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  1. "Does anyone know how long you cook those boil in the bag fish?" "You don't get instructions from the fun fair."
  2. A book just fell on my head... I can only blame my shelf.
  3. "Tomorrow I'm getting married for the fourth time," said Joe happily. "What happened to your first three wives?" asked his colleague Jeff. "My first wife died after eating poisonous mushrooms," replied Joe. "How terrible!" exclaimed Jeff. "And your second wife?" "She ate poisonous mushrooms." "And your third ate poisonous mushrooms, too?" asked Jeff. "Oh no, she died of a broken neck," stated Joe. "I see, an accident," replied Jeff. . . . . "Not exactly," said Joe. "She wouldn't eat her mushrooms..."
  4. Have you got a spare box for that lot? I can just about squeeze my speakers in the car so they're off on Sunday with this... Shall I take a picture of Paul's face for you when I present him with this lot?
  5. My kids asked me what it was like growing up in the 80's... So I took their phones away from them & turned off the internet.
  6. My mate, a bit thick said to me, "I robbed a shop last night, I took a load of pictures & the cheapest one is worth £180,000!" I told him, "you daft bastard, you've robbed an estate agents!"
  7. Bugger! I knew it was that but I couldn't recall the album title and was scrolling through my thumbnails on the Linn App! Brilliant album too and I've just ordered some of Morphine's stuff as well thanks to your obscure album art @Mondie. How I ever missed them, heaven knows!
  8. Otis Taylor - Pentatonic Wars And Love Songs I was informed about this artist by the chap who purchased my EAR amp, earlier this year & I now have many of this artists albums in my collection. They're all really good...
  9. A quick read on the small claims website shows this by the way... When to use the small claims court You can use the small claims court for most contract claims. This means the small claims track process can be used for many consumer problems ranging from unfairly issued parking tickets to retailers who refuse to take responsibility for their faulty goods. There is a small claims track claim limit. The total you can claim in England and Wales is £10,000, in Scotland it's £5,000 and in Northern Ireland it's £3,000. There are a couple of key exceptions to this. You can't claim up to this amount for housing disrepair or personal injury, the limit for these is £1,000. But even if your claim is within the claims limit, a judge may decide that a case cannot be heard as a small claim if the case is believed to be too complex. Honestly, speak with an expert, it sounds more complicated than you are alluding to, even the Ombudsman hasn't been able to resolve your issue...
  10. Plenty of free advice available from actual legally qualified solicitors, most offer a free consultation. I'd be heading there first rather than gather opinions... YMMV of course.
  11. I think it will, based on last time's escapade... Place your bets gentlemen... I'm sorted!
  12. Puscifer - "V" Is For Viagra - The Remixes
  13. 2 Many DJ's - As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt. 2
  14. There's an Audi Q7 iirc with the number plate B168 OSS (BIG BOSS) around these parts. Would have thought Katie Price would've snapped up B168 OOB