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Found 21 results

  1. Rega Apollo MK 1 CD player in excellent condition with remote. Finished in black with original box etc lots of reviews on this player and superb sound. £250 plus shipping uk paypal ‘gift’ option preferred. I’m in Bracknell if you want to hear it first or collect it instead of posting. I bought this fine player from Radiant Red a few months ago. It has worked faultlessly but I have now upgraded to a Cyrus CDi so it is surplus to requirements.
  2. Great condition, this neat little Rega phono stage has been used with my Michell turntable where it was neatly tucked away on the top shelf of my stand. This is the original model and pre-dates the version with the USB port. Bought new by me from Tavistock Audio in 2011. The dealer said it couldn’t be beaten without spending close to £400 and I think he was right! I’ve now replaced it with a newer Rega model but there’s precious little between them. It has been totally dependable and quiet, with generous cable length on the power supply to keep it well away. Almost mint, it scarcely looks used. In one picture it looks like the paint has rubbed off the casing but it’s just a reflection. Original manufacturer’s packaging included. Ideally for collection at Kegworth but I’ll post carefully at cost if required. (Scheduled for Ebay later tonight, auction from £25.) Wammer buy it at the Show Price:- £50.00 with 10% to the Dog’s Trust.
  3. Selling my Rega R200 tonearm including detachable headshell. These were manufactured in Japan, originally came with Rega Planar 3 turntables in late 1970s and early 1980s, and are now much sought after. As the photos hopefully show this one is in excellent condition. Mechanically all works perfectly, including its antiskate/bias mechanism. Let me know if you need any further information or better/further photos. Would like £150 or somewhere near that.
  4. António Frazão

    Rega saturn & Roksan k3 amp

    Good evening. Came across a good second hand deal on a rega saturn. I recently bought a k3 amplifier and don't know if they are going to play together. Any advice?
  5. carwacster

    New kit and old kit

    So since moving house to a bigger house and loosing my dedicated music room nearly 3yrs ago my kit has lay dormant. Apartfrom my Squeezebox Touch and Mdac used in my office with my Sehmnheiser HD590's. Sold my Arcam Alpha amp which I bought myslef second hand. I bought my self a pair of Sonos 1's for the lounge as we're semi detached. No more more compromises though! I'm considering selling my Sonos play 3 and 1 of my Sonos 1's in addition to my MDAC for fund purchasing the Rega Brio Amp which I believe has a decent headphone output? My Squeezebox would connect to the amp via analogue and my music is on my NAS in Flax format. My speakers are Dali Monitor Menuets on custom design stands. What do you reckon to the proposal, would the Rega amp fit well with the Dali's and Squeezebox? How much do you think the Mdac is worth on as new condition with the remote? (Black model) Thanks in advance guys & girls it's good to be back :)
  6. Thanks for your help sourcing a belt, the Rock is now sounding pretty good with a new Goldring 1042 stylus. There are a few of remaining issues I'm hoping you can help me with. Firstly, the subplatter seems to be running too high, meaning he belt doesn't stay on when it's on the lower 45rpm pulley position. I've taken the height adjustment screw as far anti-clockwise as it will go and pushed it down pretty hard onto the bearing, but it's still high. The height adjustment screw seems to be captive in both directions, is this as it should be? The Rega RB300 seems pretty sound, but the arm lifter (lowerer?) is no longer going all the way down when dropped, stopping just below the armtube. This means that the stylus is sometimes skipping on discs which are less-than-flat. Is this something I can fix myself, or is it a return-to-base or elsewhere service job? Finally, is there a consensus as to what main bearing lubricant is suitable? Many thanks, Dr. Matt...
  7. brucer2

    Factory tour
  8. Hi, I've recently purchased the new Rega Planer 3, and I'm going to fit a Denon DL-110 high output moving coil cartridge. The only thing I'm unsure about is weather or not I need to fit the thee point shim? Does anyone else use this cartridge on a Rega Planer 3? Any advise would be gratefully received. Thanks, Keefy.
  9. Hi I got vinyl for Christmas and have just taken myself to my music room to listen. Fired up the turntable (Rega Planar 2, 25 years old) and it seems to be dying. Platter turning at maybe 20 rpm. I don't really use it much but it was ok maybe 6 months ago. I googled to see what I could do but what I found online didn't match what I can see. Everything on mine seems to be sealed underneath and I can't see what can move up top. There doesn't appear to be any rubbing noises - it is just slow Anyone any ideas at what I could look at to get it going again? Is it likely to be dead? If so and I want a few-times-a-year turntable what do I look at? I escaped redundancy a few weeks ago but expect to be caught in the next round, in a year or two, so trying to save pennies. Any thoughts would be most welcomed :-) Oh - Nick Cave's 'Skeleton Tree' and David Bowie 'Blackstar' btw Damian
  10. Mark Aged 42

