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Found 29 results

  1. orangeart

    DIY LP-12 plinth

    I promised some time ago in the Kegworth thread that I'd post about the LP 12 plinth I was building. I part exchanged an LP-12 against a pair of speakers a year or so ago and the intention was to sell it on. I used to love vinyl but can't frankly be bothered any more. I never really got into suspended decks though and always found the LP12 to be a bit expensive compared to the technology level it sat at. Anyway I never got round to selling it and have found myself thinking about plinths over that time. The one it is in currently is the classic fluted afro which is OK but I work with wood so it made sense to have something more individual. I had a look round at the other plinths available. Linn themselves offer a few plain timber ones and some other UK guys offer similar at less cash just in different timbers, still plain. Then there are the frankly amazing Chris Harban ones. The timber he has access to in the states and the level of workmanship are sublime, still not quite what I wanted though. In my house everyone plays the guitar and I've always really liked the workmanship involved in inlays and bandings, both the structural, decorative and instructional kind. Some are super simple, some crazy intricate. It just kept ticking over in my mind until recently. Having booked to show with a mate at the Kegworth show again and not having built a new pair of DIY speakers or amps or DAC etc this year, I decided to crack on - the annual show has always been a self imposed DIY deadline for me . The rest of the deck is pre Circus Ittok LVII. When it arrived with me I was told it was quite low hours having not been a system since the early '90s. It was a bit dirty but after a bit of a strip down came up well. The plinth will certainly be ready for the show but I would have liked time to get the rest of the deck fettled a bit better. I'll get it to bounce right but haven't really got the kit anymore to set the arm/cart up properly. Maybe one of you will volunteer on the Saturday eve after a whiskey or two! I'm not sure the cart is much cop, I'll try and have a look at it before hand or even borrow a decent cart from somewhere, I've got a Van Del Hul contact so that might work out. Even if I do get it all sorted I haven't got much vinyl (in good nick) any more. Budget won't stretch to one of @Spider vortex cleaners this month and there is probably not time to design and build one of my own. Probably best not to expect a huge amount from me then !!! Anyway - Internally these are BB/B birch ply, backed by 9mm Sapele, both chosen as the are easy to work and are both structurally very stable. The birch provides a great base for the veneers and bandings and the Sapele provides the internal structure for the top plate support strips (not yet shown) and the various base and brace components. I am actually making 3 plinths as I couldn't quite decide which way I wanted to go. All of them have 1 thing in common, the main veneer. This is hand swan striped ebony veneer 3mm thick, this one isn't actually that stripy but I didn't want it too 'busy'. The one you can see on my table saw taped into a frame shape has Sapele strings inlaid either side of the main part and is topped and tailed by white Canadian maple which is solid. The bottom part is cut into that classic Linn plinth undercut mitre shape which I have modified the proportions of slightly to suit the rest of the aesthetic. The other one has maple inlay strings and the top band and bottom undercut part are ebony. I love ebony, it looks great, is super easy to work and has a great heavy feel about it. There is actually one more not pictured here as it was still in clamps which is similar to the ebony one where I used African black palm wood instead of ebony as I wanted to experiment with something busier. It's a bitch to work with though but should look cool. I'm hoping to have a full compliment of stack audio top plate, arm board, base board, sub chassis etc here for the show as well so even if I don't get fully sorted sound and vinyl wise it should look pretty cool Anyway, here are some photos of in progress work. These should start to look more like plinths over the next week or so hopefully. 😁.
