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  1. My current system is as per my avatar - Brooklyn > Canor Integrated > Frugel Horns + a REL T7 Sub The Canor is used like a power amp. Every day I switch it to the channel the Brooklyn resides on through which I choose between the USB input for my NAS, the optical for my Xbox or the Phono stage for my deck (though I have actually just sold my RP3 and am saving for something else). I then control the volume with the Canor. It's a nice amp. It's warm without being dull, vocals sound pleasant, has a fair bit of weight behind it. It lacks any real excitement though. Maybe it's too smooth or slow or I don't know what. I could switch to a power amp or mono's and use the Brooklyn's pre-amp functionality. The Heeds have caught my eye and after reading a bit on them I wonder if they might be more like what I am looking for. I can get a pair for around £1200-1400 used, much of which I think I should be able to get back from my Canor. My speakers I absolutely love and I am not going to change them. They are fairly efficient full-rangers and I can drive them beyond comfortable levels with my Canor which I think its rated at 35w. What are people's opinions on the Heed Mono's?
  2. Hi everyone I need some help - I have a SME 20/2 deck here and it's in desperate need of a bit of TLC. New suspension rubbers are being ordered this week as they are stretched to the point where they no longer actually suspend anything! The whole thing is in a bit of a state though. Does anybody have a link or PDFs or anything that might detail how to dissemble and reassemble the thing so that I may fully clean it - and also how to set the thing up. Just those suspension towers have me a bit confused - the top screws off to remove the rubbers, but there is a screw in the top of them that I cant figure out what it does etc. I was hoping to remove the sub platter, take the tops off the towers and slide the upper section up off the base so I could clean up what looks like leaked oil underneath, but I'm at a loss. Cheers Karl
  3. That's interesting. Since getting my DAC (with onboard phono) which has pre functionality I've been thinking I really don't need this integrated and been eyeing up just power amps. Maybe something I should avoid? Is it that the system becomes overly clinical or something like that? Too dry?
  4. Why don't you add a sub. I recently picked up a REL T7 and love it.
  5. Nice interconnects, and a good price. I just sold 3 pairs of the original silver plus version which weren't in very good condition for £65+ each!
  6. Oh, and mine are in very good condition - no chewed up screw heads, broken parts etc.
  7. Hi Bit of a long shot, but does anyone have 4x of the older QED Screwloc SPADES like this... That they would swap for my 4x BANANAS... Cheers! Karl
  8. I have just finished a bottle of 10yr Speyburn, which initially quite enjoyed but I wouldn't buy it again. I have a standard Jura 10yr on the go, which again is ok but not something demands your attention - usually it would accompany me while playing videogames haha. I had been eyeing up the Ardbeg 10yr for a while and have a bottle on the go now, and although I do really really enjoy it, it does give me the most tremendous headache! Delicious though. Glenmorangie will always be my safe go-to bottle, though I have only had the 10yr and would like to try one of their "posher" bottles.
  9. KND

    Vinyl... Do I?

    I never really enjoyed my Pro-ject Xpression and Debut Carbon is much the same thing. If you can stretch to a Rega RP3 you can get those in white and they're a much more capable deck. They are very nice in white. I have a light grey one and that looks horrible lol.
  10. I'd love to try this in place of my Canor TP134, as I don't need an integrated anymore as my new DAC has preamp functionality. I don't know how it would suit my full rangers. I've kind of been put off solid state after my Musical Fidelity stuff :-/
  11. Actually, a quick Google reveals that Cambridge Audio DACs on Class 2 are at 24/192 max through USB.