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  1. Hi All, on behalf of a friend for sale some bits and bobs: Shunyuta Research Hydra 2 £199 with optional Supra LoRad SWF-US mains connector two pieces £16 Total: £215 + postage Isotek Sirius Evo 3 6 way in original box and accessories £225 + Isotek Elite 1.5m mains cable with Furutech FI15 £65 Total: £290+ postage Russ Andrews Classic PowerKord 1m £45 + postage Cheers Las
  2. komarfamily

    SALE Mundorf Silver/Gold Mains Cable 1.5m Furutech

    Hi just an impulsive offer for 150 GBP cheers Laszlo
  3. komarfamily

    Harbeth M30.1 in cherry 1799 GBP

    Now sold
  4. komarfamily

    SALE QUAD QSP+QUAD ELITE Preamplifier.1 year warranty

    Best setup I have ever heard with Harbeth speakers until Zsolti replaced the QSPs with QMPs. Highly recommended setup from a highly recommended seller!!! Serious up for these and I am still tempted...:(
  5. komarfamily

    Harbeth M30.1 in cherry 1799 GBP

    I received many offers in the region of 1500GBP. As I said I am in no rush. Speakers are mint with original boxes and they are currently my surround speakers so not much in use. My absolutely lowest price I would sell these beauties is 1699GBP. Thanks for looking.
  6. komarfamily

    Harbeth M30.1 in cherry 1799 GBP

    Don`t worry i am in no rush. Cheers
  7. komarfamily

    Harbeth M30.1 in cherry 1799 GBP

    Hello Max, Yes they are still available. Cheers Laszlo
  8. komarfamily

    Harbeth M30.1 in cherry 1799 GBP

    Still there
  9. komarfamily

    SALE Harbeth P3ESR in premium Rosewood finish

    Would you consider a swap for a mint pair m30.1 plus 700 from you?
  10. komarfamily

    Harbeth M30.1 in cherry 1799 GBP

    still available
  11. komarfamily


    Still there
  12. komarfamily

    Harbeth M30.1 in cherry 1799 GBP

    Still for sale. The cheapest m30.1 available on the market with original boxes.
  13. komarfamily

    Harbeth M30.1 in cherry 1799 GBP

    I bought a yamaha dsp z11 so these beauties are my surround back speakers...they deserve much much more
  14. komarfamily


    Summer up
  15. komarfamily

    SALE Audioquest Caldera 2x3m

    a review "The Caldera are large cables! Thicker than my garden hose but much more attractive. Green jacket encased in a black mesh. Nicely terminated in silver clad, copper spades. These cables are a combination of Audioquest's PSC and PSC+ copper. The 16, 18, and 20 guage wires in each cable are PSC. The 22 guage is PSC+. This copper simply allows the music to flow completely unencumbered. No barriers between you and the music to speak of. The different guage wires are said to transmit the full harmonic spectrum with maximum efficacy. I hear it! Every instrument has it's true timbre. Trumpets have their "blattiness" but also their brassy richness, giving them a truly realistic sound. Bass is tight and tuneful. The amazing thing though is the harmonic richness of the bass. I've heard tight and tuneful before, but this is different. You can sense the true size of bass producing instruments and their distance from the listener. Their natural power and impact are right there. Music just seems to flow out of your speakers. The soundstage is focused and spacious. The soundstage, when musically appropriate, extends beyond the speakers and resolves the natural hall ambiance of the recording venue. Close to a "virtual experience". I am using two, 8 foot runs of Caldera into my Vandersteen 3A Signatures. Vandersteen's have always loved Audioquest wire and nothing has changed. I know that running two 8 foot runs may seem like overkill, but I wanted totally unrestrained power delivery to my … read morespeakers. These cables are a considerable investment but they're worth it. They allow you to hear what your system is truly capable of. I am also using 2 one meter runs of Audioquest Python interconnects to round out the resolution and ultimate musicality of my system. I am delighted with my investment in top quality cable. It is the essential link to complete an already capable system. "