  2. Question I am interested in whether Linn DS users have found much difference in the quality of their systems based on the server software and hardware platforms they have used. History I have just bought a Linn Klimax DS/1 renew. Having built and played with a number of systems I ended up buying a Naim NS01 which I used as a big DDC, this was before Naim started producing their 'streamers'. This gave me a good service for a decade before it died. I sent it back to Naim and bought a Sonore Microrendu in the meanwhile, this opened my eyes to what was possible. I then spent time and effort honing my digital front end and got some excellent results for not too much money, in HiFi terms. My last pre-Linn front end included: Audiolinux + NUC backend (LMS), powered by LPSUs via LT3045s >> Audiolinux + NUC backend (Squeezelite), powered by LPSUs via LT3045s >> SingXer F1 >> Audionote 2.1 DAC NUC = Next Unit Computing. Small Intel boxes - not all of them work well in this context. The issue was that I had a system that was spread over three shelves (just the front end), had two 6A LPSUs running 24/7 and a spaghetti of cables. The DS reduced all this to one shelf. Sound Quality The Klimax is more detailed. I suspect the AN is slightly richer, not hugely but rather subtly and with respect to vocals especially. But, BOTH setups give me sonic thrills; if in rather different places. An issue with the DS/1 Renew is that it is a technological dead end, but would I spend the money needed to do an update if I had spent twice as much for a full 2nd hand Klimax? I think not. I would have been equally happy with the dCS NB I think, but that would have cost me an additional £500, second hand; and force me to buy into Apple. It is interesting to listen to familiar tracks and both pick up on added details, but also find other things are hidden deeper in the mix than I think they were. Sound Optimisation Sound Optimisation is a nice trick. The effect is noticeable, and the sound staging is very precise. With studio recordings the music sticks rather closer to the speakers than with the NUC/AN, but with natural acoustic material it is both precise and well spaced. I have played with v1 & v2, having read through the SO Thread. I bought the Renew from an ex-dealer who kindly bought it over and did the v1 settings, which I saved and then used as a base from which to tweak. I will read Paul's thread and then dig deeper. Last night I logged onto the Linn site and set up a few v2 profiles, which i think I prefer at my beginner/superficial level ......BUT, this is a long journey which I am sure will take time and effort. Servers With Audiolinux/NUC I found that I got a real step up with different server software, and where files are hosted. Currently I have three sources: Qobuz; Synology NAS running Minimserver; and Audiostore Prestige 2 (think NUC) running Audiolinux, files on 4 x 512GB USB sticks. Before going into the variation I have tried I have found the Linn to be REMARKABLY unresponsive to server and file changes, all rather small beer. Minimserver: NAS vs NUC/AL = No real difference. NAS Minimserver vs NUC/AL Logitech Media Server = No real difference. With the Naim NS01 there was a definite uptick using wav over flac. I read that potentially Linn sounds better with flac ......not to my ears. With Minimserver I DO find a nice uptick in upscaling files to 24/192; NOT something I have enjoyed historically. I had hoped that flac would work well as with Minimserver you can then flexibly upscale based on the file input, i.e. 16/44.1 > 24/176 & 16/48 > 24/192. In fact I found that what sounded best was ANY wav file upscaled to 24/192. Any thoughts or advise here gratefully received.
  3. Majikal Linn amp if you are thinking about going Aktiv allowing six channels of amplification. Buyer pays all carriage fees at cost, which is quite reasonable using EMS. I've shipped several units from Taiwan to various corners of the globe using them with excellent results. I will ship your new amp in the original Linn packaging with a US style Linn power cord. Feel free to contact me for further questions or additional photos. I tried to highlight the slight imperfections in the photos. In real lighting conditions they are almost unnoticeable. Please see the link for photos. £900 plus shipping.
  4. Trying to decide to sell or have this upgraded back at the factory. Testing the sales water first, be quick as I have to decide in a day or two. I'm am the original owner, bought in 2008 in Rayleigh Hi-Fi, and later updated with the Dynamik power supply, essential upgrade really. I have also have a silver sleeve and front should black not be your preferred colour. Excellent condition, the remove is unused and still in the wrapper, a set of Linn Black interconnects included. It's up to date with the software, never missed a beat. Can be seen or heard if your around the Rugby area. Offered at a bargain price of £1400.
  5. For sale is my Linn Klimax Renew DS1 (Klimax DS2 board) digital streamer I have had this since 2015, (serial No 1366470) its in excellent condition, no marks or scratches. It comes with Lejonklou mains power lead and original Linn packaging. Im in West Midlands, UK, will post within UK free of charge, elsewhere at cost. Price £2200 or best nearest offer. Reduced to £2000
