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  1. Bolosun

    New album releases dream £115 +£18 P&P!
  2. Bolosun

    New album releases

    Yet another re-release, but I don't have any copies on vinyl so have ordered it. The Division Bell (2014 Remaster) [Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Blue Vinyl 2LP] [VINYL]
  3. Bolosun

    Impressions of KEF LS50?

    I love my LS50's. I have tried some ATC's but they sounded lifeless at reasonable volumes compared the the KEF's. I only have a small room and they are definitely not in the right place (too close to the wall, etc), but I have no intention of replacing in the near or distant future.
  4. Bolosun

    Whatever happened to DAB?

    I listen to DAB every day around the house and in the car. I don’t consider it hi-fi in any way, just a convenient way of listening to the radio, mainly Planet Rock.
  5. we were there, right at the front in the middle. The singer is like a hurricane, tornado and earthquake all rolled into one. He jumped into the crowd right next to us and crowd surfed over us, frighted the crap out of the missus
  6. Bolosun

    Surround Decoding

    I owned a Yamaha decoder many years ago, that required a separate amp. Assume they don't make it anymore either, but worth a search.
  7. I have a few bikes; K1600GT, Hayabusa, Street Triple, CBX1000, and I am rebuilding a KE100 and CB750K6
  8. Will also be at that show
  9. Saw The Temperance Movement and Blue Öyster Cult last Friday in Manchester. The Temperance Movement was absolutely brilliant and I thought Blue Öyster Cult would struggle to out do them. After the 1st 2 songs I thought I was right - they performed like a cabaret act, but then they stepped up a gear and easily matched The Temperance Movement. Last time I saw them was at Bingley Hall in Stafford in 1980! Off tomorrow to the Planet Rock Winters End in Dorset. Really looking forward to seeing Reef.
  10. I have the level 1, 2 and 3 products, but I used the Level 4 on my bike and helmets. It takes a few hours to do it properly, but now takes minutes to wash my bike and no need to polish it afterwards.
  11. If you want a maintenance free finish for your car, try this stuff Hybrid X. I did my bike when it was new, and it still looks like new now, 18 months later.
  12. Bolosun

    Vinyl sale - open to offers

    I'll take the Elton John and Jon Anderson albums if you still have them. Let me know how to pay
  13. Bolosun

    What PC?

    Get a Lenovo from their website. Uses Quidco and you can get a decent laptop for under £300. Only thing I would advise is getting one with the biggest screen you can afford.
  14. Bolosun

    Valentine's Day songs to woo the wife, girlfriend...

    So What by Metallica is my go to song for romance