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    Consonance Droplet 5
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    Atech custom PC
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  1. Vaprak001

    Hard to find Hifi?

    Yes, that's their address. The goldnote I want seems to be the same price everywhere, but as I'm based in Dubai I just wanted to check HTFH were reliable (or Jordan for that matter)
  2. Vaprak001

    Hard to find Hifi?

    Cheers bencat
  3. Vaprak001

    Hard to find Hifi?

    Morning All, Anyone used Hard to find hifi? I'm after a Gold Note ph-10 and there aren't many dealers. Good or bad experiences? Thanks
  4. Vaprak001

    Triangle signature theta

    Demo'd their bigger brother, the Alphas, on the end of my Bryston kit (which is pretty neutral). The result was ear-bleedingly bright - not my cup of tea at all. Thetas could balance out on the end of your valve amp though. I wouldn't drive that distance if you're after a warm overall sound.
  5. Vaprak001

    all in one alternatives to dreaded Crossley

    If you really cared about her...
  6. Vaprak001

    My new profile pic says it all

    With people offering hugs, I'm beginning to see the usefulness of profile pictures after all!
  7. Vaprak001

    My new profile pic says it all

    ...of all the things I could have been chosen for and I get 'Lord of Picture Enforcement'! Just about sums up my year
  8. Vaprak001

    My new profile pic says it all

    I really don't understand the logic in blocking access to this site until one adds a profile pic. Didn't bother visiting for a few days thinking it must have been a management decision made after a few too many beers the night before and would be quickly reversed. No sign of sanity prevailing so I went ahead and complied, under protest in typically British fashion.
  9. Vaprak001

    Some advice please

    Tested Flac up to 24/192. Sounds great
  10. Vaprak001

    Some advice please

    The hard drive feeding my 203 has about 1.2 TB of movies and music on it so I know 'width' isn't an issue (oo-er)! I understood some devices have an issue with file depth, i.e. too many folder layers. If you have your files organised in a somewhat sensible fashion I'm sure every thing will be fine. Obviously make back ups though! I'll have a look at playing some Flac files later just to check it's ok with that format too.
  11. Vaprak001

    Some advice please

    I just use the 203's DAC, but tbh it's just plugged into a small Yamaha unit for 2.1 in the kids room so not too worried about quality
  12. Vaprak001

    Some advice please

    I'm using a 2TB WD hard drive plugged into the back of an Oppo 203. Absolutely no problems after 6 months with movies or music (although haven't experimented much with formats). Don't see why the 205 would be any different. Cheers
  13. Vaprak001

    Physically small power amp - suggestions please

    I have one of these which is worth a look.... Very solid build, Class AB, the 80w drives my stubborn KEF ls50's well, and its comfortably in budget. Think they do them in black now too if thats your preference.
  14. Vaprak001

    Amp with digital inputs

    Onkyo TX-8150 with 450 quid left over?
  15. Vaprak001

    Hifi plans for 2017

    Got anywhere you could recommend for this John? Somewhere experienced with audio kit. Cheers