  6. The very heavy upgraded polymer stands, sometimes referred to as Kustone stands. All spikes, nuts and plastic top caps included. A few marks comensurate with age. £125 P&P at cost.
  7. Hello, I am new to the world of receivers and passive speakers. I did research for a couple of months and decided I wanted to listen to both music and movies through a receiver and speakers, versus purchasing a sound bar and sonus speaker. I recently purchased a Denon AVR-X2400H receiver and Klipsch RB-61 II bookshelf speakers during black Friday sales. Due to still deciding if this system was worth the money or if I should return and get a soundbar or powered speakers, I went to a local hi-fi shop to listen to Kef powered speakers. They had just gotten in a pair of used Linn Katan ch\1 speakers which I listened to in the store and took home. I have three questions. I am wondering as used, are they worth an investment of $350? I do not know how old they are, so I am concerned they might not work over time or if this is a good price for used speakers. Second, does the Denon receiver have enough power to get the best sound out of them? I have read they need a lot of power, work best with Linn amps, and I am concerned my receiver isnt a good match. I can't afford a more expensive amplifier. Third, are they a good speaker to use for watching tv, streaming movies through a roku? I have read some reviews saying they are not good for tv or movies. I could eventually get a sub, but I don't think I could afford another Linn speaker. I am loving the sound at home, but being new to this world of higher end audio equipment I am unsure if they are the best fit for what I want to watch and listen to, or the Denon receiver. I am also considering a different speaker, a Klipsc Rp 4000f. Then I would not need a subwoofer. I only have 4 days to decide before I have to return the original Klipsch speakers by the store refund deadline for a full refund. Any advice is very much appreciated. Thank you
  8. The LVIII’s were the last of the Ittok’s and the Mk2’s with the longer arm tube, smaller stiffer head shell and integral arm rest were made in very small numbers and are as rare as hen’s teeth. Some regard the Japan built LVIII’s as being better than the early Scottish built Ekos 1’s and arguably only worth replacing for the uber expensive Ekos SE. I bought this arm from Cymbiosis in 2011, it having been serviced by Audio Origami and given a clean bill of health prior to the sale. It’s been used on an otherwise top spec LP12 and had sporadic use since I acquired it. The arm is in immaculate condition bar the usual tiny head shell cartridge screw marks which are hidden and the grub screw retainer mark on the barrel, again hidden in use. I don’t have the original box, which I understand few owners do as dealers retained them for some mysterious reason. It was supplied to me in an Ekos box as you can see in the pictures. Please note a T-Kable isn’t included in the sale. I’m really unsure how to price this arm. LVII’s seem to be going for up to £650 and the last LVIII Mk1 I saw for sale some years ago was over £900. I don’t recall seeing a Mk2 for sale so it’s difficult to price. Ekos 1’s now seem to fetch over £1k so a much rarer Ittok LVIII Mk2 could reasonably fetch a similar price? Maybe I’m better off trying to auction it on Ebay but I’ll try here: £975 Inc. UK delivery.
  9. Hi After 4 years and about 1,800 hours, I think that my Adikt is close to the end. The sound became harsh and with a lot of sibilances, my modest Cambridge CXN is now a lot better than the LP12 to listen to. Is the cartridge worn-out? M.
  10. I am selling the turntable as complete and ready to go, including the cartridge and won’t split. I am looking for £1475, which feedback suggests is reasonable, but open to offers. It comprises: Base LP12: Serial No. is 0413** which I believe is July 1982. Plinth is fluted afrimosa and, I believe, not braced. Cirkus bearing. Platter could use a clean! Plinth is generally in very good condition but there are a couple of marks for which I can send photos. Cover also has a couple of very small marks and had new hinges 2 years ago. Ittok LVII arm fitted with Dynavector 10x5 Cartridge (around 100 hours only) Lingo 1 power supply which I have had for 18 months. It has not been re-capped while I have owned it. The deck has been regularly serviced by my dealer. Last service was 18 months ago when Lingo was fitted. I can send specific and more detailed photos to anyone who is interested and it is of course available for inspection. Whilst I have partial original packaging – box and bottom styrene - I don’t want to courier this item as I just don’t trust them! I live near Derby and would be happy to arrange delivery if we can negotiate reasonable fuel costs. Also I occasionally travel to Enfield if that would help.
  11. Alex 54