    SOLD Rega RB900 tonearm

    Rega RB900 tonearm, was Regas top of the range arm back in the day. Can bring up to London to save you postage. £340 includes p&p Does not include the Exact in the pictures
  11. Mark Aged 42

    SOLD Rega RB9000 arm

    Excellent condition RB900 arm Upgrade your Planar 3, P5, P7 etc £340 plus £10 P&P Can deliver to London (City)
  12. Evening all, having had a bit of a run on charity shop vinyl buying yesterday i came home to find my Rega Planar 3, bought at least 2nd hand off the wam some time back, running at 30rpm or less - not good. As usual cash strapped, so I am weighing up 2 options. Should I buy a second handheld motor which may be 30 years old for £30 , or should I buy the new 24v model which is being sold as an upgrade? I have heard that the 24v model can be noisy, and that has been an issue with the current motor, which i think has probably had a wonky bearing for some time, hence the noise and speed issues. Thoughts?
  13. Rega BrioR, excellent condition, boxed, remote. 3 years old. £300, can deliver within 75 miles of Oxford with a little notice.
  14. Collierzz

    SALE REGA Elex-R for sale

    I am selling my Rega Elex - R amplifier due to upgrading. It is immaculate and comes with all its original accessories and box. I will ship it via Interlink insured delivery. I am looking to get rid as soon as possible. Buyer dropped out, £615 UK shipped! Thanks, Dan
  15. Rega RS1 in cherry I think, in good condition. Slight colour difference where grills have been in place on front baffles. Fitted and supplied with Rega wall brackets and work great hard against a wall. Brackets are designed to screw in back of speaker so removing will leave three small filllable holes per speaker rear. £250. Can deliver within 75 miles of Oxford with a little arranging.
  16. hi-fi132

    SALE Rega Elicit-R

    Here I have for sale my Rega Elicit-R. It is in immaculate as new condition and has less than 30 hours use. It was purchased in March before a change of circumstance resulted in it being surplus to requirements. It comes in the original packaging with the manual and the Solaris remote control which is also in perfect condition. Based on recent sale prices and given the condition and low hours, I am asking £1250 shipped to a mainland UK address. I am happy to provide a quote for worldwide shipping if required. Pictures and any other information available on request.
  17. London UK: For sale a grey Rega Planar turntable. I also have a good condition Audio Technica MC7 moving coil pickup, not fitted but would go nicely with the Rega. Andy Contact me on:
  18. Hi - Decided to upgrade my turntable set-up, and this rig sounds fantastic with plenty of PRaT. thanks
  19. El pocco

    SALE Rega Elicit-R

    I am selling my Rega Elicit-R. The amplifier was purchased approximately 12 months ago from Audio-T in Manchester and is in perfect 10/10 cosmetic and working order. Comes complete with original packaging, documentation, power lead and remote. I have two of these amplifiers configured to bi-amp my speakers. One elicit feeds the other from its pre-out and bypasses the second pre-amplifier by connection to it's direct input. This is a reluctant sale however the funds raised from this amplifier will go towards purchasing my first valve amplifier. I would like £1100 and would prefer collection from south Manchester/Cheshire area. I am prepared to travel so long as it's not too far away and the other option is postage which has not yet been priced. If you require any further info just let me know on here or PM. Kind regards Jon
  20. Selling as upgrading plinth with a new tonearm. Rega RB303 in excellent condition. No more than 30hours use. I have a 2mm shim than will be included which has never been used. I don't have a Rega box for it but I have a tonearm box from Audio Origami that will ensure its safe delivery. Cartridge not included - just the tonearm. £ NO LONGER FOR SALE
  21. Alwills

    When to change cartridge?

    I have a Rega Apheta MC cartridge on a Rega RP8 turntable. I've had it a couple of years and reckon I've played it for about 500 hours. I've not noticed any sound deteriation but wondered when it would need to be replaced. At nearly £1000 for a new one it's not something which I'm looking forward to doing, but on the other hand don't want to ruin any records! Any suggestions when it should be replaced would be most gratefully received. Thanks in advance.