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  1. I’m just a major peep... 😜🤪😜
  2. Hi All, in this last 10 years i’ve demo a lot of cables, different brands like QED, Kimber, Van Der Hull, Supra, Chord and different models inside the brand it self. Basically I’ve demo over 20 speakers cables with my Dynaudio speakers at the time, but when I’ve demo the Inakustic cable (LS1108) it was it! All system came together, tuning it perfectly just like it supposed to be! When I got the Boenickes I was apprehensive about the synergy I had in my system, but, the Boenickes just brought the system to a all different league... IMO cables are very important, but they must be “invisible’ in the system it self, not adding or taking anything. My advice, demo all you can get your hands on, no matter the price tag, just take them home.
  3. “Exploring the Extraordinary: As one of 5 audio technology companies worldwide, BOENICKE AUDIO was selected to attend and enrich the 100 year anniversary gala of Bentley Motors and the subsequent London Press Club Ball in London.”
  4. Boenicke small movie. https://player.vimeo.com/video/341611722?fbclid=IwAR1x1AKDPqIwMG7NpKPJ_1sexGaOXJPlZSCXpQQ2ApA7f0Yhn0-p4ZeW-U8
  5. Hi to All Boenicke lovers, have you seen the new Boenicke site...? https://boenicke-audio.ch/?fbclid=IwAR2OIuegXbWcwryF33fCEXpxASl9tQIJCFWE2WsNaHATLw7Z6RHFCLlywKM
  6. Hi to you all, my W5 are doing great, the tv is almost on eBay only turned on for 2hs a day... Have being buying lots of music, LPs mostly as I’ve upgrade the Clearaudio Basic + for a Rega Aria... The Aria is in another league, the W5s love vinyl, everything comes alive so effortlessly, more air (if that’s possible with the Boenickes in the system ), more space and bass... Now is time to upgrade the Pathos, and I’ll take all the time in the world to replace it... Already got a small list of new amps to demo; Sudgen Aniv-50, Primaluna Dialogue HP, Pathos Logos But second hand gear will be considered as well, like Gryphon Diablo 120, Pass Labs INT, Plinius ... The fun is in the chase and hunt, love upgrade time and the smell of new gear... lol Thanks Elite Audio for this lovely picture!!! Well done! 👍
  7. Interesting reading. https://www.flickr.com/gp/158888945@N03/AWB1W8 https://www.flickr.com/gp/158888945@N03/xS8622
  8. Nice to ear about another Boenicke clube member ! Enjoy those babyies, and please give us some pics, will you? 😎
  9. Hi Richard, maybe in 3 years I drop to the show, would like that very much and to know some of you as well, I’m a expat from WHF forum, some of the members have moved here after the mag close the forum... When in Portugal, and if you got time, please send a message so we can meet, I live in Carcavelos, 5km from Cascais, really near, but I don’t play golf... My ground floor is about 80sm and the W5 just fill the space nicely, I do have a small BK XLS200 sub to help, but it’s integrated so well that I often forget that the sub is on...
  10. Don’t even tempt me, a trip to UK is always in the back of my wife’s mind and in mine as well, we love London and UK in general. But at the present I’m unemployed and about to start two personal progects, not hi fi related. But in 3 years time you can count me in, that’s for sure! In the mean while, here’s a video of my actual system playing Icehoude - Man Of Colours and shows my living and how the W5 fill and open space with almost 80sm. In my wish list is a pair of W8 and a class A amp, may it be valves or transistors.
  11. Hi parcelmonkey, glad I could help with my music taste, I like good music well recorded. And since the Boenickes are with me, my favorite pass-time it’s been discovering old music that gain new live played thru them, like “Dust in the Wind” from Kansas, or “He ain’t Heavy. He’s my Brother” from Gotthard or even “Rush Rush” from Paula Abdul. I’m just having a blast with this little devils called W5... Will make some additions to the list. All the best
  12. Hi chrisph, that was quite a work that you had on the play list. Nice idea to share in the forum as well. There is more a few songs I can add to the list. Once again very nice job! 🎼😎😍👌🍻🍻🍻