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  1. Try and see if you can demo one of Colin Wonfors latest Claymore amps or better still his M50 Pre/power combo. https://www.abcaudio.biz/product-page/m-50-power-amplifier I have had them here and they were brilliant, only amps ( and I demoed a few ) that brought alive my PMC 21s and only sold the amps on when I went into valves and I felt they were too much for my vintage Tannoys.
  2. Still have a pair of TK20's that were bought at Comet in the early 70s, didn't have much choice around here back then and could only afford them along with a Garrard SP25 turntable and Sansui AU2200 amp with my pocket money that I had saved up. Here they are at my dad's...
  3. I nearly posted yesterday about if it was a genuine Apple or generic camera connector as most generic ones are a bit flaky. I bet that's your issue right there, try a genuine Apple one, if bought online you'll get plenty time to return it if no good as it's not guaranteed it will be any better.
  4. Yip, one of the worst films we watched last year, no, actually it WAS the worst.
  5. Don't know if it will help but you could send via Royal Mail Special Delivery for a package under 5kg and insured up to £1000 with guaranteed next day UK. £27.60 for that service.
  6. I always thought it was a 6 inch valley? Goes off to check .... And it's Skull not Soul, now that I've looked, sorry
  7. mikeyb

    Roon 1.7

    Does it do vertical scrolling yet? I HATE sideways scrolling on the iPad. Pity it's still tied to Qobuz and Tidal only, maybe Amazon HD might arrive in the future.
  8. Hi, Which version is it? THD or SQ ? Thanks.
  9. Unbelievable - watched all 8 episodes last night, got to bed about 3am Well worth a watch
  10. Listing title says it's a Micro 25 ?
  11. Be interesting to see how much they appear for sale in the future 😉
  12. it was sold on another Forum
  13. Never seen any discounts for Roon nowadays, they used to give a reduction when buying certain makes of kit such as SoTm but currently you only get a 60 day free trial with SoTm. Someone else might know better mind you.