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  1. DIY Speaker Bake Off

    Room treatment installed, concrete floor carpeted, Linn demo equipment arrived. Looking forward to seeing you there. Couple of people can no longer come so there are another couple of spaces left, pop over and sign up.
  2. DIY Speaker Bake Off

    Getting excited now, I spoke with Phil from Linn over the last couple of days and he is looking forward to coming. Still got space for a couple of others. Stefan
  3. DIY Speaker Bake Off

    Hey all, looking forward to this, there is still some room if you want to sign up, also I have enabled comments on the calendar page on my site, those of you bringing kit with you, if you could put your kit in a comment at the bottom of the page I'd appreciate that. Things have changed very slightly, Dave Shevyn from GIK sends his apologies but cannot now make it, hopefully he'll come next year. Phillip Budd, Linn's speaker engineer is confirmed though. He'll bring over a couple of Exakt boxes, one multiway which he'll create a crossover for my 3 way speakers and one designed primarily for sub linearization which he will press into service to eq and linearize a pair of frugal horns. Should be interesting. Stefan
  4. That really is brilliant. Load up you tube and have a listen to the live version. Obviously not such a good recording, but oh my goodness his voice just makes your skin tingle the who time. I saw an interview somewhere with Paul Simon where he said, 'over the years I've heard loads of covers of our songs and have never been able to really connect with them because I've got Art in my head singing them, now I can only hear the disturbed version' or something like that, high praise indeed.
  5. Best courier for sending HiFi equipment?

    UPS, I deliver dozens of parcels of speaker stuff each week and they have never lost or damaged any of them in over 2 years. Drivers are generally very professional and are driving vans that are kitted out for the job so your stuff doesn't get chucked about.
  6. DIY Speaker Bake Off

    Right, I've added the date I mentioned above to the event calendar on my site. Can those of you who want to come pop over there and use the RSVP function at the bottom to book in, that way I've got an easy way to see how many are coming and contact you all with updates etc. There is a comments section at the bottom of the page, if you are planning on bringing some kit could you just pop it in there, I'll curate a list or stuff and post it over to the various fora from time to time. Stefan That's a shame, there will be another next year, I'd like to make this an annual event for the DIYers, maybe moving forward we'll have to move it from the farm to another venue.
  7. DIY Speaker Bake Off

    I'm going to move this, I've been rather busy and think I'm going to struggle a bit to get this organised for mid October. I've spoken with Dave Shevyn over at GIK and November 25th works well for him so am proposing we do this then if you are all still up for it? Stefan
  8. Looking good, hats off to anyone who spend thier hard earned commissioning someone to make a pair of speakers for them. It's things like this at Scalford that make it worth going year on year.
  9. DIY compact, active floorstanders

    I'd be interested to see a raspberry pi based crossover, I've never seen any pi software that could hold the filters. Been a long while since I looked though.
  10. DIY compact, active floorstanders

    You are worrying unnecessarily the thing you want to really avoid is clipping at any point. Do you still need the preamp, you could just use the miniDSP as a preamp. I've used both of those drivers in an active 2 way in the past, apart from the obvious 2 way foot print it was as good as I've heard a 2 way. Stefan
  11. Frugal Horn XL Build

    You need to experiment with room positioning and stuffing a little to get the bass right in your room. Ideally the cabinets should be back in the corners of the room and you should be listening at least 10 degrees off axis for the flattest response ( I normally cross them in front of me). Remove some of your stuffing. You'll find that less gives a deeper bass and more gives a tighter bass. They might lose a little bit in the bass compared to a dedicated bass driver but you should be able to achieve 35-40Hz in room no problem. Some do use a helper tweeter but IMHO that just messes up the cohesiveness of the speaker.
  12. Brilliant amps, I borrowed some from Mark for our KJFaudio room at the Northwest show, they certainly contributed to all the glowing reports the room got. Built like tanks too!
  13. Frugal Horn XL Build

    That's interesting, where did you order them from? I should be the only UK place you can get them. Stefan
  14. Well it's been a good experiment. If nothing else you've learned that drivers only really work well in the size and type of enclosure they are designed to go into and even clever DSP can't change that. I'd guess they sounded better before the tweaks? You've probably already considered this but knocking up a little circuit to use with REW so can measure the TS parameters and model the cabinet behaviour of the drivers (or send them to me and I will) will pay dividends. Stefan
  15. They will.modulate each other and ultimately if you give them to much welly will kill each other. Measured distortion will be much higher. Still if it sounds good to your ears that's all good.