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Found 9 results

  1. As the main sponsor of the The Scalford HiFi Show 2017, Elite Audio decided to run a prize draw exclusively for Wammers to win a pair of Triangle Elara LN01A Active Loudspeakers. We are pleased to announce that a winner has now been chosen. Congratulations to Alan Ralph, who will receive his white Triangle Elara LN01A Active Loudspeakers soon. Thank you again to everyone who visited us at The Scalford HiFi Show 2017 and entered our competition. We hope to see you at more shows in the future!
  2. The Scalford HiFi Show 2017 hosted by HiFi Wigwam took place last Sunday, opening the doors of Scalford Hall to Wammers and distributors to exhibit their very best hi-fi systems. As official show sponsors, Elite Audio were excited to bring some of our most exciting new components along for audiophiles to enjoy. Since our last show, we've added a few more brands to our portfolio and we wanted to give them the chance to show the HiFi Wigwam community exactly what they are made of. With a Macbook as the source, we wanted to ensure that the music produced was clean and clear. Using one of our Audiophilleo2 MKII USB to S/PDIF Processors with a PurePower battery power supply from Audiophilleo, the signal was cleaned up beautifully. The set-up featured several Wyred 4 Sound products including the DAC-2v2 SE, SX-1000R Mono-block Amplifiers and the STP-SE Pre-amplifier with Stage 2 Upgrade. A few other products from some of our newer brands were also used in the system. Audiozen's Alchemy Reference Hybrid Integrated Amplifier with separate Power Supply was used along with the SOtM sDP-1000EX DSD DAC and Pre-amp. We also took along a Lindemann musicbook:15 DSD, a popular item with many Elite Audio customers. For the final output of the music, we brought along two pairs of our favourite loudspeakers; the Audio Physic Codex and the Boenicke W8. Both blew our audiences away throughout the day. Connecting all of this together were some HiDiamond cables, another new brand to Elite Audio for 2017. Our CEO, Mark Cargill, was interviewed for WamTV and we will share this when it is available. Thank you to HiFi Wigwam for hosting such a fantastic show and to the Wammer community for visiting us in the Coleman Room. Missed us at the show? You can trial select products at home in your own system with our 30-day, money back trial period. Simply contact us today to find out more: or on 020 3397 1119.
  3. Not long to go now and everyone is very excited so I just have some info and updates. Saturday Exhibitor Set Up You can arrive from 11am onwards On arrival park up outside the hotel (don't unpack car) and come into reception, check-in, get your key. Then go through to the hall where Rachel will be waiting to welcome you, here you will collect your welcome pack which includes information about the weekend and your complimentary Show Guide (there have been some changes to a few rooms so I'll put these in the pack also). Rachel will also have any Pie or T Shirt orders ready for you to collect here also. Then you can either go to see your room or start unloading. There will be lots of help if you need it. After unloading you will be shown where to park for the weekend. Complimentary tea, coffee, bacon and sausage butties available from 11-1pm I have arranged for the Hotel Maintenance guys to be there the whole weekend If you need any help then ask Rachel at the main desk. All other info will be in the pack. Park & Ride - Sunday Visitors Buses will be waiting at Pera Business Park LE13 0PB The entrance is clearly signposted, so drive in, park and then make your way to the bus. They start at 9.30am and run in shuttle format all day. Please be patient at the beginning and end of the day. We expect that a bus will be available every 10 minutes. The Park & Ride Show Guide is £5 and collected at the show entrance, on your return journey just show the driver your show guide (on the back cover is your ticket). Ticket Payments Entrance tickets are £15 on the day You can pay by cash, card or contactless Online Ticket Collection - Sunday Visitors All Super Wammer Plus and pre-ordered online tickets will be collected at the show entrance. Everyone will receive a lanyard (as proof of ticket) so please wear them at all times. There is a space on the ticket if you wish to write your member name. The lanyard also has a competition attached to it, so please complete and hand it in to entrance at the end of the day to enter and win. If you are not wearing your lanyard ticket you will be asked for proof of payment. Raffle Raffle tickets are £5 a strip and will be sold throughout the day When you enter the show you will pass the raffle prizes so you know what is available There are prizes worth £10,000 Raffle and Lanyard Draw will be started at 4.30pm Bring 'n' Buy If you are bringing equipment for this you can drive into Scalford and drop it off. (Exhibitors just take to Pavilion) There will be a special drop off point clearly signposted. Take your HiFi to Rachel in the Pavilion who will take care of it and check details. EACH PRODUCT must be named, priced, with phone number and whether its 'for sale' or 'proceeds to charity'. You MUST then go and park in the Park & Ride If you need to collect equipment again at the end of the day you can drive up into Scalford and collect.
