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  1. I have a pair of Avalon Idea speakers, also in Walnut, which are smaller than the Olympica iii’s and I know will work very well with your Vitus amp should you wish to consider an exchange. Please let me know if you would like some photos. Regards.
  2. **** SOLD **** My Audiomods Classic 11 tone arm is up for sale for £375. The story here is I bought this in 2012 to mount on a Michell Gyro (as photo 1) and there it stayed doing a fine job until late last year when I acquired a Brinkman Bardo. It was my intention to change the arm as soon as I could but after looking around at various alternatives I decided to buy a new Series Five arm from Jeff at Audiomods. He does not make the Classic any more. It has just arrived and is now installed on the Bardo, looking and sounding wonderful. I would say in performance terms there is a few percent increase in transparency and crispness to the sound over the Classic but its not massive. At the same time as placing my order Jeff offered to service and make some updates to my Classic. Here is a quote from his e-mail to me on him returning it a few days ago. " I've done as many updates as possible to your old arm including the alloy arm rest and an updated loom and given it the latest packing. When it finds a new owner it is under warranty for them". You can't say fairer than that. Jeff's service is as good as his craftsmanship. So as photos 2 and 3 it remains in the box as received from Jeff together with his latest setup notes and general guidance. The price of £375 includes postage within the UK. Thanks.
  3. liongate

    SOLD Transcriptor Hydraulic Reference Turntable

    Transaction now completed. Thank you.
  4. liongate

    SOLD Transcriptor Hydraulic Reference Turntable

    Sold, pending payment. Thanks
  5. Transcriptor Hydraulic Reference Turntable with SME 3009 tone arm and Goldring 1042 cartridge. I have owned this Transcriptor for the last six years and can say sound wise its comes a close second to my Gyro SE. After lurking under a friends bed for ten years I undertook to restore it. It has had fresh silicone, rewired tone arm, new ball bearing, new record support pads and a thorough clean up. It comes with manual and a spare belt. But, as can be seen in the photographs, it would benefit from a new perspex cover and re-plating of the gold capstons. I would also recommend a new stylus for the 1042. The price is £500 and can be demonstrated. Collection only please. Payment by BT or cash. Thanks for looking.
  6. Hi Paul Thanks for a prompt posting of the cable. It works fine and first impressions through the Primare DAC is a more analogue, warmer sound. A little more detail and fuller bottom end but overall a more pleasing sound than straight CD. Nice. Many thanks Alan
  7. liongate

    Primare DAC30

    Hi I'm interested in one of your black Dac 30's. Please pm me to discuss. regards alan
  8. liongate

    Purity Acoustics

    Thanks for all the info and pics. i will be investigating further in the new year. cheers
  9. liongate

    Purity Acoustics

    The workmanship looks excellent. How do they sound? I should pay him a visit. I love being involved in the design and build process, especially things made of wood. Good cabinet making skills are pretty rare these days.
  10. liongate

    Purity Acoustics

    Anyone know of these guys?
  11. liongate

    Open Baffle Speakers

    At Scalford a couple of years ago I heard some open baffle speakers and thought how very, very good they sounded. In my ignorance at the time I just thought they looked weird and something from way back. I'm now interested to find out more and I see there some new ones out there. New examples from down under even. Is this a come back?!home_layout_1.html What UK examples are there and what experience do people have of them. Would love to hear some again. Alan
  12. liongate

    Frugel3 - A breath of fresh air

    Thanks for the suggestions. A bit early days to start swapping drivers but if anyone has tried other drivers on the Frugel3 it would be interesting to hear. For the time being I can live with the slightly forward treble. I'm very impressed by what else they do in terms of clarity, speed and naturalness. Quite similar sound to the Aspara HL2 which I auditioned a few years ago. Might be the beginnings of a new direction for me. Alan
  13. liongate

    Frugel3 - A breath of fresh air

    Hi folks It is almost a week since I received Dan's Electric Beach Frugel 3 speakers. They have proved every bit as interesting and rewarding as I had hoped. My Allnic T2000 really gets them going. Terrific clarity, smoothness and pace. With some help from Steve at EB on positioning they now produce more than enough bass (though I did have to turn the room around first). As people say it is astonishing that a single 3" driver can produce such a full range of well balanced sound. I'm really enjoying jazz and vocals (CD particularly) more than what I do with the Avalon Ascendants, which are more suited to classical I think. One consideration is the MIT speaker cables I'm using, the top end is a little harsh. I believe solid core might be a better match, such as those made by Ecosse. Any experience here? Thanks Dan for a smooth transaction and thanks Steve for your insights to date. Cheers Alan