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  1. timmytiger

    Diamonds where to buy in the UK?

    Had a friend who got engaged on a Saturday; took the ring back the next Wednesday and struggled to negotiate a 40% refund.
  2. timmytiger

    Phone upgrade

    Just found FM radio in my Huawei P20 Lite, haven't seen that in a phone for years. sounds ok and will really reduce stress on my ears when driving all day, why don't they publicise it?
  3. timmytiger

    Phone upgrade

    I'm on my second Huawei, probably the cheapest phone I've ever had at about £200 and it sounds great through a FIIo amp and my old Sennheiser HD280s (?). I think it's a P20Lite.
  4. timmytiger


    Kitchen worktop and threaded bar?
  5. timmytiger

    Any musicians on the forum?

    Did when I was young, started trumpet at about 12. Soon picked it up and had time to practice so played in a few chamber groups, town orchestra, school orchestra and a military band. Got to Grade 8 and started LRAM; then got a job which took too much time. If i'd been able to get to my first audition offer life could have been different. Played occasionally since and did a series of alto sax jazz based improv classes but i'm terrible at playing by ear; more a mental block which I sometimes feel is at the end of my fingertips. Dictation was strange, sometimes just wrote it straight down, other days couldn't tell a 3rd from a 5th. Ultimately not that talented and not quite driven enough; I appreciate Mrs P's insight.
  6. timmytiger

    Which night is "Music Night"

    Usually about six when we get in from work and pour a small gin, catch up on the day, listen to all sorts, cook dinner and turn on the tv about half eight. Trying to ease off work and listen more in the daytime but not this week.
  7. I found it improved the sound esp at higher volumes. Using a Lyngdorf DPA-1 into a pair of Bryston 14BSST2s and PMC BB5is. My crossover is 380Hz so similar power requirement for bass vs mid + tweeter. It largely eliminates any superposition leaving more voltage headroom. Sounds so good I haven't bothered to investigate altering the stock xovers.
  8. timmytiger

    Amp for B&W 801d speakers

    There's a pair of Bryston 7B3s about second hand which could be ideal. Maybe Hi Fi Lounge or similar?
  9. timmytiger

    Speaker Upgrade

    I was impressed last time I heard 602s, would it be worth getting them sprayed up by a professional?
  10. timmytiger

    Favourite childhood toy(s)

    1935 Morris 8, cost nearly as much as my first bicycle, drove it all round the area, crossing roads occasionally. Took it to bits and put it back together and found a track where it would nearly get up to 60. Made dual wheels for it in the winter. Eventually started sagging a bit as the chassis collapsed.
  11. timmytiger

    Power (watt)

    Be interesting to see how it sounds, a 300W tickling along at 30W shouldn't struggle to provide some dynamic range. Might not even switch on the fans if you're lucky.
  12. timmytiger

    Heating payment

    My mum's a bit the same about an MC she's meant to be sending to someone, they haven't been in touch with an address but she still feels guilty about not sending it. I guess they tend to focus on little things like that. Wish I had the time and head space.
  13. timmytiger

    Power (watt)

    Are you allowed to tell us what it is?
  14. timmytiger

    Power (watt)

    You need an amp that reproduces the input without distortion or clipping. The Crown amps start clipping very early; upside being they are virtually unkillable. I use an XTi1000, great little amp when used within it's limits. You won't be in HiFi territory drawing more than c200wpc from the 4002.
  15. timmytiger

    How to breed antisemitism at a young age

    It's great to have an excuse for a synchronised holiday, much as we celebrate christmas without a thought of the big man in the sky we also have a big Labour Day weekend party without thinking about the Chicago (?) bomb. The Christian story is part of our culture, you don't have to give it credence.