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  1. Ive got most of the parts cut for the Linkwitz Orions and have built an amp for them. I should get the last bits cut later this week. I wouldn't need one of the huge rooms, the Hathern is plenty big enough.
  2. And to think we used to moan about the food at Scalford 🤣
  3. You can use my USRCM as well if you like. Its similar to the VV. I think Peter is right, 1 price, clean all with the US and rinse with the vac, sleeve them all, charge £1.50 Stefan
  4. Drat, I don't do whiskey, I can feel this large room slipping through my fingers.
  5. Ah ha, now we are talking. I'm sure I can come up with a suitable bribe. Blackmail is my usual preferred leverage but I don't think I've got anything on any of you. Darn it. 🤣
  6. I'm going to stay out of this conversation as my name is one of those down for a larger room so it would seem ungainly to get involved but maybe it's worth members taking a look at what they think they might like to hear most so Peter can make an informed choice. I don't envy him!
  7. Well, I've put my name down, let's see what happens re the rooms and the Orion's
  8. Good idea, I can bring my DIY ultrasonic if you need another cleaner for the station?
  9. Thanks all for you suggestions about the room and the Orion's. I'm only just starting a journey with these at the moment and they aren't even built yet. As with all my personal builds I like to share them at the WAM show. I've spent a couple of hours speaking with some of the 'experts' about the room, Frank Brenner, Gary Gardner etc who were part of the development of the speakers with Sigfried and they just don't think I could make a good stick of it in one of these rooms. They need at least 30% more space to have a chance of working. I'll have a conversation with Andy and see what ideas we can come up with for a alternative. I've got loads of speakers! I'll put our names down anyway and if a larger space is available in the conference area maybe it'll be doable, but I'll bring something else if not.
  10. I agree, I've enjoyed doing just that over the years, however open baffle speakers are a different proposition, they just won't work without room for proper cancellation. I'll have a think about what other speakers I can dig out of the speaker 'library' or what I could possibly make between now and then. Stefan
  11. We had a sloped ceiling the first year. I remember well. I'd spent ages making higher stands for my mates speakers to raise them up to ear level for conference chairs, only to find that they were to high compared to the sloping ceiling I guess as it's down to Peter, who gets the bigger rooms and as so many people have signed up I think the Orion's are probably a no. I guess that is the downside to this venue for speakers that need a little room to rock. I'll have a rethink but this might be the first year we just visit since we started coming together as I'm all out of ideas for speaker builds at the moment. Stefan
  12. Bloody hell! That is pretty comprehensive. Well done. It'll take me a while to go over that 🤣
  13. I'll have a look over it at the weekend Theo. Well done on some sensible products. Stefan
  14. I tried to see how big the rooms were but can't find any measurements in the site. I'd need at least 12ft wide and room to get them at least 4ft from a rear wall. Any idea on measurements anyone?