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  1. Bolosun

    Meze Empyrean Headphones Now On Demo!

    Maybe your browser also couldn't believe the price - £2699! But I would still love to try a set.
  2. Bolosun


    SOLD, Took 5 minutes via Facebook Marketplace
  3. Bolosun


    'tis the 500GB version. Not a big user of it, so is in very good condition, as is the controller. Got a couple of games as well, Ratchet & Clank, and The Last Of Us Remastered. £145 plus postage.
  4. A quick bump before I throw them at the auction site
  5. Bolosun

    DLNA Control point apps for iOS

    Not sure if will work for you as the app is player specific, but have a look a mcontrol. I use it on my Android phone and Ipad
  6. Bolosun

    DLNA Control point apps for iOS

    On my Synology I use DS Audio
  7. I have one of these as part of my Q Acoustics setup, and very good it is too.
  8. Bolosun

    New Rival Sons Album Feral Roots

    Ordered mine, and hopefully will see them again on the next tour
  9. Bolosun

    Looking for a song.

  10. Bolosun

    Wireless and not pricey

    I have a pair of these took ahile to run in, but they are very good for the money
  11. Bolosun

    What are you listening to right now?

    Astralasia - Oceania
  12. Bolosun

    HiFi Bad Luck

    I have been wired to my Sky Q router for about 4 months with no issues. Before that it was on a BT Home hub for about 9 months, again with no issues. I moved the amp and then when I was using the streamer, after about an hour of using the amp - streamer, CD or turntable - using the streamer from my NAS box it would disconnect from the network. I know it was disconnecting because I would see it disappear from the hub's connected devices. After about a minute it would reappear. Then it would disconnect after 30 seconds too 4 minutes and then rejoin. Tried using wifi as well and the same result. Even tried streaming from Tidal, and again the same result. Come back to it the next day and it would work fine. I finally got the the point I could make it fail after I had been using the amp after an hour and the getting the amp well warmed up. If I leave it running all day with the sound down so I can just hear the music in background, it work fine all day.
  13. Bolosun

    HiFi Bad Luck

    Yes they and the dealer have been great. Even though the unit wont fail in the shop, they are sending it back to get the network card changed and go from there.
  14. Bolosun

    HiFi Bad Luck

    Well today I am taking my Leema back to the shop again as it has a strange fault with the network. After listening to an hours or so of music, the amp keeps dropping off the network. The amp can work perfectly for a few days and then start dropping off. Then my AV amp started switching itself off as if the speakers cables are shorted. It would do it as soon as I switched it on and then would eventually work fine, sometimes all evening or after an hour or so would switch off again. So that is also going back to the shop.
  15. Bolosun

    Frustrating or am I missing something..

    I use DC Audio to play from my Synology, Mconnect and I am trying BubbleUPNP which is Android only.