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  1. Bolosun

    Model Kits

    I am amazed some times the amount of effort some people go to, for it all to be hidden from sight. I spend a lot of time doing motorbikes; engines etc, but once the tank and fairings are on, it's all hidden
  2. Bolosun

    Model Kits

    What scale is it?
  3. I was in Vegas last year and missed them by a day to see them. Best I could do was have a meal there
  4. Bolosun

    What are you listening to right now?

    Cd 1 from Tangerine Dream’s In Search Of Hades box set
  5. Bolosun

    Computer audio numpty: please help

    Just had a Google, and they dropped it after 2015. I had an old Macbook with it and assumed they still had the feature. Obviously need to go via USB now.
  6. Bolosun

    Computer audio numpty: please help

    Why are you not just going straight to the DAC from your MAC using the optical cable?
  7. Bolosun

    WTD: iCubes LP Storage

    I make my own
  8. I ran a Marantz PM6006UKSE with my LE50s while my Leema was being repaired (again!) and was very impressed.
  9. I started Krav Maga 5 years ago at the age of 52, and have loved it. Definitely improved my fitness and flexibility, plus the social side of it.
  10. Got tickets for the Danny & Luke (Thunder) shows in Coventry and Crewe in October
  11. Bolosun

    New album releases dream £115 +£18 P&P!
  12. Bolosun

    New album releases

    Yet another re-release, but I don't have any copies on vinyl so have ordered it. The Division Bell (2014 Remaster) [Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Blue Vinyl 2LP] [VINYL]
  13. Bolosun

    Impressions of KEF LS50?

    I love my LS50's. I have tried some ATC's but they sounded lifeless at reasonable volumes compared the the KEF's. I only have a small room and they are definitely not in the right place (too close to the wall, etc), but I have no intention of replacing in the near or distant future.
  14. Bolosun

    Whatever happened to DAB?

    I listen to DAB every day around the house and in the car. I don’t consider it hi-fi in any way, just a convenient way of listening to the radio, mainly Planet Rock.
  15. we were there, right at the front in the middle. The singer is like a hurricane, tornado and earthquake all rolled into one. He jumped into the crowd right next to us and crowd surfed over us, frighted the crap out of the missus