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  1. Top whamming a superb speaker donated for an amazing cause. Thanks for supporting The Royal Marsden.
  2. Love this album.. Excellent musicianship and great songs.
  3. What have you got. 5 mtr long x 3 mtr wide. Speakers firing the short side. Ideally stand mounts. Music taste electronic, indie, classic rock and acoustic.
  4. Cable Talk Bi wire - Thick and Heavy Cable in Excellent condition. I have 2 lengths of 3mtr cable which is terminated with banana plugs 4 speaker side and 2 amp side - £20 including delivery. QED Silver Anniversary - Never Used 2 lengths of 2.5mtr bare - £20 including delivery. Naim NA323 Moving Coil Board - £20 including delivery. sold to It cost how much! Or swap for some other cables I'm looking for 2.5/3mtr to suit Naim/Neat combination.
  5. Will take an offer, will include anti static brush too..
  6. Manticore and shelf collected and paid by Tomortr
  7. In good working order.. You don't see these around anymore and are perfect for safely cleaning your stylus. £50