  4. Dkdavid

    first visit

    Hi All First visit to scalford on Sunday, I am looking forward to it, infact its my first visit to any hi-fi show in this 15 year crazy hobby, look forward to seeing some of you on Sunday ! Dave
  5. Are you coming along to The Scalford HiFi Show at Scalford Hall in Melton Mowbray this Sunday? Don’t forget to come along to the Coleman Room where Mark, Gordon and Connie will be exhibiting products from our fantastic brand portfolio. Come and listen to the award-winning Boenicke Audio W8 loudspeakers, along with one of the amazing Lindemann musicbook: DSDs, the Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE Stage 2 Pre-amp an Audiophilleo1 MKII SE USB to S/PDIF Processor with PurePower Battery Supply and much more. The whole system will be connected by cables from one of our newest brands, HiDiamond. Visitors will also be able to order from us at the show and take advantage of up to 20% off their purchase. Don't forget to pick up and entry form in the Coleman Room, for your chance to win a pair Elara LN01A Active Loudspeakers. Pre-Owned listings and our Triangle B-Stock sale will also be available to order from. See our brochure or one of our staff members for more details. Take a look at the Scalford Show Preview page on our website to find out more about the products and special offers we will have at the show. Tickets are still available online for only £12. They will also be available at the door for £15.
  6. Would anyone like to organise a WAMMERS PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBIT in the Pavilion - I have space and possibly we could sell some prints for charity if anyone would like to do this or maybe someone's wife/partner could look after the stand and arrange? There are some stunning images on this site and you should show them off!!! More than happy to accommodate this and think it would draw a lot of interest. How you get them printed, how you set up the stand etc. will be all your choice. Just a thought.
  7. Not seen a thread for this, but it had become one of the highlights of the weekend. Anyone staying Sunday? Not sure if I will if I'm honest, but if there's a good gang of us I might be tempted.
  8. Thought it may be a good idea to start a room sitters / helpers thread I am in room 224 and would like a 1 hour break for a quick run ( OK walk ) around some rooms , May need help carting some gear depending what I take , DON'T PANIC I am on the ground floor
  9. My lovely black ash LINN Katan speakers for sale. THIS IS THE ACTUAL PAIR AS HEARD AT SCALFORD 2015 in room 202 with FiiO X3, Tisbury pre and AV5125 amp. (Note, I'm only selling because I've picked up another pair in a finish I prefer - I'm not doing without a pair of Katans!) In excellent condition with only a few light marks. These speakers can be run single wire passive, bi-wire passive or bi-amplified active (with the correct Linn active crossover cards or an equivalent) just by removing the 4mm socket collars and flipping the panel underneath. The correct plastic blanking plugs for the connectors are also included. Here are some quotes from visitors to Scalford 2015: LINN FORUM: Dasher: I think that you surprised quite a few people yesterday! Congratulations - it worked really well PINK FISH MEDIA: Ginger: A digital set up of Fiio/MF VDAC, tisbury passive and Linn Katans (all for under a grand according to it's owner) sounding lovely, especially at this money. I've heard none of this stuff before but the speakers disappearing, imaging nicely, again unforced, out of the boxes, I could live with that no problem. Joolzdee: My first, but won't be my last Scalford show. Favourites for me no particular order.... Room 200 with the Mac mini/ Grimm active speakers Room 201 with the Royd Sapphires. What a big sound! Room 202... Activ Katans and Room 22... High spec LP12, Gato, Art Alnico speakers (stunning!!) Well done to all exhibitors though.....plenty of good sounds and lots of hard work too!! Thanks everyone. TonyL: I enjoyed a couple of systems, the active Katans & Events both sounded good to me, I've certainly never heard passive Katans sound anything like that good before, but in both cases I managed to bag a good front and centre seat. Foot Tapper: