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  1. steve65

    What are you reading?

    I read this last year and it's a bit of fun. Crate diving, HiFi set up, rare vinyl and murders. An easy read. He's written a few. I'll get to them when I've got through a couple of others in the pile.
  2. steve65

    What are you listening to right now?

    A bit of Leonard on the CD player
  3. Oh that’s great. I have also received another offer but can I keep you both in mind and let you know nearer the time. Depending on my work diary (Sometimes I don’t know where I am from one week to the next) I can confirm nearer the time. Cheers Steve
  4. steve65

    FS: Michell Orbe turntable

    A bronze Orbe is my dream turntable. I’ve already spent too much money last year. New (to me) car/motorcycle and we need a new kitchen. There’s no way I could sneak this in 😕. Perhaps if I sold a camera...
  5. steve65

    What are you listening to right now?

    Very nice. I was listening to the very same album in the car only a couple of hours ago. Are you stalking me and my music collection!?
  6. steve65

    FREE Denon DCD1560

  7. You may have seen that I am giving away my old CD player. Is there anyone that is from the South (London or Beaconsfield area specifically) that would be kind enough to taxi it to Kegworth for it's new owner 'Insider9'
  8. steve65

    FREE Denon DCD1560

    On hold. TBC
  9. steve65

    FREE Denon DCD1560

    Thanks.. I'm kinda hoping it'll go to someone who perhaps has a limited budget and will use it. Might be a bit disappointing if it gets punted onto Ebay et-al to make a quick quid or two.
  10. steve65

    FREE Denon DCD1560

    I decided to change my CD player for the first time in 28 years so the Denon is available. The (possibly) bad. The drawer occasionally needs a little help to close. Belts are available online. Occasionally it won't make it to the end of a long CD. Three times last year. This is more than likely a belt. The good One owner. Me. Bought new from Denon. I worked for them on and off between 90-95 It is in mint condition. It comes with the original remote control. It's old but has genuinely seen sparing use. Sometimes I might go a couple of months without turning the HIFI on. Perhaps the equivalent of 10 years worth from someone who listens regularly. Its free! ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** In retrospect I should probably have just changed the belts and bought a DAC but I bought the Marantz and I can hear a small difference/improvement, so I'm vaguely happy... If anyone is interested I am in Camden, North London. It is slightly possible that I can get it to my parents in Beaconsfield but you'll have to be patient and work with me on that. It will be in the box from the Marantz that I have replaced it with. Cheers Steve
  11. steve65

    one word daily

    Ah bugger Tony beat me by a nano second :-(
  12. steve65

    one word daily

  13. steve65

    What are you listening to right now?

    I've got an original one of these on black plastic too! One of my favourites.
  14. steve65

    What are you listening to right now?

    Lovely. I have an original on black plastic.
  15. steve65

    What are you listening to right now?

    Father John Misty 'Gods best customer' on CD. For me, his best yet.