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Found 59 results

  1. I have a Naim Muso for sale. Excellent condition and complete with instructions and box. £400 for collection. IMG_20200125_0001.pdf
  2. Naim 82 Pre-amp. Excellent condition. Recently serviced. Buyer can collect from Eastbourne or pay for postage. See attached photos. Any questions please get in touch.
  3. 2 x 5M Naim NACA5 Speaker Cables in white for sale. Dealer terminated with QED Airloc bananna plugs on one end and Naim amplifier plugs on the other. Less than 1 year old and in perfect condition. £200 (Retail price is £34 per metre)
  4. For sale a Naim Stageline N pre-phono MM. Second owner. Perfect conditions. Original box, manual and cable included. Shipping to EU at buyer expenses. Pay-Pal and bank transfer accepted. The object is ubicated in Milan, Italy. PRICE € 200.00 M.
  5. Naim Uniti Nova in excellent condition for sale. 8 months old with all original packaging, accessories and receipt included. Covered by Naim transferable warranty until Feb 2021. £3000
  6. i have for sale a NAC92 which is actually a converted NAIT3 pre amp and NAP90 power including the Naim connecting cable. pre is fitted with MC ‘K' phono boards. the conversion from integrated to power is an official mod as there were blank link plugs with ‘refer to manual’ on the rear as the nac92 was just the pre-amp part of a nait (apologies to Naim aficionados who know all this already) both are VGC but the NAP90 has a few scratches on the top casing, the NAC92 is very good apart from one scratch that is only visible if you get the light at the right angle, i have tried to show this in the pics. also included is a Musical Fidelity V-DAC II and a Russ Andrews power pack II with kimber cable. again in VGC, plus a Din to phono VanDamme Studio blue cable to connect dac to pre amp. everything works as it should, no noisy pots or other issues. £375 for the lot collected from SE London. i don’t have boxes but happy to post at cost with carrier of your choice but insist on insuring it and not using Hermes (too many lost parcels) happy to do a demo.
  7. UPDATED 27 Oct - to offer for sale at £1500 £1250 I'm retiring and going travelling whilst I'm still young enough (55) to enjoy it so I'm selling my complete stack rather than put it in storage for 5-10 years I can pretty much find the going price for the usual stuff like the Supernait, CD3.5, Flatcap, Stageline N, DTC etc but struggling to identify a fair price for the LP12 & Armageddon, the answer seems to be "how long is a piece of string?" It's a tidy deck fitted with a Cirkus bearing & sub-chassis, Rega RB301 arm and low hours Dynavector DV-10X5 cartridge. The only faults I can see are some micro abrasions on the lid, a small blemish to the front RH corner of the deck and the olive light doesn't come on the PSU. Coincidentally, it's exactly 8 years ago today that Cymbiosis serviced it and fitted the Cirkus bits. Any advice on how to price or input is much appreciated. Thanks Mark
  8. FS: Naim CD3.5 £275 (£450 with FlatCap) Working down the stack now as more items come up for sale. This time it's Naim's ever-popular workhorse of a CD Player, my CD3.5. It will come packed in the original box with Remote Control, Manual & spare puck. The spare puck comes with a health warning though as I can't remember if it was a faulty one that I replaced a couple of years ago. I can't test it though as all the CDs went out the door last week It's in cracking condition and is up for sale alongside my FlatCap (£225) of the same same generation. I'd be happy with £450 for the CD3.5 and Flatcap if you wanted them as a pair. Collection from near Banbury preferred but willing to post at Buyer's expense and risk. Thanks Mark
  9. FS: 3 x Naim cables as below: Black SNAIC4 (NA-0054) - £55 SOLD Black SNAIC5 (NA52) - £55 SOLD Grey Naim Interconnect (NA34) - £40 Collection near Banbury or will post Thanks Mark
  10. FS: NACA5 (white 2x4m) with Naim Plugs & Banana c/w 4 x Naim plug spares £125 ONO The title pretty much says it all, 2 x 4m lengths of white NACA5 with Naim plugs soldered on one end and banana plugs on the other. There are also 4 x spare Naim plugs Collection from near Banbury preferred but will ship at Buyer's cost. Thanks Mark
