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  1. Not yet convinced the Q2 is a necessary upgrade from the Q, having bought the Q new for £2,900 when it came out. Was using another pocket Leica yesterday.
  2. ssfas

    DIY Record Flattening??

    I have a vinylflat and the sleeve option. It did work when I used it. Happy to sell it for half price.
  3. I immediately took a Roon trial and have ordered an Innuos Zen Mk3 as a Roon Core to replace my Auralic Aries Mini. Should be here next week. Roon Core currently running off my business QNAP, not really up to the job.
  4. ssfas

    Harbeth 40.1/40.2 vs Spendor SP100/R2

    Who on earth would want to modify a Harbeth crossover? If something broke, I'm sure Harbeth would do a repair, but my experience is that they are ultra-reliable. Also Harbeth is not really about upgrading. Choose the right size model for your room and stick with it.
  5. ssfas

    Harbeth 40.1/40.2 vs Spendor SP100/R2

    I think this was considered for a few minutes, but Harbeth have very streamlined production, only one model on any day, high reliability and most are exported. Retrofitting and rebuilds would not fit kindly into their operation.
  6. ssfas

    Top 3 changes to your system in 2018

    The whole room is on a springy floor, so you can't have people walking around with records playing. The Townshend Podium solves that problem completely and is much cheaper and less hassle than the cost of a turntable with built-in isolation. The Townshend Podium works because you can set the loading of the springs extremely accurately, which is the only way to get truly effective damping.
  7. ssfas

    Top 3 changes to your system in 2018

    1.Townshend Podium under my turntable 2. Quad ESL63 in place of Harbeth SHL5+ 40th Anniversary 3. BK 400w sub in place of REL 230w S/2.
  8. ssfas

    Audiophile Servers.

    I used a TASCAM CD-200 as a digital source when I used CD's. Excellent unit, currently in my loft as I now have a Denon DN-500BD for playing DVDs to the TV and stereo, and CD's should I ever want to (which I don't). These pro units offer fantastic value for money, are very slim and very good. I've never had an issue with the fact that Devialet Expert does A/D and D/A on phono sources. It would be heresy to some. I have a very good phono system and it sounds just as good through the Devialet phono stage as my previous expensive valve one. Devialet has a 2-way usb, so when playing records the A/D stream can be taken via usb to a laptop into Audacity or similar, and stuck on a server. Or you can just enjoy playing records.
  9. ssfas

    Audiophile Servers.

    My previous system comprised about 5 components, all replaced by the Devialet. I lost on sale about 20% of the cost of my old system, including which the cost of the upgrade to Devialet was about £4,000. The old system had a full Aries and used MinimServer from my QNAP. I kept the full Aries and used it for streaming as the old Devialet streaming card was not very good. I had an Aries Mini in my office, and when Devialet installed the new Core Infinity streaming card I sold the Aries and installed the Aries Mini both as a server and player. So I have options. Typing on my MacBook now, I'm streaming from Qobuz OSX via Devialet Air. If I wanted to play something from my server, I would use Audirvana OSX. I could use Qobuz via Audirvana, but prefer the Qobuz app and I often play from my Qobuz offline library. If I don't have my laptop handy, I can use Aries Lightning from my iPad (using the usb connection). If I don't have either, I can use Bubble uPnP from my Android phone. Devialet will auto-detect wireless or ethernet coming to it, but you do have to select usb via the app or remote. My wife and kids play from their phones using Spotify from their phones, which the Devialet will auto-detect. The real pleasure of Devialet Expert is its flexibility and ease of use. You can play to it multiple ways, whatever is convenient at the time, and never have to go near it as it auto-detects, only having to change source when using usb or phono inputs. It also detects Airplay, but that limits it to 16/44. The unit has only one button on the front, which is used to power on and off if pressed hard, if pressed softly will switch between sources, which I use to select phono when playing records.
  10. ssfas

    Vocal workout for your systems

    Try this for vocals Then this
  11. ssfas

    Audiophile Servers.

    I use an Aries Mini as a server. It has an external PSU. It is plugged into a Devialet 250 Expert Pro. Cost of the server was £350, £230 for the PSU and about £250 for a 1tb SSD drive - so just over £800. Backed up to a QNAP. I play either direct via usb or via Audirvana v3. Why pay £5,000 for a server?
  12. ssfas

    QED XT40 or Van Damme LC OFC?

    Damned auto-correct
  13. ssfas

    Is stereo dying?

    I heard the Devialet Phantom Gold as a stereo pair. It actually sounds superb. Stereo can be active wireless with built in streaming and does not have to look like two varnished packing crates standing in the middle of your living room. Most hifi companies need cheaper marketing and distribution as the cost/price ratio for most hifi is totally ridiculous.
  14. ssfas

    QED XT40 or Van Damme LC OFC?

    Yes, was a slip. That VD cable seems fit for most purposes, I've used DMH in the past - similar with solid core - still in my loft. DMH website explains that topology.
  15. ssfas

    Is stereo dying?

    Stereo is only a means of trying create an illusion that music is not coming from a point source. It's not necessary for enjoying music. I listen to plenty of mono records. Systems like Devialet Phantom you can have from 1 to 8 point sources. Reactor will soon be the same, plus you can pick the system up in one hand and plug it in the garden, wherever. Try doing that with your stereo. Naim are having considerable success going in the same direction.