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  1. What about a travel router https://www.bestreviewer.co.uk/top-10-best-travel-router/ No idea how they work as I've only just found them but might be worth a look
  2. Aye, see what you mean re: IP, depending on your software you could set up a fixed IP address and limit the chances of another one having the same IP picked randomly which can happen I have a SOtM streamer that keeps getting allocated the same IP as one of my Amazon boxes, had to set it to fixed to avoid that clash.
  3. I have a pair I might be persuaded to let go as they're in the attic. Dark gray colour if I remember right, so not sure if that's any good to you. I'm in Fife so not 'too' far for collection. £95
  4. Unless your Pi or whatever had the same IP address this wouldn't happen. Set up a smart phone as WiFi hotspot? Not sure if that would work? Are you streaming your music via WiFi to the Pi? Surely better from a connected drive?
  5. mikeyb

    LP Protective outer sleeves?

    Just tried to reorder and no problem. Not sure why is not working for you. Did you make sure you set it to GB for prices, maybe that might help. I think I added everything to the basket and then registered my details on checkout.
  6. mikeyb

    LP Protective outer sleeves?

    Strange, I bought from them a few months back and was no problem. Maybe they've changed things, I'll go and see if I can order again.
  7. mikeyb

    LP Protective outer sleeves?

    I use these outers as well as their inners. https://www.packlinq.com/bags/album-sleeves/outer-sleeves-for-records.html Fast delivery from Europe.
  8. mikeyb

    Recone for HPD385 using hard-edge surround

    I had Lockwood recone my HPD 385's last year and was strongly advised by Tannoy owners and users NOT to use the hard edge as they are completely different to the foam edge and will change how the 385 sounds. They are meant for a different model of Tannoy driver. Check out username Cooky over on Pinkfish Media forum and he'll tell you all about your Tannoys and what you should do with them. Paul Coupe at Reference Fidelity Components if I remember correctly told me to stick with the foam edges too.
  9. mikeyb

    New PMC Twenty 26 a tad light

    I used to own PMC 21's and until I used one of Colin Wonfors new amps the bass was lacking, ok I know they're tiny standmounts so you shouldn't expect decent bass, but boy when I plugged that EWA M50 amp into them it transformed them. You just need to find the right amp
  10. mikeyb

    FM Tuner, where next?

    not mine but.... https://hifiwigwam.com/megastore/product/magnum-dynalab/ I'm sure there' s another for sale elsewhere too
  11. mikeyb

    PrimaLuna Owners Club

    I'm glad they have a service dept as my Dialogue Premium HP power amp should hopefully be winging it's way to them as I write. I'm hoping for an easy/cheap fix and sent it back under the impression it was still under warranty, it's not 😥
  12. mikeyb

    Many LP's for sale

    pm sent
  13. mikeyb

    Golf in the S.E.

    We get baboons on the fairways here too [emoji23]
  14. mikeyb

    Dunkirk film: Is there anything right?

    I thought it was crap
  15. mikeyb

    Simon & Garfunkle MOFI one step LP's

    My thoughts exactly, but unfortunately manufacturers these days know they can get away with murder most of the time because nobody seems that bothered and can't be bothered doing something about it