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  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing that when it is done. It's really satisfying building your own LP12 plinth.
  2. Many thanks. Glad to have surprised you.
  3. Glad I could play what you wanted, I've found loads of new stuff today through giving control to the 'punters'. I lost complete control of the keyboard for an hour or so at one point !
  4. Just finished setting up the Markaudio room and am having a pie and a pint. I'm looking forward to seeing some of you tomorrow. Stefan
  5. In going to exhibit as usual, I'll be in the Watt room with the Markaudio drivers in Frugel-Horn kits of different sizes. I'll also be launching the production version of my new amp.
  6. Colin, my apologies, I had another customer called Ian who is from one of the other fora and got mixed up. I'm glad you are pleased, that's been the main thrust of the feedback I got so far.
  7. Must have not cached the content in correctly, I'll have a look into it this morning. Thanks
  8. I've finally got these amplifiers all built and have now got them for sale on my website!! Whoop Whoop. Many thanks to those of you here who supported me in getting this new venture off the ground. Here's the link Hypex Ncore Amplifiers It has been a whirl wind getting this product off the ground at to market but it's been a pleasure. I kept thinking that even if it flopped I'd have my own killer amp so kept ploughing on. There have been some great high points along the way, one of which was the feedback I got via Ian having one in his room at Kegworth.
  10. I'd be hugely surprised if it made any difference. The Q of the overall speaker and hence the bass extension Vs group delay (tightness of the sound) is largely reliant on the size of the cabinet. Changing the amount of the stuffing moves that one way or the other. Different stuffing does react in a different way of course but just really comes down to energy absorption, that come down to the size of the fibres and thier ability to turn the energy into heat and wick it away. A change in the amount of stuffing would have a hugely bigger effect on the amount of damping than a change in material. Removing some of your stuffing will result in slightly lower bass performance BUT also a longer group delay. It'll also change the shape of your fall off. You'll get much more bass just moving them closer to the wall.
  11. orangeart

    DIY LP-12 plinth

    I think they would turn out to expensive. Some of them have got about £400 of timber in them, add at the very minimum 2 days labour and very quickly they are over £1000, probably nearer £1200. If a dealer was going to take them on rather that direct sales they'd be even more. I'd like to be able to offer them but even though Linn fanboys are prepared to spend this might be a bit rich. I'm trying to have a think about this though. At the show loads of people expressed an interest in at least seeing them as a product.
  12. I'm not doing the fault sensing 😀 just recording them and generating an error mode for the user.
  13. Just a little video for those interested in this amp, it shows the 'interface' and error modes.
  14. If you'd have asked me Friday night I'd have wholeheartedly agree, I've mellowed to a maybe since then 😂