  11. FS: Naim Stageline N £245 with 5/4 interconnect Suitable for MM or, as I have been using it, good for a high output MC cartridge such as the Dynavector 10X5. An immaculate little box and comes with a 5/4 interconnect that I used to connect to my Supernait (that's also for sale here) but it really came alive when I lit it up with a Teddy Pardo Dual TeddyCap (another item for sale here) Collection from Banbury preferred but happy to ship at Buyer's cost and risk. Thanks Mark
  12. FS: Naim Flatcap £225 Along with my CD3.5 here I'm selling my Flatcap with SNAIC5. Although they are listed separately, I would be happy to sell them as a pair for £50 cheaper at £450. The FlatCap is in very good condition, comes with the manual and is packed in the original box. Collection from near Banbury is preferred but willing to send at buyer's cost & risk. Thanks Mark
  13. FS: Supernait £1100 The big sell off continues... I bought this amp on first listen and have loved it since for its clarity with any source and excellent DAC. But if you’re reading this, I don’t need to tell you any of that. It’s been on the same shelf since I bought it and is in excellent condition with very few minor cosmetic scratches. Supplied in original box with manual and remote control. Collection from Banbury much preferred but could ship at buyers cost and risk. Mark
  14. Good Morning All, I realise SQ is a subjective thing but I'm wondering which Burndy cable is people on this site believe is 'best', a Naim original or one from Witch Hat or Terry Pardo? Regards Richard
  15. I'm looking for a Burndy cable to fit between a Supercap and an SNAXO 3-6 - too much to hope somebody just happens to have one lying around???? Regards Richard
  16. Fellow Listeners, I'm source hunting and had an interesting demo today with the chance to listen to the: 1. new NAD C658 2. Naim ND5 XS2 3. Chord Qutest with Sbooster external power supply (300 euro) and my Bluesound Node 2. Speakers were new model Dynaudio Confidence 20s and amp was a Hegel 190. I probably should have chosen the ATC SCM 40 (Closer in style to my Spendor), but the 20s were already set up and I didn't want to trouble the fellow. As I onlyy use Tidal, that's all we used, though he did use it through Roon. I wonder if that influences sound? Briefly, The NAD is more of the Node2. Similar "house sound" with more of everything. More air, more detail, nice weight. The Naim is crisper, more articulate and offered a slightly brighter profile. On the Naim instruments are easier to pick out, but it lacks the rich tonal quality and weight of the NAD and Node on solo piano, Brad Mehldau's Day is Done, "Martha My Dear." On Steely Dan's Gaucho I preferred the Naim -- everything is organized and the individual instruments are separate and together. It was easy to listen to the "whole" and pick out instruments if you wanted to listen to the nuances. Rapid and light percussion work on a cymbal was also preferable on the Naim, it has nice timing I suppose. The Qutest through the Node2 was almost a pleasant mix of the two. I've demoed it once before at home, but what it brought to the table today was more noticeable. I did not find it analytical, it had the requisite details and weight as well as sonic authenticity. The Qutest was quite fluid. One track we used for all set ups, including the Node2 by itself, was "Kingdom" off of Calle Rasmussen's One. The tune is over nine minutes in length and broken up into three parts. It had everything required for a nice analysis. I'm not sure anyone of them was better than the other, in that it was more about presentation of the music and how one might personally prefer it. What can I say, I error on the side of subjectivism. The new Auralic Altair G1 Streaming DAC had not arrived in the shop yet, but he said it will arrive in September so I'll be back for so more comparison shopping then. I've heard heard the Linn Akurate DSM/3 used only as a source. If I go with a Linn it will be a used one. Budget is about 3k.
