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Found 105 results

  1. Linn 2250 stereo power amplifier for sale. It's very powerful at 230W into 4 ohms and 115W into 8 ohms. Balanced and unbalanced inputs. The amp is in very good condition as shown in the photos. It comes with owners manual,a mains lead and a set of phono cables. The amp is in full working condition and sounds great. Being a Linn it has the bfa speaker sockets, which will require deltron bfa plugs or z plugs at the amp end of the speaker cable. More info here :- Apart from the high power of the amp, it's a very transparent and a fast amp with a detailed, precise and with a big soundstage. Voices sound very natural. £800 plus postage
  2. I am downsizing my hifi kit and have had to think long and hard about selling these wonderful Italian 2A3 SET monoblock amplifiers. They were built for me by a small Italian valve amp manufacturer VTA Audio Equipment. The transformers are wound in-house. Although they are only 2.5 watts/channel they can drive speakers as low as 92dB. they will also run 245 type valves by operating a switch underneath. This will give you 1.5 watts of the sweetest sound. I will supply them with the following valves: 2 x PSVane 2A3; 2 x Guiguang 2A3; 2 x Sovtek 2A3; 2 x RCA 45 2 x RCA 5Z3 rectifiers; 2 x Sylvania 5Z3 rectifiers 2 x RCA 6SL7; 4 x GE 6SL7 There is a few hundred quids worth of valves in that lot. The RCA 45's are close to £100 each All of this is for collection only. I will NOT post them The photos are not good so I'll try and get some better ones and update the listing I was going to ask over £2K but I'll offer them here first at £1895
  3. As per title, I am re-offering my Audio Zone Pre-T1 for sale as previous buyer had to back out. Due to the purchase of an integrated amplifier I am offering up my Audio Zone Pre-T1 passive pre-amp for sale. It really is a cracking bit of kit, two inputs & two outputs. & also has a 6dB lift switch. It uses top quality Stevens & Billington transformers, & is milled from a solid block of aluminium. It is quite small in size at 8.5 x 6.5 inches, & weighs a hefty 10 pounds or so. Build quality is exemplary, & condition is a solid 9 out of 10. There is a small mark on the volume knob that was there when I bought it & you can't really see it when in use, I have included a picture of it. It uses the same transformers as the Music First passive pre, has the same transparency, looks miles better & is much cheaper, go figure. If you are smart it is no contest which to choose. There are a few reviews to be found online if you need technical details, I am afraid all that passes me by, & am only interested in whether something sounds good or not. I have the original packing & it is double boxed so I am happy to post this. I am asking £595.00 plus £12 postage.
  4. I am selling, reluctantly, my superb Toyota MR2 with only 68500 miles. I have replaced the original wheels which had corroded badly for a new set. I have also obtained a hardtop for the more inclement conditions. This is a 2003 model and is semi automatic. Comes with a good service record and MOT until October. Only selling due to a degenerative back condition which means I am now struggling to get in and out. Asking £Sold and I will include a hardtop storage frame. Located between Nantwich and Crewe, Cheshire
  5. As per title I am offering for sale my Phonomac modded Denon HA500 head amp. I had a standaed one which itself was very very good, & the mods on this take it to the level of the HA1000, certainly it is demonstrably than a standard one. This is what Andrew (Phonomac) says about his mods. "The large green electrolytics around the front end are Nichicon Muse ES bi-polar caps, and the values of the input and stage coupling caps have been increased to HA-1000 standard or better. Denon used ordinary electrolytics for these, since good bi-polars weren’t available at the time. However ordinary electrolytics will be subjected to small reverse voltages – not good for distortion. The green and red box capacitors are polypropylene film caps replacing mylar, and the yellow box caps are polycarbonate (ignore 100nH marking, the H is a manufacturer’s mark – it is in fact 100nF in value). The black and gold caps in the power supply section are Panasonic FM, the best cap for power filtering/smoothing within their voltage range." I have been using it into the MM input of my Aurorasound Vida, & it is better than just using the Vida's MC inputs, but I need to cut down my box count & simplify my system so am prepared to accept the trade off. It is in superb condition, the face plate barely has a mark on it as you can see from the pictures. I would love it to go to a fellow Wammer so I am posting here before I advertise it elsewhere. I would like £350 for this, plus £10 postage if needed.
