintage monitor bake-off in Kendal: Well I put them up on the 'bay at £799 hoping for £599 and got a few watchers but no real interest... except for oen chap who asked if I might be interested in a trade. He had failed to sell his Ushers, at £699, was looking for some easier and larger speakers to drive and offered a straight swap. I agreed because I thought the more compact Usher standmounts might be niche but less niche and therefor easier to shift. We shook electronic hands and the dodgy-looking car boot swap thing took place at Ferrybridge Services. They're a bit, er, bling in their styling for me but when I hooked them up today I was surprised by the SQ. Yes the treble isn't as clear and textured as the incumbent ProAc D30RS or ATC SCM40 (no sh1t, Sherlock) but it was crisp and clear; the bass rolls off before it goes really deep and gets a bit one-note just before it does so but it is strong and has real bite. My wife asked whether we could hang them off the kitchen wallls instead of the titchy little Dali Zensors we have there (answer No because they weigh 37lbs each, are rear ported and 16" deep). Anyway, I know wammers like nothing more than some hifi porn so fill your boots with these tarts! ___________________________________________________________ 'bay listing Usher Audio Compass X719 Excellent condition with only the lightest of surface scratches to top (not noticeable in everyday use) stopping me from describing them as mint. Eye-catching "statement" speaker with sonics to match. Introduced by Usher Audio in 2004, the X719 received good reviews in the US and elsewhere but remain little known in the UK despite being impressive speakers with a wide soundstage, crisp treble and powerful bass. Search for “Usher X719 review” and reviews from Stereophile and AudioReview should pop up. They weigh in at 17kg (37lbs) each and the solid cabinets must help with the remarkably low resonance and resultant sonic quality. The high gloss cabinets are in excellent condition. I had to place the speakers in several different positions and photograph them from various angles in order to make the surface scratches on the tops visible - installed in my room the scratches are simply not noticeable. I’ve therefore resisted the temptation to try and polish these out for sale. The side panels are excellent, as are the front grilles. For comparative prices, search HiFiShark for Usher X719 and you’ll see prices ranging from £620 to £1080; all are in continental Europe. You won’t find better or cheaper than this pair. I hesitated about including photos of the stands as they are a home-made copy of those provided by Usher at an additional cost of $400 (the speakers themselves were $1000 so these were an expensive accessory). But I wouldn’t want anyone to be put off buying the speakers because of the additional cost of stands bought separately; if you want them, I will include these stands at no cost. Complete with brass effect spikes and cups and two bolts to fit the threaded hole in the base of the speakers designed to secure them to the original Usher stands. The stands would look better if stained a darker colour like the original Usher ones eg. walnut. I don’t have the original packaging so these are listed as collection only, and preferably in person not by a courier. I’m happy to put the kettle on! You could arrange your own courier at your cost and risk but I cannot be held responsible for any damage in transit (sorry, been there, had to deal with that). ___________ Two-way, reflex-loaded stand-mounted loudspeaker. Drive-units: Usher 9950 1" silk-dome tweeter, Usher 8945 7" carbon-fibre-impregnated paper-cone woofer. Crossover frequency: 2kHz. Frequency range: 38Hz-20kHz (no limits given). Sensitivity: 88dB/W/m. Nominal impedance: 8 ohms. Power handling: 80W. Dimensions: 15.6" (40cm) H by 10.5" (27cm) W by 16" (41cm) D. Weight: 17kg (37lbs).