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  1. You’d only put it in a drawer like much of your other stuff. Tell you what, send me the £50 and I’ll keep it safe for you. Save you the bother!
  2. Interesting and valuable comments. TBH there’s nothing “wrong” with the Phoenix and it plays records very well indeed! And it may be that if I put in something else then I would change back again. There’s no way the Phoenix is going to stay in a drawer long term though, so it’s either in the system or sold. I haven’t heard any direct comparison with other carts to the same level but often in here there are people who have so I might as well sound out opinion. Initially I had it going into a S&B TX 103 SUT but that had to go as part of my amp upgrade to the Esoteric and the Esoteric phono stage is pretty damn good! It might be worth seeking a good quality SUT right enough as the Esoteric has an MM input too but of course that’s another box.... Same with an IO I suppose, though that is certainly something I’ve mused about in the past. Might need to be more “mainstream” though, at least for the moment.
  3. Obviously a first world problem here but I might well change my Transfiguration Phoenix (not the S version) cart this year though it only has 300-350 hours on it at most. Question is, where would you go from there when looking at replacements?
  4. Absolutely no problem from my point of view Andrew and Paul. Hope everything gets sorted out and you both have a good Christmas.
  5. Thanks for all the advice so far. ebay can be a bit overwhelming so great to have some recommendations! I had missed the RD80 but will keep an eye on it. Will have a careful think about the MS as stands would not be entirely straightforward. More suggestions welcome!
  6. A wee bit unusual request given the budget is quite low but there is a reason. Over the past few years I have been trying to help someone get some benefit from music. A couple of years ago we managed to introduce a (very cheap Maplin standard) turntable and records. With a lot of patience I think we are at the point of moving forward to a “proper” system. Budget is more or less £500 and although I know that I could get a basic TT with inbuilt phono and some basic powered speakers for that money, the s/h market is a more likely source of something better and this is where the forum comes in. I don’t need this for Christmas - it’s a slow process. I’d like a semi-decent TT (Rega? Project?) amp and speakers though an alternative setup could be continued as long as there is a TT. Advice or offers for sale equally welcome. Anything via the spirit also welcome. Anything coming from that source will result in a suitable donation to Scottish Autism. Over to you.
  7. Tom Waits Rodger Hodgson Van Morrison
  8. Good on many fronts I’m sure Paul, but unfortunately not exchanging classical vinyl! Anyway, do PM me when you’ve got things sorted out with Andrew’s records and we can see if anything can be done to get spares off your hands. BW Peter
  9. Paul I'd be happy to take the duplicates/ unwanted sign you’re still heading to Aberdeen occasionally. My other half works for Save the Children so some of them might end up for a good cause if that was acceptable.
  10. What happens if “the will of the people” is that we have a hung Parliament after the GE? Presumably all parties just bang on about this for the following five years and everything is paralysed? After all, it would be unthinkable to go back to the public to invite them to vote again as there is no prospect that any of them would change their mind on how they voted.
  11. I would like a unicorn please. Though I’m beginning to think that Santa was lying when he promised me one three or four years ago.
  12. I had that very same dream, though in it I was weightless...