    Linn go class D

    With the release of the new Linn streamer models some have integrated class D power amps! For some time Linn have held the view that class D was an immature technology and not suitable for use in their amplifiers, so they must clearly think class D has come of age?
  12. Naim / Linn Isobarik Active System 3 off NAP 250 2 off Hicap 1 off NAC 32.5 (including MC Phono board). 1 off NAXO 3-6 Pair of Linn Isobarik PMS S/N 004747 & 004748 Plus all SNAICs. NAC A4 speaker cables approx. 2.5 m long. Outstanding condition considering their age. Despite no service record the SQ is excellent, particularly midrange. I have boxes for the Naim kit but not the speakers so collection ONLY (Aylesbury, UK). Price £4995
  13. GavJ

    Sneaky Linn

    Has anyone got or had a Sneaky? I am looking for a streamer, willing to spend £1k if its the right thing for me and a good deal (asking too much?) I have tried a few cheaper devices but have not settled with. I have a few Linn products and have been happy with them, so assuming theor streamers are good as well? Will not be using the inbuilt amp, will be feeding into a Meridian 501 pre amp / two Linn LK 140 power amps and pair of Castle Knight 5 floorstanders. Looking for at least the sound performance of my Karik / Numeric CD player. What about the app.. can anyone comment on this also Ta
  14. A pari of LINN Keilidh black speaker cabinets. they include the internal kustone blocks but no drivers, crossovers, stands nor filling. Fair condition - the rear upright edges on one cab need some attention. Good for a project. Pick up from North Wales or possible meet up, Wam taxi etc.
  15. FOR SALE (due to upgrading) - Linn Majik Exaktbox-i - 8 Channels - Exakt engines - 8x DACs - 8x 100W poweramps - All in one black and mint box - Transferable Warranty to October 2020 - Original Linn packaging - This is the same type of component used by Linn at the Scalford Show demos - Current list price £3950 - Price is £2950 including UK mainland shipping Photos added soon.
  16. Jim Liddell

    Exakt.Design Invites

    Hi folks, just to let everyone know that we have just sent out Exakt.Design invites to those of you who filled out your email address on our questionnaires. You should receive an email from If you don't see it please double check your junk folder. If you still can't see it, send me a PM with the email address that you wrote down as some of the addresses were a little hard to read... Once you have signed in, you will be able to send one additional invite yourself. Look for the Invite Friends button at the top-right. Again, a huge thank you for attending our sessions, we all had a thoroughly good time and enjoyed meeting you. After accepting your invite, you will immediately be able to design your own Exakt crossover for any loudspeaker. For the time being these can only be deployed through an Exaktbox however, in response to your positive feedback, we are currently investigating the feasibility of the VST/Foobar/CoreAudio plugins and a Linn USB 8-Channel Exakt dev-board. In the meantime, if you have a specific project in mind, then we would love to offer our support to get you up and running. Just send an email to with some details about your project.
  17. Jim Liddell

    A Huge Thank You from Linn

    Hi folks, just wanted to thank everyone who attended our sessions, and of course the organisers for putting on a fantastic show. We all had a thoroughly good time and enjoyed meeting you all. If anyone has any feedback we'd love to hear it. We are currently processing all the questionnaires and hope to send out the invites in due course to those of you who signed up. Look out for an email from We will make an announcement here once they are all sent out.
  18. Hi everyone. For those of you who are not already aware, Linn will be exhibiting at the HIFIWIGWAM Show this year to introduce Exakt.Design ( Exakt.Design allows you to design your own Exakt Crossover for a loudspeaker of your choosing - whether that be improving the performance of an existing loudspeaker, or designing your own. Your Exakt Designs can be deployed and run in any Exakt Engine. In addition to the Linn Exaktbox, we are keen to support, and would like to gauge interest in, alternative platforms such as a VST plugins and foobar2000 components. Exakt.Design is currently invite only, and attendees of the show will receive an exclusive invite. At the show we will be giving demonstrations, and running workshops for those who are interested in a more hands-on walkthrough of the app. Our session timings are as follows: Saturday 18th March (preview for exhibitors only) 15:00 - 15:30 Demonstration 15:45 - 16:45 Workshop Sunday 19th March (open to all show attendees) 10:15 - 10:45 Demonstration 11:00 - 11:30 Demonstration 11:45 - 12:30 Workshop 13:30 - 14:00 Demonstration 14:15 - 14:45 Demonstration 15:00 - 15:30 Demonstration 15:45 - 16:30 Workshop We have limited places so to avoid disappointment, please let us know if you are planning to attend by emailing
  19. Hi all,Has anyone compared the sound of an Auralic Aries Mini to that of a Majik DS (Dynamik)? I'm mainly interested in the differences when both are used as digital transports with an external DAC.Is the Linn a major step up? If so, in what respects?I'd really appreciate your thoughts.Many thanks,James
  20. Now SOLD. Thanks LINN AV5125 5 channel power amp for sale Black Mint condition Boxed (an original Linn AV5125 box but not with matching serial number) 575gbp plus postage and insurance at cost (I won't post without insurance). Could be collected at Scalford. Note - any marks showing on the photos are just dust picked up by the camera.
  21. George 47

