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    Echo Lima Oscar
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    hatch or snatch?
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    prolongs active life
  7. That’s just a filament of your imagination.
  8. The bulb I have is definitely a keeper....
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    Not Gabriel’s best
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    Dying Meridian 200?

    Or of course with the DAC! A Matrix job, highly recommended and rightly so. Fortunately I was able to dig out my old Meridian 203 (oh if that could be upgraded to take USB input!!!), put he coax into it........and it played perfectly. Changed the coax back into the Matrix after an hour or so and all the problems were replicated! I suppose the temptation to blame the old equipment is always there, and you do hear so many stories of the 200 failing, but this shows that it is always better to do some detective work. And the benefits of a loft full of old kit😀 Fortunately that Matrix DAC came from avery reliable local dealer so hopefully all will be sorted. And I will remain one of the increasingly rare breed with a fully functioning 200! Thanks for all the suggestions which kept me thinking.👍
  12. wino2020

    Wanted - bloody good speakers for little dosh

    S/H Kef 104/2. Had mine for 25 years +. Available for ridiculously low prices now.
  13. wino2020

    You cannot be serious, can you?

    I had a demo of that Mag-Lev in Audio-Philia and although the levitating platter was a bit weird and was slightly prone to a bit of wobble it did sound pretty good. Light show that goes with it is fab tho I suspect folk would tire of it. I can see that sort of thing developing though, somI wouldn’t dismiss it.
  14. wino2020

    Dying Meridian 200?

    Yes and Yes David. The clock just keeps ticking down appropriately even when the sound is developing gaps. Should probably have established that before the original post. Toslink plays fine. I can use the Toslink output but would still like to identify the fault if I can. I think I inherited the Toslink cable so no cost involved😀
  15. wino2020

    Dying Meridian 200?

    Going to do more listening later but it seems like the disc might be getting read ok, but thar while the output from the Toslink is normal the coax output becomes corrupted after a short period of running normally when switched on.