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  1. orangeart

    great show!

    If you'd have asked me Friday night I'd have wholeheartedly agree, I've mellowed to a maybe since then 😂
  2. orangeart

    Sunday night curry

    gutted Next year!!
  3. orangeart

    Wam show 2019 photos

    Yeah, to be fair last year ours moved, this year they didn't, they were 'built in'.
  4. orangeart

    Wam show 2019 photos

    They aren't. Shame quite a few speakers need boundary loading.
  5. orangeart

    Sunday night curry

    No worries, in the end I needed to get home. I hope you had a good time?
  6. orangeart

    Wam show 2019 photos

    Steady on
  7. orangeart


    Well after going all the way back to Warwick to get an LP-12 belt we got back to Kegworth and set up. After 5 mins Andy's amo let go. Luckily i've got spare parts from an old build of my own. ... Back in Warwickshire. Back in the car we went! We got back about 1:30 this morning and had a well deserved pint or two. This morning we striped Andy's amp down to find a little metal prezzie from his daughters inside which had shorted the PSU and taken the amp channel down too. It was lucky the speakers were not killed! Anyway at 5 to 10 we finally had glorious music 😀
  8. orangeart


    Got belt sorted, phew! New problem. My room mates amp has blown up Now on my way back to Warwick to pick up a spare amp and a soldering iron. Grrr...
  9. orangeart


    OK, I don't need the soldering iron anymore, just an LP-12 belt.
  10. orangeart


    I need 2 things. An LP-12 belt, mine is just missing, can't find it anywhere. I also need a soldering iron..... Room 2
  11. orangeart

    Sunday night curry

    Still hoping to come to this but it all depends what is happening with wifey's work Monday morning, which we still don't know. @greybeard is it still OK to tag along if so?
  12. orangeart

    DIY LP-12 plinth

    I've gone for the one in the middle 😀
  13. orangeart

    What are you showing

    Not really, they would have to be very expensive, there is a huge amount of work in them and the timber is very expensive and rare. It is doable I guess but my moto so far has been to bring products to market at sensible prices. Still they are beautiful so I could maybe be persuaded 😀
  14. orangeart

    What are you showing

    Here is the ebony edged version.
  15. orangeart

    What are you showing

    Well it's been a crazy day, first off I finished spraying my plinths first thing, then a burnish around lunch time. Then home to rebuild by prototype MA-01 amp into the configuration @greybeard wanted for the show, checked it over to make sure it all worked well. Then back to the unit to re-build my LP12 into it's new plinth. I had trouble deciding, those of you who have followed my other thread will know I built 3 of them. I picked the stiped ebony/maple strings/black palm edging version pictured below. I'll bring the one with the ebony edging too.