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  1. ok I know its a while off but if we are happy with the July date lets agree to that and set numbers and Jane's Fudge Cake in stone
  2. Having a mini clear out Col? Tempting me this
  3. Hows the 18th July for everyone? Feel the need for Geoff to be there as I've been to a few Brazilian bake offs
  4. As it stands now I have my amps and speakers and a short term loan of an arc am CD player Seems like DAC are the main focus but some form of transport would be appreciated Kind of tempted by the Cambridge streamer in classifieds at the moment
  5. My next available Saturdays are 7th March 28th March 4th April 25th April 18th July added for Geoff Will do a big pan of chilli for people to enjoy Janes fudge cake is always welcome along with Jane
  6. So am I right in thinking I could plug an external hard drive in to the back full of my music
  7. I was introduced to CATS the musical and when Memories was sung a got goose bumps all over the woman knocked it out the park Growing up as a child I used to love Seven Brides For Seven Brothers,Paint My Wagon War Of The Worlds is amazing I love it
  8. okie dokie I will have a look at my diary and throw a few weekend suggestions in and we can come to a consensus
  9. JHaving just sourced new amps from the classifieds thinking of having a mini bake off focused on digital sources All welcome but would love some people to bring some stuff probably good for 10-12 Will get an idea of numbers and then we will narrow a date down Cheers Simon
  10. A good place to start will be seeing if any warmers in your area could have you round for listen so you get an idea of what sound you are after
  11. Just go with the research [emoji23][emoji23]