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  1. mikeyb

    Roon lifetime membership

    Never seen any discounts for Roon nowadays, they used to give a reduction when buying certain makes of kit such as SoTm but currently you only get a 60 day free trial with SoTm. Someone else might know better mind you.
  2. mikeyb

    Recording a voicemail? Please can you help.

    Play them on phone with speaker on and record on to another phone using recorder app. Or connect phone to speaker/HiFi and record on another phone using a recorder app. I'm sure someone else will come up with more professional suggestions but those would be the easiest and quickest.
  3. I've just bought a Polk Command Bar from Richer Sounds, £179 inc delivery as I found a £20 off voucher on Hotukdeals. Wireless subwoofer and decent audio quality for that kind of money, certainly made a big difference over the TV speakers. Built in Alexa and Bluetooth too.
  4. Rega Carbon cartridge posted 1st class, I added in half a dozen fixing screws and 4 nuts just in case you needed them too. Hopefully be with you tomorrow.
  5. That's fine just drop me a message with your address once you've sorted that out and I'll post it down to you.
  6. I can add a free Rega MM cartridge to AnilS offer so all you need it a new belt.
  7. mikeyb

    How do I rip a CDFS to FLAC using EAC

    Have you tried using Windows Media Player to rip it?
  8. mikeyb

    Impressions of the new Hana ML cart?

    A review ( I've not read it yet ) has just been posted https://theaudiophileman.com/hana-ml-low-output-cartridge-review/ 😊
  9. mikeyb

    FREE Hi Fi Auction

    Not this time, but I managed to pick up a pair of Wilson Sasha 2's pretty cheap a couple of weeks ago 😋 . . . . . . . . . . Kidding 😂
  10. mikeyb

    A frank seller!

    Someone on AoS was looking for one of these or an Ianmac one so might be worth checking there for a sale 😉
  11. mikeyb

    Awesome You Tube Music

    Re: Deutschland - Check the colours of the stars on each of the hanging victims, puts a different perspective on the scene English lyrics are quite interesting too
  12. mikeyb

    FS: KRELL KAV-300i and KAV-300cd pair

    Cool, sounds like you've thought of everything you need to be safe ☺️
  13. mikeyb

    FS: KRELL KAV-300i and KAV-300cd pair

    Did they pay via PayPal or is it cash ? If PayPal be wary of the 'non delivery' scam
  14. mikeyb

    Wam show 2019 photos

    Looked great fun 😊
  15. mikeyb

    Impressions of the new Hana ML cart?

    Video on YouTube, in Spanish but subtitled Currently using a Kontrapunkt B but seriously tempted to have a listen to a Hana 😉