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  1. parcelmonkey

    Wilson Benesch Actor Speakers - No Knowledge, thoughts?

    Appreciate that... I know I have a bass issue somewhere, I just need to learn how to measure things like that, I've noticed the bass drum on Fleetwood Mac - Mystery To Me album (For your love) track excites the room a fair bit. It takes time to understand these things, the main reason I'm where I am currently is this home is only temporary and I don't wish to go to the expense of selecting speakers and then changing again too soon. Thanks for the nice comments about my amp & source, I'm happy to a point and get plenty of musical enjoyment from the current setup across a broad spectrum of music. I just know there's better waiting.... I'd never heard of Kudos, those 707's are gorgeous looking and I have enjoyed the Isobaric arrangement from my Neat Momentum 4i's so an interesting proposition. When I finally move I'll be looking much more closely at these and will try to get a demo to hear these. Thanks for your input!
  2. parcelmonkey

    Wilson Benesch Actor Speakers - No Knowledge, thoughts?

    @uzzy I've looked and the tweeter and it looks like a fabric tweeter with ferrofluid; I think, definitely not metal. Busy day today, early night tonight as up stupid 'O' clock tomorrow and late back so will hopefully post a photo Wed. I do really like the Lali's, I just know they're not my end game speaker. The zinginess isn't there continually, just sometimes, probably an interaction with the room reflections. I'm looking forward to hearing another speaker and will see the outcome, thanks for all help so far... My ears are rubbish, so who knows what I decide!
  3. 2nd owner here of the original ADS. I like the look of the sleeker more modern ADSM's so would probably look in that direction tbh. I'll be saving the pounds then!
  4. parcelmonkey

    What are you listening to right now?

    Recently purchased a couple of this artists albums... Still waiting on one to arrive. Amanda Palmer - Theatre Is Evil
  5. I was hoping to see that in print. Takes away all the guesswork of what is the logical upgrade path from my current ADS0/1 with the newer board. I was unsure of Klimax DS/1 or the newer ADSM/3. Rather than just purchase Katalyst for my older style machine. Interesting...
  6. parcelmonkey

    Wilson Benesch Actor Speakers - No Knowledge, thoughts?

    Richard most kind and yes I'd be interested. I believe you made a comment on WAYLTRN thread on Koto 12" mixes I posted and I noticed your proximity, but was rude in not responding! Apologies and would be most grateful as well if you could make it, especially if you bring speakers too. We could make it a mini mini bake off! I'll get cakes. I will PM tomorrow. Thanks a lot... Ade
  7. parcelmonkey

    Wilson Benesch Actor Speakers - No Knowledge, thoughts?

    Yes I have seen that before and formed part of my decision to purchase, thanks. Reading this made me decide the H2's were too much for my room.
  8. A B&B around 8 minutes walk away sober or around 15 minutes if I don't get lost apres Malt tasting and sound listening... £55 inc. Full English breakfast which seemed reasonable?
  9. parcelmonkey

    Wilson Benesch Actor Speakers - No Knowledge, thoughts?

    Not sure on the first count but I believe they need the ferrofluid replacing in the tweeters occasionally. These sound fine and dandy but I'm sure something can be improved. I agree they have an uneven frequency response as I talked to Paul at R.F.C and he spoke about this, although there is much he can do to improve things. Otherwise I'm very happy for a speaker that costs little and gives much, especially on the end of the Vitus!
  10. Actually I've just booked somewhere with free cancellation so I'm going regardless and can cancel if given enough time too but it would be fun if you could organise something where we all congregate...
  11. Me too! I'd be interested in a cheap rate if poss and the possibility of walking corridors Saturday night slightly inebriated...
  12. parcelmonkey

    Wilson Benesch Actor Speakers - No Knowledge, thoughts?

    I understand the confusion but a post does up the count and makes me look far more popular than I might! Seriously, I wondered if it was a waste of my time taking these back from Brighton to Kent etc or if these could be better. Of course, the listening will tell me more but if someone had prior experience then that might deter or encourage depending on what they had to say... I have tried various positions regarding toe in on the Impulses and yes I can state less toe in removes the slight zinginess on certain tracks and increases soundstage width but lacks a little focus. Horses for courses but no ideal position yet found! It's all subjective here, just my ponderings...
  13. parcelmonkey

    What are you listening to right now?

    FKA Twigs - LP1
  14. parcelmonkey

    Wilson Benesch Actor Speakers - No Knowledge, thoughts?

    Interestingly the Impulses work very well in this near field situation which surprised me too. I do have some Vicoustic Bass panels which act as Helmholtz Resonators which tame some of the issues and a Rockwool filled back wall. Overall I'm happy, I'm just interested to see what else sounds are out there and whether there are improvements available despite room restrictions. I will be moving in the near future to a bigger room. Of course it would help if someone was to visit to tell me how crap they think it sounds and where I need to change things around, on the whole most here are unwilling to make the journey or too polite... Edit... Keith didn't recommend turning 180 degrees!
  15. parcelmonkey

    Wilson Benesch Actor Speakers - No Knowledge, thoughts?

    As your name suggests... No headphone out and only two outputs!