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  1. Valve info

    My favourites are the Sophias. I've got some very reasonably priced Russian military ones which are almost as good. PM me if interested David
  2. Hi Alex, I understood from your post you were saying that you had found a way to connect up the balanced output through capacitors to the phono outputs. Is this correct or a misunderstanding? Thanks for clarifying, David
  3. Cheers Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using Tapatalk
  4. Hi Alex, can you give a thread reference for this? Thanks David
  5. Valve info

    Out of interest how long have your 845s lasted? Mine are going strong after 5 years moderate use, and I'm wondering whether it's time to change them or not........
  6. My speakers are 94 and 95 dB sensitivity so that could indeed be the difference
  7. It might be the combination. i don't know the speakers but I've upgraded/serviced several TT Unisisis integrated and power amps and they have a very lively, full sound never to be confused with a solid state amp-with my speakers. Is the amp correctly biased? Possibly the main psu caps are tired depending on how much it's been used. How much use have the output valves had?
  8. AD Audio announces a new step up amplifier for moving coil cartridges. Designed to compete with the best step up transformers this amplifier offers minimal colouration, and adds dynamics and punch compared to step up transformers. Components used include Elna Silmic electrolytics, Takman carbon film resistors, legendary Toshiba JFets, and gold plated /teflon input and output sockets. It is available with battery power for £175, or with a matching mains transformer unit for a further £150. These prices are introductory in its current unbranded chassis. The unit uses 2 x 9v batteries which offer long life and rechargeable batteries can be used as an alternative to the mains power supply. See here for a nice review http://theartofsound.net/forum/showthread.php?52387-AD-Audio-Jfet-MC-amplifier comparing its performance to a Hashimoto HM7 adaudio.wordpress.com
  9. Matched pair Mullard Gold ECC88s £200Single Mullard ECC88 £100Reputedly the best ECC8s ever madeMatched pair Shuguang 845Bs unused £140Matched pair Valve Arts (Shuguang made) 845Bs little used £100Matched pair Toshiba 6AU6 £30Matched pair RCA Black plate 6AU6 £40 or £20 eachMatched pair Sylvania 6AU6 £25Matched quad 6N1P £20 a pair Matched pairs 6H8C £25 (fine sounding Russian 6SN7 equivalent)Raytheon matched pairs 6SN7GTB £30ThanksDavid
  10. Valve amp service in West London

    Thanks Robin!
  11. Valve amp service in West London

    Hi Cal, I can help you at sane prices and I'm Wimbledon based. I've serviced a lot of Audio Innovations amps over the years. I'll pm you my details. David
  12. Oh go on! Things are quiet round here
  13. Caps and worrying signs

    Samwha strangely use 'WV' for working voltage whereas the majority of firms use the more typical v for max v
  14. Caps and worrying signs

    I'm not suggesting anything posh.....Samwhas were not cheap! Try the excellent sounding Panasonic FC series from RS, or Nichicons from same source or Hi Fi Collective. Both those caps are reasonably priced and give excellent performance.
  15. Caps and worrying signs

    I agree with Serge that it's worth changing them sooner rather than later. Incidentally, I replaced some caps in some AVI monoblocs with Samwhas-exactly the same spec-a while back and the Samwhas absolutely killed the sound. Swapping those out for Nichicons restored the amps to their former glory!