  6. As per title, despite having a few goes at it I still can't get into playing CD's so offering this for sale. I think it was marketed as a DVD player that also played SACD's & CD's. In perfect working order & is in decent condition overall, has some light marks on the top & one or two nibbles around the edges but they are not really noticeable for the most part. I think these were around £800 when new, I am asking £50 for this one. It has a captive lead & doesn't have a remote, but all functions can be operated via the front panel I believe. I would imagine postage would be around £10 if wam taxi's can't be sorted.
  7. Up for sale is my superb Pass A3 clone amplifier built for me by Joe Henry based in Coventry. His build quality would leave some major brands looking like amatures. This is a true dual mono construction with excellent componennts such as Elna capacitors used in the power supply.Has both balanced and single ended inputs. I am so impressed with this amp that I have asked Joe to build me a pair of monoblocks which is my preferred format so I am selling this to fund the new build. The amp is quite large and heavy so would prefer personal pick up (Cheshire, near Nantwich) but courier is an option but would advise insurance. Asking only £SOLD for this great amplifier Can send more photos of the build process if you require, just send me your email. specification Speaker protection Dual toroidal transformers Dual 50 amp bridge rectifiers Dual power supplys 160,000uf of Elna capacitors Double-sided thick gilded PCB boards power Soft start circuit Blue LED on/off switch Input differential Transistors using the new US FU9210 DC blocker precise matching mosfet's supply rail fusing XLR balanced input's RCA input's Audio grade binding post's SPECIFICATIONS Gain 20 dB Freq. Response - 0.5 dB at 2 Hz, 100 KHz Power Output 30 watts/ch 8 ohms 60 watts/ch 4 ohms 60 watts/ch 2 ohms Maximum Output 23 volts, 8 amps Distortion (1KHz) 0.2% @ 30 watts, 8 ohms 1% @ 60 watts, 4 ohms 1% @ 60 watts, 2 ohms Input Impedance 23 Kohm Damping factor 100 Crosstalk > -80 dB 20-20 KHz
  8. Selling my Bronze 5s. Immaculate condition. As new with no marks or blemishes. All original packaging and documentation. Only 2 months old. Bought from Richer Sounds in Cambridge. I have e-receipt as proof of purchase and 6 year manufacturer’s guarantee. £549 when new. Offers in region of £370. Will post for extra £30 by ParcelForce 48 hr tracked. Insured delivery will be more: please ask for a price. Thanks for viewing. Any questions, please ask.
  9. Origin live speaker stands. good used condition £75. Collection near Yeovil.
  10. Focal CMS 40 Active Monitors. Small studio monitors with reinforced and damped die cast aluminium cabinets. Perfect working order and unmarked condition. I have the boxes and all the original accessories and paperwork. £380. I also Have a pr of Genelec 8020C with similar cast aluminium cabinets. Also with the original boxes accessories and paperwork. Perfect working order in unmarked condition. £480.
  11. Due to the purchase of an integrated amplifier I am offering up my AudioZone Pre-T1 passive pre-amp for sale. It really is a cracking bit of kit, two inputs & two outputs. & also has a 6dB lift switch. It uses top quality Stevens & Billington transformers, & is milled from a solid block of aluminium. It is quite small in size at 8.5 x 6.5 inches, & weighs a hefty 10 pounds or so. Build quality is exemplary, & condition is a solid 9 out of 10. There is a small mark on the volume knob that was there when I bought it & you can't really see it when in use, I have included a picture of it. There are a few reviews to be found online if you need technical details, I am afraid all that passes me by, & am only interested in whether something sounds good or not. I have the original packing & it is double boxed so I am happy to post this. I am asking £600 plus £12 postage.
