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  1. I could put them up to 1.5m from wall behind up to 50cm from side walls Thanks very much
  2. Thanks for the advice Mainly listen to jazz ,Keb Mo,Eric Bibb,Cowboy Junkies,that sort of stuff Low to moderate listening Power amps Audion 845 25 watts Jean Hiraga JH50 el34 50 watts Otl monoblocks40 watts I want speakers that I mainly use fully rebuilt esl57s which I enjoy but fancy trying some Harbeths Hope this helps
  3. Hi All I have a 5mLx3mw listening room I heard some Harbeths years ago and it has stayed with me Looking for suggestions on which Harbeth would be best for room They can be up to 1.5m from wall behind Any advice would be greatly appreciated ATB
  4. Hi Have you got any photos? Cheers Ian
  5. Hi All Looking for otl amplifier for Esl57's Anything out there? Cheers
  6. Hi Looking for brackets for esl57 Cheers
  7. Hi He has Quad esl57
  8. Looking for otl amplifier for a friend Cheers
  9. Hi All Just got a pair of esl57 There's no horse hair wedding in the back Do I need it or is there anything else I can use Cheers
  10. Hi All Looking for eight spike cups/feet Anything out there Cheers
  11. norton


    Hi All Any thoughts on AG1500 regenerator Just looking for some advice Cheers