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  1. Juancho

    Amplifiers for bass

    Massive.something like 400 or more
  2. Juancho

    Amplifiers for bass

    I'm afraid logic and engineering are not good predictors of a how loudspeaker will perform. The Nord for example sounded sublime with 12ins Tannoys but flat as a pancake with my 15ins Tannoys.A client of mine tried Behringer's with a variety of valve amps and ended up selling the Beringer's. There's no substitute for testing your amp combo in your own space with this one.
  3. Juancho

    Amplifiers for bass

    Sadly not, as my Nord experiment proved.......
  4. Juancho

    Amplifiers for bass

    Alternatively a good valve amp would sound much better😁
  5. Juancho

    Amplifiers for bass

    I tried using a Nord Class D alongside my Mastersound 845 monoblocs and I much prefer the Mastersound driving full range. The Mastersound bass has much more timbre and is more dynamic. YMMV Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using Tapatalk
  6. Juancho

    Adding mass to CDs

    I would just endorse what Rabs and add the point that your transport is a pretty rare /expensive beast these days so it's really not worth the risk of damage. If you want better sound out your Arcams I assume you've done the NOS and bypassing the output stage upgrades which will give you a much greater performance increase than adding weight Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using Tapatalk
  7. Juancho

    Oppo sonica

    Hi Trouble and Strife, Did you get anywhere with your Oppo Mods? I bought one a few weeks ago-seemingly the last one in the country. I will mod mine at some stage. In with some decent regulators to replace the generic ones, out with those shitty opamps and in with some Burson fet opamps, out with the electrolytic output caps and in with some decent film /foil caps. It should be a different beast after that! David
  8. Juancho

    absolutely had enough

    Hi Tom, All Glad it's working again. I'm only perplexed as I'm 300 miles away and havn't heard the noise to diagnose the fault. It is true that out of something like 14 now I've upgraded /serviced, this is the only with any issues. It's interesting some examples show signs of overheating on the main power board and others don't, which is maybe a function of how well they have been ventilated. That power board has wafer thin tracks and once overheated the cure is as Tom says is to patch by wiring point to point David
  9. Juancho

    PIO capacitors

    The True Copper Max is the one you want for signal duties in amps
  10. Juancho

    PIO capacitors

  11. Juancho

    PIO capacitors

    All that said, looking at your post, they are in the bias circuit, not the signal path. In which case, I'd just use Audyn KP SN. I'm currently trying them for signal coupling in my 845 and they're so close to the Mundorfs that I wouldn't bother taking the lid off again to change them. They are not in the bias circuit. When a coupling cap to the output valves fails the output valves are over biased and run away /red plate etc. I like Audyn true copper or Mumford ZN if you want cheaper. Make sure they are the same voltage rating. Old AN pios failed regularly as the chemicals broke down after a few years. I don't know about newer ones. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using Tapatalk
  12. Juancho

    Disappointing Vinyl Story

    Don't think for a moment that digital is the answer. While much of the jazz and classical I love is available in decent quality it's a constant disappointment that friends can come round and cue up a favourite pop or contemporary tune only for it to sound awful....... Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using Tapatalk
  13. Juancho

    Qobuz Streaming Quality

    I've just taken out a Tidal subscription. SQ seems much better so far, the interface is light years' ahead, and the App actually works on my Android phone! progress!
  14. Audio Al came round last Sunday to collect his repaired Audio Innovations S500 amp and I played him his favourite Tears for Fears track via Qobuz and it sounded complete shite-and I'm not talking about his musical taste either! I tried some more random tracks and some sound great, others flat as pancakes. I've read that Qobuz and others upsample MP3 some tracks to CD quality and I guess this would explain things. It's not an internet problem. Netflix plays without problem with great sound and visual quality and I've got it set to max quality CD and above. Anyone else experiencing this or care to comment? David
  15. Hi There,

    I don't know if I can help you but i run a repair, upgrade and new build service from Wimbledon, so reasonably easy to get to from Pompey! I specialise in valve equipment and Dacs, but do some other solid state stuff as well particularly upgrades. Here's my Website https://wordpress.com/view/adaudioconsultants.wordpress.com      If you search on HiFi Wigwam or AOS you'll find plenty of recommendations.



    1. Shakey_Studioincar


      Hi David, 

      I'll have a read through the website and get in touch!