  12. For sale is my beautiful, fantastic sounding Art Audio Quintet valve power amp. As you can see from the pictures it is the full chrome version, quite literally the only bad point of this amp is that it is so shiny it is really difficult to take good photographs, but I have done my best. From the factory this could be run in pentode push pull mode or triode single ended, & this particular amp was modded so it can now operates solely in triode single ended mode, rated at 15 watts per channel. This amp of course runs in class A. It has been quite extensively modified by Kevin Scott of Definitive Audio, adding a decent amount of cash to the original purchase price of this amp, around £4k. Tom, the owner of Art Audio, serviced this amp a few years ago & commented that it was performing as it should & was pretty maxed out in terms of performance. I do believe that this amp has been owned & loved by 1 or 2 members of this parish in the past, & might possibly know more about it than I do. It has been such a joy to own, the sound is light years away from the misconception that valve amps are warm & cuddly, easily drives my 90dB speakers beyond what I am comfortable listening to. Bass is strong & well defined, the highs are sweet & the midrange is just divine, with a huge soundstage, you can feel the air & space in recordings. I use Sovtek EL34 valves along with a pair of ECC83 PS Vane valves & a pair of ECC82 PS Vane valves of input & output. I have tried NOS exotic valves, eg Mullard, Telefunken, RCA & Brimar, & they do make a subtle difference, but I prefer the PS Vanes. The amp will come with a spare set of EL34's, as well as the current set, & I will include a spare pair each of the 83's & 82's if I can find some good ones. I will not post this amp, I do not have the original box & it is far too heavy to trust to a courier, so I am happy to deliver within say 100 miles of BH22 9BW, or further for a contribution to my fuel costs. Collection is much preferred however. I travelled to Wales to buy it & I doubt anyone interested in this would be put off by having to collect it. I am asking £950 for this amp, which considering it's quality is a bargain.
  13. selling my Dynaudio Contour 1.3SE speakers in Cherrywood. Brilliant sounding speakers. (Have to sell them because I'm moving to a smaller property) Generally excellent condition, with a few cosmetic scratches on the cabinets - otherwise perfect. Complete with grills and foam plugs. I have not the original box, but have sourced suitable boxes & packaging so I can post/courier them. Price ? in the region of £950 p&p included. I'm located in Dublin. A superbly capable standmount speaker.
  14. Cambridge Audio AZUR 851N - Network Music Player/Streamer Just over a year old and in perfect working condition. Supplied with all/full accessories (lead, remote and wifi dongle) and all packaging as supplied by Cambridge Audio. It was bought brand new and it comes with original receipt. Brand new they about £1350-£1400. You can read about how good this unit is by starting here :- What Hi-Fi? Product of the Year - Three Years Running "Offering award-winning digital and streaming performance – the 851N is an outstanding network player. Its features include; 24-bit/384kHz upsampling from all sources, native 24-bit/192kHz playback, USB, digital audio inputs and streaming over wi-fi including UPnP and NAS drives, Tidal, Spotify Connect, Apple AirPlay, and DSD." Asking £850 + postage by signed-for /insured service. ( repriced)
  15. I have a set of four Stillpoints Ultra SS for sale in good used condition. Complete with original box. Asking £435 inc R.M.S.D. Please p.m. if interested. Thanks.
  16. I have 2 pairs [ 4 in total ] of Russ Andrews zapperators for sale. Please see Russ Andrews website for details. These connect either to speaker or amp terminals. These normally sell for £148 a pair. Some good reviews online. Will sell for £55 a pair [2] inc 1st class postage. Please pm if interested. Thanks.
