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  1. I was told when i asked about a sub with my 1Scs, buy big and expensive. Anything else isn't fast enough to keep up with the Proac's. We are talking thousands and double/triple the size of what you are thinking about.
  2. I get what you are saying. Love love the first two albums. Maybe they aren't brave enough to evolve.
  3. Lee M

    'Don't Skip'

    I have always listened to albums start to finish. From my teens to today. It's the only way. An album to me is journey. I feel that modern day bands don't put the songs in a flowing order but maybe it's the music industry as a whole that's changed.
  4. Really like the track called The Ludwig Question. Spinning it now at home. 😎
  5. First listen and its really good, listening at work with one ear bud . Will spin it tomorrow at home on the system
  6. Going to the RNCM on Sunday as Guy Garvey is giving a talk with the Poet Laureate Simon Armitage. Should be interesting.
  7. so you decorate or move house often. someone should be glad to help you. Hope you find your new speakers soon