  17. Naim Mu-So Wireless Streaming HiFi Speaker (Muso) On Ebay
  18. Naim Nap 250 Stereo Power Amplifier 050 On Ebay
  19. Naim Audio SuperUniti b (Bluetooth) Audiophile Integrated Amplifier On Ebay
  20. Hi I currently have an aging system comprised of Rotel 991 SA CD player Naim nac72/hicap/nap140 amp mission 773 speakers Android TV with Spotify premium connected to a Cheap £100 Topping DAC via Toslink Synology NAS I’ve been amazed at how good the optically linked TV can sound with Spotify at 320kbpm and wondered if addding a better DAC might improve things further ? The bit I don’t understand is what difference does it make changing the source of the digital information entering the DAC. Would I benefit from a better source than the TV ? If so what would you recommend and why? Btw - budget ~ £700 Many thanks
  21. I went to a Naim demo on Saturday, at the rather splendid showroom of Ceritech Audio, located on a business park in the Forest of Dean. It was a consolation to myself for being unable to attend the Hifi Live show in Windsor this year. They were showing off the new ND555 top of the range streamer. It’s even more costly than a Linn Klimax DS, listing at £13k plus almost £7k for the power supply. It was going to be three boxes during development (two plus ps) but they eventually designed it into one main box with complex isolation and mechanical separation of analog and digital. I have previously heard the Klimax in its second iteration at a friends house, so I’d some idea of what to expect. But obviously every component here was different. The rest of the system was Naim 522 preamp, 500 power amp, with their respective power supplies, feeding Kudos Titan 707 speakers. We heard three tracks on the earlier NDS/500 series streamer [“The moon is a harsh mistress” on acoustic guitar; a movement from a Mozart Harp concerto; a Ryan Adams track], then a 4th track played on that and the newer ND555. This was two female singers and a banjo, regrettably I didn’t catch the name/title. On hearing the newer machine, there was more separating the voices, each seemed clearer, and the banjo was more obvious. It seemed a bit louder, but our Naim man had said the volume was unchanged. It was all very good, and having now heard the Kudos twice, they are very likeable, as well as beautifully made. The overall replay level was too high for me, but there were no nasties in the sound. Indeed i felt it sounded slightly rougher when we later turned it down for a customer’s track - Pat Metheny Group. All the tracks were red book rips, no 24/96 etc stuff. He said that high end CD players are now pointless as better sound is obtainable from ripping and streaming. Their own ripper tags automatically and saves WAV files. He reckons these usually sound better than FLAC. Ethernet cables were discussed briefly. The machine was developed with bog standard cables; the Naim man uses the most basic Chord connections; he thought very costly cables sometimes give better results, other times not. No clear conclusion possible other than a very highly developed product, worth seeking out if you have very deep pockets. There are more modest streaming models at £2,300 and £5,000 for mere mortals!
  22. For Sale. Naim ND5XS Streamer. Fantastic condition, complete with remote and original box, pretty sure I can find the original power cable too! Collection prefered from Cambridgeshire area, but can courier if required. £1250 (UK buyers only) sensible offers?
  23. Naim / Linn Isobarik Active System 3 off NAP 250 2 off Hicap 1 off NAC 32.5 (including MC Phono board). 1 off NAXO 3-6 Pair of Linn Isobarik PMS S/N 004747 & 004748 Plus all SNAICs. NAC A4 speaker cables approx. 2.5 m long. Outstanding condition considering their age. Despite no service record the SQ is excellent, particularly midrange. I have boxes for the Naim kit but not the speakers so collection ONLY (Aylesbury, UK). Price £4995
  24. NAIM n-sub Subwoofer. Maple finish Perfect working order. It has a few small marks on one side but nothing you can notice unless you are looking from very close If you are looking for the perfect compliment to your Naim system look no further 5 Star reviews, just search online I am selling this item on behalf of a friend who is shedding some of his excess Naim gear. Collection from Shaftesbury in Dorset. Cash on collection please It may be possible to arrange a courier deliver. Please ask. £1099 (listed on eBay at £1199) Stock Photo for illustration