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  1. Is it Public Service Broadcasting - Every Valley?
  2. In case anyone is interested? Peter Gabriel (yes, him) below: - Has now put loads of lovely music on Bandcamp - HERE For you to purchase / listen to & stream... Including the song swop - Scratch My Back / And I'll Scratch Yours , the concluding part of a series of song exchanges in which Peter and other leading artists reinterpret each other’s songs. In case you wanted to know...
  3. Hallelujah The Hills - A Band Is Something To Figure Out
  4. After a very stressful last few weeks after a house move, I'm back up and running again, although time limited. Enjoying this from Byron Metcalf - Shamanic Trance Dance
  5. Pot, kettle etc, I've lost count of the pages I posted before you re hashed them...
  6. Scorpions - Lovedrive That's what it looks like to me? If I'm correct, someone else take my go unless you wait until this eve?
  7. I went out with my new girlfriend to a fancy new restaurant last night and she kept insisting on paying for the meal. I said, "Don't be stupid, we're half way down the road now. Just keep bloody running!
  8. Okay, I spoke too soon! Maybe page 163 he redeems himself... 😁
  9. For months now, I wondered if @Ears had just woken from a coma which had lasted for around 30 years! Page 162 he's redeemed himself, some crackers there, carry on as top joke teller / copy & paste artist!
  10. Or an Imgur account, free and easy to set up... Unlimited usage, just don't use their mobile app, I couldn't get on with that, using a laptop is fine!
  11. Thought it was Jon Hopkins Small Craft On A Milk Sea but upon checking, alas not...
  12. Just had my 12" Bradley's fettled by Paul @ Reference Fidelity Components. Crossovers re-done and speaker coils re-aligned... These really sing beautifully now. Most pleased and the bill was extremely reasonable. Highly recommended.