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  1. I have no regrets either. They are wonderfully versatile and so easy to move around as needed. But if you do venture up to Kegworth next March I’m happy to bring my SEs and do a comparison which might persuade me to upgrade to the +.
  2. Lee, I’d be interested to know if you auditioned the W5SE before you decided to go for the W5SE+. If so what did you hear different. I did not audition the W5s at all, but now wonder if I should have gone for the +. Cheers
  3. Hi, I find the distance of the speakers from the listening position and the distance of the speakers from the back and side walls more critical to the overall sound than toe in. However I’m still in the process of tweaking their position. The amplifier is a Allnic T2000 valve amp that outputs about 70watts, but delivers plenty of current and to me sounds quite capable of driving the W5s without any issues. Cheers
  4. A new abode, a new listening experience. After a week or so settling in the W5SEs are again finding their voice. It is their natural tone that appeals most. I find R3 live broadcasts the best I’ve heard.
  5. No Longer For Sale. Please Remove.
  6. I’m using the supermarket black marble chopping boards which give a bit more stability and protection from a stray passing foot. Though still a new listener to W5’s I’m increasingly impressed.
  7. LAST CHANCE....... House move coming soon, hence further price reduction!
  8. I received my W5SE’s one month ago and can say that from the first day they sounded pretty good and always smooth. But they are now beginning to sound excellent. Its difficult to articulate exactly what changes have occurred over the last four weeks but over this last day or so when I listen to recordings that I am very familiar with I find the experience is improved in all aspects and much more satisfying. In a word I would say the sound is more ‘coherent’. Sure it is detailed, dynamic, evenly balanced across the frequencies, a wide soundstage that defines the acoustic space of the recording and most of all wonderfully natural tone timbre and clarity, to my ears at least. So after buying new speakers without hearing them first I’m very relieved the gamble looks to have paid off.... this time. And the new cables will be staying.
  9. I wished I’d known, I was in London Wednesday and Thursday. Not sure when I will be down again but at some point I will be so perhaps at that juncture I can take you up on that offer. Thanks. PS. What length are they.
  10. I received the HiDiamond 7 cables yesterday and last night I thought they were sounding a bit bright and thin with not much bass so I wasn’t impressed. However this afternoon they are better though I’m sure its going to take a few days to decide whether they stay or not. I had been thinking about trying HFC. Is there much to say about them? I usually love auditioning equipment and particularly speakers, but cables are a nightmare. A pic to follow shortly.
  11. I’m looking forward to Sunday as it forecasts rain all day so should be able to do some lengthy listening. As the burn in continues the changes have been gradual and they have definitely been sounding better this last day or two. Most noticeable is an increase in the clarity and more definition in the sound stage though I think that may be has still some way to go. This morning I requested a demo of some Diamond 7 cables. This is a brand I have not heard of but the reviews are good. Does anyone have experience with Diamond?
  12. Still available, offers welcome.
  13. And now one I made earlier. Made from .75 inch mdf and stained to match, well almost, exactly the same size as the others. I used it as a bottom shelf for my Allnic 40kg amp so its good and strong. And this one is FREE as part of the bundle.