    Hifi Wigwam's First Linn Review

    We have just released a new review of Linn's newest top streamer the Klimax DSM Mk3. Not only is this one of the first reviews of Linn's streamer but we are also introducing a new reviewer, Alex Colburn. Not only is this a good review of the design of the streamer but also a comprehensive subjective review. I managed to hear the streamer in a shop for a few hours and it was impressive and far better than what it replaced. Want to know more then go here:
  22. Now ***SOLD*** thanks Pair of LINN Ninkas in Cherry. Very good condition - see pictures where I've shown close-ups of the few light marks they have. Come with bases and spikes. Can be converted to bi-amp, bi-active or tri-active by flipping the connection boards on the back (and using suitable amps and active crossovers of course). Need to be collected or we could arrange a meet up between Chester and Leeds or Chester and Reading (or even between Chester and Glasgow in the first full week in December). £379 I can also provide a set of genuine Linn double layer boxes for an additional £49. In the photos, I removed the grilles so you can see that the mid-bass drivers are in perfect condition. For the photos of the speakers with the grilles I swapped their positions over left to right so in the photos you get to see all the side panels.
  23. My lovely black ash LINN Katan speakers for sale. THIS IS THE ACTUAL PAIR AS HEARD AT SCALFORD 2015 in room 202 with FiiO X3, Tisbury pre and AV5125 amp. (Note, I'm only selling because I've picked up another pair in a finish I prefer - I'm not doing without a pair of Katans!) In excellent condition with only a few light marks. These speakers can be run single wire passive, bi-wire passive or bi-amplified active (with the correct Linn active crossover cards or an equivalent) just by removing the 4mm socket collars and flipping the panel underneath. The correct plastic blanking plugs for the connectors are also included. Here are some quotes from visitors to Scalford 2015: LINN FORUM: Dasher: I think that you surprised quite a few people yesterday! Congratulations - it worked really well PINK FISH MEDIA: Ginger: A digital set up of Fiio/MF VDAC, tisbury passive and Linn Katans (all for under a grand according to it's owner) sounding lovely, especially at this money. I've heard none of this stuff before but the speakers disappearing, imaging nicely, again unforced, out of the boxes, I could live with that no problem. Joolzdee: My first, but won't be my last Scalford show. Favourites for me no particular order.... Room 200 with the Mac mini/ Grimm active speakers Room 201 with the Royd Sapphires. What a big sound! Room 202... Activ Katans and Room 22... High spec LP12, Gato, Art Alnico speakers (stunning!!) Well done to all exhibitors though.....plenty of good sounds and lots of hard work too!! Thanks everyone. TonyL: I enjoyed a couple of systems, the active Katans & Events both sounded good to me, I've certainly never heard passive Katans sound anything like that good before, but in both cases I managed to bag a good front and centre seat. Foot Tapper: I made a point of popping in for a listen yesterday and was really pleasantly surprised. For such compact speakers, I thought that the sound was punchy, fast, tuneful and went surprisingly deep. The very small source components were also digging far more of the music out than I had expected. Not being a fan of Linn's current electronics, I really wasn't expecting much, but the system far, far exceeded my expectations. In fact it was great! Thanks for making the effort to set it up so well. (also, from the same contributor on the Naim Forum: Your room sounded amazingly good this year, especially for such a compact system. It must have been the active amplification for the speakers. Either that, or the carefully selected grade of goose down in your bass traps jhud1952: Couldn't agree more - truly excellent sound from such a compact system. CYRUSUNOFFICIAL: hifinutt: so good to catch up with quite a few from cu and the rooms sounded good with the opals and I must say sunbeams room was absolutely brilliant as usual. those katans with the linn and flac source was very holographic. well whatever you did it was magic !!!! As you know sunbeam was using his (Tisbury) in his marvellous set up at the wam show and it sounded pretty fine mickbald: Sunbeams set up. How can you possibly get so much sound for £1000? Tiny speakers delivering the impossible, and where was the subwoofer hidden? Sunbeam never stood up while I was there so I have my suspicions maro73: Some systems to point out 1. Sunbeam .. World beater system 2. The mingda system was really good 3. There were some high high end systems , good to listen to but in a house impossible , unless you wife is blind or likes hifi abozo: sunbeamgls: very impressive sound/pound. Your system was making a lot us think! Dan1502: Having been meaning to find your room all weekend Edun telling me how good it was gave me a nudge to go and find it on Sunday afternoon. It ended up being a much needed break and I sat there relaxing for half an hour or so up until the point I noticed nobody else could get in the room so I moved on for their sakes. Callen24: Sunbeam system was one of the few able to create a soundstage, I only heard 13 rooms, but most of them sounded like the sound was in the speakers, not around them....The two packed duvets, in the corner, and the closed curtains suggest to me that sunbeam spent a lot of time thinking about what he was doing. He has obviously had an affect because the price of katan speakers has gone up a few notches, on the bay, since scaffold. CrimsonDonkey: Loads of cred for sunbeams room he did a great job HIFI WIGWAM: Petrat: ... and Sunbeamgls ... those little Aktiv Katans will stay long in my memory. syep2001: Sunbeamgls - Probably them most relaxed room i went in all day, smooth low volume, and the female vocal that came out of the Katans sounded very nice. JamPal (nee hifiwigwam at the time): However, it was some of the smaller rooms which really got me thinking. SunbeamGLS's little Linn Katans fed from a FIO was absolutely stunning, I stayed a long while in there. Steve H: The speakers I enjoyed listening to most today was the Linn Katan in room 202 followed by the little Harbeths P3. The produce to my ears, a sound that is fast and clear. I could have stayed much longer to enjoy the music and conversation. NAIM FORUM: naim_nymph: This system was top draw imho, the small speakers didn't challenge the acoustics of the room, no colourisation, just easy on the ear music. If there was a prize for giant killing this system would have got 1st place. Wanted to stay longer but much to go see and hear : ) FOR SALE FOR 295GBP For pick up, or I can pack very well and send via courier at cost including insurance - I won't send without insurance. It might also be possible to meet up in the Chester area, Leeds area, Reading area and points between North Wales and Chester / Leeds / Reading. Also Glasgow and points between North Wales and Glasgow if you can wait until early December. PHOTOS I took some without the grilles so you can see the mid-bass drivers are in pefect condition. The pictures with grilles have the speakers swapped left to right compared to those without the grilles so you are able to see all sides of both speakers.
  24. sunbeamgls