  17. SOLD:Nordost Heimdall 1.5m RCA Interconnects mk 1 - in full working order with original box - £SOLD inc Royal Mail Special Delivery Selling as I am now using balanced connections. Payment by bank transfer.
  18. For sale a quad of Groove tubes GT KT88 C Valves. Less than 100 hrs use. Boxed. Asking £45 inc postage. Please p.m if interested.
  19. Now £650 + P&P at cost. Krell KRC-3 pre amp originally bought from this forum some time ago, in really good condition both sonically and visually. Not used since last year after finally tracking down my ‘forever’ amps, (again on this forum, but kept for a second system that isn’t really going to happen so time to move ot on. This was offered to another wam member in a recent wanted ad. but the deal fell through after issues with his existing kit so it’s up for sale again. Im near Durham and pick up is fine. I still have the packaging (non original) that it arrived in so postage at cost is available. It also comes with the newer ‘wafer’ remote which fetch a few bob in their own right. Included is a full re-cap kit (supplied to me when I got it) to cover the next 20 years of use. It really is in great condition (although I’d never describe a used product as perfect it’s about as close to it as I’ve ever managed in over 3 decades of buying/selling). The only slight issue is the lack of power lead - I had a massive clear out of cables last year and cleared out a little too much it seems... I’ll add one image to this post but I have lots of others I can forward via email. Any other questions just fire away. Thanks, Legz
  20. Offered for sale are my lovely Triangle Antal mk1 speakers, which I have found difficult as they do so many things right & work perfectly in my room, seeing off a few pairs of supposedly better ones. I bought them from Non Smoking Man of this parish, & I am sure he also got them from another Wammer, so it would be nice to keep them in the family so to speak. I resprayed the cabs satin white last year, as well as replacing the grill cloth which is a smart silver gray, & I think they have a fresh modern look about them now. Specs are 91dB sensitivity, bi-wireable 4 ohms, cab size is 22cm W x 28cm D x 103cm H. They sound so much better than you would think, and work especially well with valve amps IMO. A lot of speaker for beer money. I am asking £275.00. I can demo if you are local, collection is of course welcome, or I am sure some sort of Wam Taxi could be arranged if we put our heads together.
  21. Having too many sources I have decided to offer my Ming Da Valve CD Player. I bought this new but because I mainly use my transport and DACs it has had very few hours on it. It is in excellent condition and comes with a hefty remote. The player uses 5670 valves which I have replaced with Tesla 6CC42 but will supply the US originals as well. I am asking £575 delivered to the UK mainland.
  22. Mint condition. £40 posted. Please p.m. if interested.
  23. I have for sale a selection of Padis furutech Rhodium plated internal fuses all slow blow.Boxed. 2 x 800ma 1 x 3.15a 1 x 4a Asking £12 each inc 1st class postage. Please pm if interested. Thanks.
  24. HIFIMAN HE-560 Over Ear Full-size Planar Magnetic Headphones. The Headphones in excellent condition and perfect working order. These are the original type with the wood trim. They have a high quality upgraded cable and sound wonderful. Only selling as I've gone over to Stax and I'm selling all my other headphones and stuff to pay for them. Bargain £325.
  25. Offered for sale is my Jelco SA-750-D tonearm, complete with headshell & leads, standard plus heavy counterweights, collar & correct Allen keys. Also has original receipt, set up manual & two mounting templates, in original box. It was purchased new in 2017 & I bought it from the original owner last year. It is in very good cosmetic & perfect working order, just a couple of very minor nicks from fitting which cannot be seen in use. I cannot fault fault it performance wise, it works very well with my AT33PTG, indeed some have commented they had never heard one sound better at the recent Kegworth show, but I am selling because I want to explore the world of low mass tonearms & high compliance cartridges. Arm cable is fixed into the arm tower via a standard SME type 5 pin DIN socket, although this is not supplied. It may be possible to arrange a Wam taxi or I could deliver within a reasonable radius. SOLD.