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  1. Just a quick thanks to all involved in Sunday's amazing show. We saw and heard some fantastic systems, thanks to all the exhibitors who risk transporting some valuable and irreplaceable equipment from all corners of the country. I thought I would make a special mention to the Lodgesound guys, the Rogers LS5/8s were amazing in that large room. I must have been in there for an hour and had probably one of the most enjoyable listening experiences in a long time. That system just bangs out a totally fatigue free sound and the mix of tunes were great. I would still be sitting in there now if they didn't have to pack up, worth my £15 for that room alone. Roll on next year.
  2. Hi Rick, Happy to sit on subs bench in case someone can't make it. Would be my first bake off but I do have 12 watts of EL84 sweetness in the way of a Glenn Croft prototype power amp :-) Cheers, Richard.
  3. Thanks Steve, I can wait until next time, I may well have something of interest for the fans of Tom Willis by then. Richard.
  4. Stuart, where can I get the 2965 from. I can see it on HHB but can't figure out how to buy the bloody stuff.
  5. Can't believe I've missed this thread. If you've got a reserve list for the reserve list I would love to be on it.
  6. Having decided that my Chord Crimson innterconnects between the CD and pre probably weren't up to much, I ordered some Neutrik gold plated plugs and some Soniqs silver plated copper, shielded cable with PTFE insulation from a well known valve amplifier kit supplier. After an hours very careful cutting, stripping back and soldering the initial impressions are good. The bass has tightened up a lot and the soundstage seems wider, the only minor glitch is it's gone a bit brighter than I would have liked but I'm assured it should calm down a bit after some burn in time. Given the, in my opinion, high prices that interconnects command, does anyone else build their own cables and what cable have you used. The Soniqs cable was £9.50 per metre to give you an idea of where I'm at at the moment.
  7. Pretty much the conclusion I had come to after 3 hours of listening
  8. Just bought a Opera Consonance CD 2.2 from a fellow wammer. I now have a choice of the two sampling rates. What does changing the rate do and what setting do you use? There are no clues in the instructions.
  9. I was in your room Chris when he handed it to you, then I caught it again on those huge blue plasma tweetered speakers downstairs. Was really impressed with the T&A's, they are very special. I just need someone with your talent to help me rebuild the cross-overs on the Castles with some decent components
  10. It's on order. Next year I think I'm going to be spending more time in Deans room. Thanks again for the help.
  11. It will be on order before go to bed tonight
  12. Cheers, great tracks and your gear sounded magic.
  13. Can't remember who's room it was but this was playing. It's not my usual kind of music but the two tracks I heard were great. Probably came back from the show with as many new music ideas as I did hifi ones, one of the best days out I've had in ages. Just sat here now listening to Ed Alleyne - Johnson's Purple electric violin concerto thanks to the tall chap in the long grey jacket. http://www.flickr.com/photos/thehifishow/12911643473/ It's the one in the middle of the pic.
  14. R Walker

    art audio

    This is how Tom explained it to me in laymans terms. In the olden days when Mullard and Tesla were still making valves, they all had a rating and you could easily and dependably run the valves at 100% of their rating to get the sweetest sound. When Tom started Art, these valves were still available NOS, so he made his auto biasing system to run the valves at 100% for the best sound. As time has gone on, all these "quality" valves have gone and have been replaced by Russian and Chinese valves that are less able to run at their claimed rating often causing the valves to fail and damage components in the biasing system. By turning the bias down he tells me that the valves run, say for example at 90% of their capacity, which should mean longer valve life and greatly reduced risk of failure and damage with minimal impact on sound quality. Now the disclaimer - I could have completely misunderstood everything he told me and all of the above could be complete B%ll@cks