    Seeing Red

    Not the main rig, but elsewhere, Linn Maple Ninkas and Katans become Targa Red - not really a major project as its only the finish that's changed. If I get to Scalford 2017 and only get a small room, the Katans are the ones I'll be using, maybe the Ninkas. Would really like a room big enough to do the PMC Twenty.26s, but at least there's a choice to better match whichever room I'm lucky enough to be allocated. Strip and build and more of the finished article pictures here:
  25. Boris786

    SALE Linn Majik DS

    Mint Pre-owned Linn Majik DS in black. Serial nos 1313655. For sale £1,175. Network Streamer complete with all accessories and packaging. Will be packed in original box. Linn warranty until 21st November 2017 Cost new - £1,660 after p/ex. Supplied by House Of Linn on 21 Nov 2012. Bring your music system bang up-to-date with a Majik DS network music player: Streams any digital source over a standard network Supports virtually any digital format up to 24-bit 192 kHz Integrates seamlessly with Tidal & Qobuz lossless streaming On-board volume control allows direct connection to a power amp Analogue outputs for connection to pre- or power amps Exakt Links for connection to Linn Exakt speakers or Exaktbox Space Optimisation built-in Superb build quality and (impressively frequent) over the air updates. Moving house. Naim Supernait 2 also up for sale.