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Found 2 results

  1. It's never been used or taken out of the box. The box doesn't have a plastic seal so you'll have to take my word for that, but it is brand new. Price £200 + shipping No returns Ship to UK & Europe
  2. I very recently bought the Khadas Tone Board DAC off @Bourneendboyand it arrived at the weekend but the Audiophonics Case has yet to turn up . Being the impatient bugger that I am I could not resist the temptation to put it in a system and get it working . Not very pretty but the box it came in makes an excellent stand . Quick fiddle with Max2play to set it up and rename the player Khadas so I know which it is turn on and away it went first time plugged in to the USB out on a Raspberry Pi 3+ . Really impressed that it is very much a plug an play item , many things say they are but often there is lots of additional faff to get things working . In this case nothing more difficult that choosing the player from a list save and bingo fully set up and working . This has gone in to my kitchen system which consists of an NVA 20 Passive Pre - NVA P20 Power amplifier int to some Rodgers 1957 Flat Wall Hanging speakers . Very much a cheap set up but with some very good quality and excellent sounding equipment for music despite the price. The Khadas is replacing a Cambridge DACmaster 2 which again is a ice musical unit. Have to say though the Khadas is in a different musical class. Sound is very neutral with no spotlighting a paticular part of the audio spectrum . Treble , Mid and Bass are all there in the right proportions . Detail is superb possibly the best I have heard without drifting in to the sterile or 'look at me ' catagory which can happen with overdetailed DAC,s ( Wadia anyone?) . I have used this set up for most of today while just pottering around the kitchen and have now stopped so many times just to listen because the music is so compelling. I can see that this might be a little bit of a marmite DAC as I can hear that what I view as Neutral and Detailed in an organic way that makes instruments have great Timbre and reality others will scream shril and over bright . I am very happy with this chance buy for not a great deal of money when the aluminium case turns up I may well insert the unit in some of my other systems . I know there are one or two that use this DAC as well so would be interested in your comments. In the set up he was using it in @Bourneendboyfound it too bright works well for me , too well really as it is probably the best DAC I currently have to listen to . It also has a Coaxial SPDIF in which could well extend it uses with CD transports etc .