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  1. I used this for a while to link my Primare CD32 to a Primare dac and it performed very well.
  2. That is what I mean, comes up with ‘server not found’. I may have his phone number somewhere. Kegworth seems a long way off at the moment, but who knows.
  3. Yes, it was you, but hey they sounded good to me. I’m trusting my Allnic amp should drive them very well. It is very capable with the Avalons which are not particularly sensitive. I thought about Van Damme cables and I have visited Paul at Evo Audio who is not far from me at Pinchbeck and I think he does them but his web site is not coming up. Has anyone been in touch with him lately? The other cables I was thinking of trying are the Tellurium Black. My reason for the change right now is due to a house move coming up and I know this time around I will have much less flexibility with positioning and they will occupy an area of the lounge which will get more use as a lounge so I will be under pressure to keep everything looking discreet and tidy, hence the W5s.
  4. I took a leap of faith this week and ordered a pair of W5SE speakers with stands! Not something I usually do, that is buy speakers I’ve not listened to but I did hear the W8s at Kegworth this year and immediately thought they were for me. So I shall be saying goodbye to a six year term of listening to Avalons and before that a 12 year term with PMCs. It also means I shall part with my MIT cables which although I’ve been very happy with I would like something lighter weight and less obtrusive for the W5s. Any suggestions? I see Boenicke have introduced some speaker cables but I dare not enquire how much they are lest I am thrown into an apoplectic fit. Has anyone ventured to ask? Not sure what the wait time is as yet but I’m expecting it to be at least a month so plenty of time to garner some tips on placement and users experiences. Cheers Alan
  5. I have a pair of 6m Cable Talk 4.1 with banana plugs both ends if you care to trade those? Alan
  6. Hi Jason Your speaker cables would be handy for me right now but I’d like to sell the digital cable I've just posted, that is unless you would like to swop. Cheers Alan
  7. Analysis Plus Digital Oval Cable. 0.5m. XLR. Good condition. Surplus to requirements. £50 inc postage. All Right then, £40!
  8. The story here is this dining suite was made for me about thirty years ago by a cabinet maker called Christopher Woolcott who around that time had been making high quality replica antiques for a business owned by Hugh Scully of ‘Antiques Road Show’ fame. It is all made from American Cherry and was designed to be faithful to the the traditional Chinese ‘Official Hats Chairs’ of the Ming period. The table is 6 ft 6 ins by 3 ft 6 ins by 29.5 ins high. I am in the process of moving house and unfortunately will not be able to take it with me so I am looking to find a buyer who will give it a good home as I believe Chris Woolcott’s craftsmanship is exceptional. I have attached a couple of photos I took recently, plus one of Chris at the time, circa 1988 and a couple of others that illustrate similar Chinese chairs of a similar type still in use today. It is beautifully made and cost many times the price being asked. Another example you will not find. It will have of course need to be collected from NG31 but inspection is most welcome. The price is £500 o.n.o. More photos available on request. Thanks for looking. Regards Alan
  9. Can now be found on e-bay so price further reduced to £500 o.n.o. Bowens Gemini GM750Pro twin flash lighting system with travel pak battery all packed in transportable case. It has had very little use so is in near mint condition. It belongs to my son who started his professional career as a stills photographer but has now transitioned to being a full time videographer so he has no further use for it. It can be collected from Grantham or by arrangement London. price is £650 o.n.o. Price reduced to £500 o.n.o Please pm for further photos and details