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  1. Matched pair Mullard Gold ECC88s £200Single Mullard ECC88 £100Reputedly the best ECC8s ever madeMatched pair Shuguang 845Bs unused £140Matched pair Valve Arts (Shuguang made) 845Bs little used £100Matched pair Toshiba 6AU6 £30Matched pair RCA Black plate 6AU6 £40 or £20 eachMatched pair Sylvania 6AU6 £25Matched quad 6N1P £20 a pair Matched pairs 6H8C £25 (fine sounding Russian 6SN7 equivalent)Raytheon matched pairs 6SN7GTB £30ThanksDavid
  2. Thanks Robin!
  3. Hi Cal, I can help you at sane prices and I'm Wimbledon based. I've serviced a lot of Audio Innovations amps over the years. I'll pm you my details. David
  4. Oh go on! Things are quiet round here
  5. Samwha strangely use 'WV' for working voltage whereas the majority of firms use the more typical v for max v
  6. I'm not suggesting anything posh.....Samwhas were not cheap! Try the excellent sounding Panasonic FC series from RS, or Nichicons from same source or Hi Fi Collective. Both those caps are reasonably priced and give excellent performance.
  7. I agree with Serge that it's worth changing them sooner rather than later. Incidentally, I replaced some caps in some AVI monoblocs with Samwhas-exactly the same spec-a while back and the Samwhas absolutely killed the sound. Swapping those out for Nichicons restored the amps to their former glory!
  8. Dear All, Here are some items for sale: 1. Astin Trew CD Player AT3500 Very well reviewed CD player with valve output stage. See here for full review http://www.tnt-audio.com/sorgenti/at3500_e.html Little used £600 inc. carriage or collect London 2. Various Valves Matched pair Mullard Gold ECC88s £200 Single Mullard ECC88 £100 Reputedly the best ECC8s ever made Matched pair Shuguang 845Bs unused £140 Matched pair Valve Arts (Shuguang made) 845Bs little used £100 Matched pair Toshiba 6AU6 £30 Matched pair RCA Black plate 6AU6 £40 or £20 each Matched pair Sylvania 6AU6 £25 Matched quad 6N1P £20 a pair Matched pairs 6H8C £25 (fine sounding Russian 6SN7 equivalent) Raytheon matched pairs 6SN7GTB £30 Thanks David
  9. So which parts do you consider are wrong /unbalanced etc etc?
  10. I spent £500 learning this-and another £500 learning the same with interconnects a few years ago!
  11. Some of you may already know this but this article talks a lot of sense about speaker cables http://www.roger-russell.com/wire/wire.htm
  12. Sorry, I meant of course two Dacs, one board
  13. @James sorry to hear that too. Two boards failing at the same time sounds unlikely tho, unless there was some catastrophic voltage issue..... @Redbrickman let us know how the Kali sounds. I'm interested in that for clients who don't want the full Monty and that sounds a cost effective alternative I've also tried with good results my own valve buffer version. That was single ended to single ended. I've got a balanced to single ended version coming up in a couple of weeks (when time allows) and I'll let you know ho that one works out David
  14. Like so many threads on the Wam, we are supposed to take a second hand report of one person's opinion as some sort of gospel, never mind that person's expectation bias having shelled out £10k on a new pre!
  15. Anyone know where I can get a small quantity of pcbs made up from eagle files? Thanks