I made a point of popping in for a listen yesterday and was really pleasantly surprised. For such compact speakers, I thought that the sound was punchy, fast, tuneful and went surprisingly deep. The very small source components were also digging far more of the music out than I had expected. Not being a fan of Linn's current electronics, I really wasn't expecting much, but the system far, far exceeded my expectations. In fact it was great! Thanks for making the effort to set it up so well. (also, from the same contributor on the Naim Forum: Your room sounded amazingly good this year, especially for such a compact system. It must have been the active amplification for the speakers. Either that, or the carefully selected grade of goose down in your bass traps jhud1952: Couldn't agree more - truly excellent sound from such a compact system. CYRUSUNOFFICIAL: hifinutt: so good to catch up with quite a few from cu and the rooms sounded good with the opals and I must say sunbeams room was absolutely brilliant as usual. those katans with the linn and flac source was very holographic. well whatever you did it was magic !!!! As you know sunbeam was using his (Tisbury) in his marvellous set up at the wam show and it sounded pretty fine mickbald: Sunbeams set up. How can you possibly get so much sound for £1000? Tiny speakers delivering the impossible, and where was the subwoofer hidden? Sunbeam never stood up while I was there so I have my suspicions maro73: Some systems to point out 1. Sunbeam .. World beater system 2. The mingda system was really good 3. There were some high high end systems , good to listen to but in a house impossible , unless you wife is blind or likes hifi abozo: sunbeamgls: very impressive sound/pound. Your system was making a lot us think! Dan1502: Having been meaning to find your room all weekend Edun telling me how good it was gave me a nudge to go and find it on Sunday afternoon. It ended up being a much needed break and I sat there relaxing for half an hour or so up until the point I noticed nobody else could get in the room so I moved on for their sakes. Callen24: Sunbeam system was one of the few able to create a soundstage, I only heard 13 rooms, but most of them sounded like the sound was in the speakers, not around them....The two packed duvets, in the corner, and the closed curtains suggest to me that sunbeam spent a lot of time thinking about what he was doing. He has obviously had an affect because the price of katan speakers has gone up a few notches, on the bay, since scaffold. CrimsonDonkey: Loads of cred for sunbeams room he did a great job HIFI WIGWAM: Petrat: ... and Sunbeamgls ... those little Aktiv Katans will stay long in my memory. syep2001: Sunbeamgls - Probably them most relaxed room i went in all day, smooth low volume, and the female vocal that came out of the Katans sounded very nice. JamPal (nee hifiwigwam at the time): However, it was some of the smaller rooms which really got me thinking. SunbeamGLS's little Linn Katans fed from a FIO was absolutely stunning, I stayed a long while in there. Steve H: The speakers I enjoyed listening to most today was the Linn Katan in room 202 followed by the little Harbeths P3. The produce to my ears, a sound that is fast and clear. I could have stayed much longer to enjoy the music and conversation. NAIM FORUM: naim_nymph: This system was top draw imho, the small speakers didn't challenge the acoustics of the room, no colourisation, just easy on the ear music. If there was a prize for giant killing this system would have got 1st place. Wanted to stay longer but much to go see and hear : ) FOR SALE FOR 295GBP For pick up, or I can pack very well and send via courier at cost including insurance - I won't send without insurance. It might also be possible to meet up in the Chester area, Leeds area, Reading area and points between North Wales and Chester / Leeds / Reading. Also Glasgow and points between North Wales and Glasgow if you can wait until early December. PHOTOS I took some without the grilles so you can see the mid-bass drivers are in pefect condition. The pictures with grilles have the speakers swapped left to right compared to those without the grilles so you are able to see all sides of both speakers.