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    Tannoy Owners

    Oh ok. I was really impressed by Montesquieu's HPD 315a in Canterbury cabs done by RFC Paul with Silvercore 833c 20w (it has good grip). So now investigating
  2. bonzo

    Tannoy Owners

    Hi, Who are the Tannoy owners here, and what drivers do you have? Anyone with Black, Silver, Reds? 15 inch Monitor Golds? HPD 385 and 315? etc I have tried searching but too many threads and cannot make out drivers
  3. Yes, the Decca, old and modded by John Wright are excellent. I have compared the London reference to some high end carts and it holds its own. I like the transfiguration but heard it is tough to set up, like the Decca. Also Deccas do best on linear trackers and fidelity research from what I have heard. The SPUs definitely have a huge signature but it is unique to them and fun
  4. The Hana is a very good cartridge but not in this league imo. I highly recommend that and the Art 9 for good value carts, along with SPUs. I think SPUs continue to do what they do well even against higher priced MCs, but Hana and the Art 9 lose out on their attributes, there are other carts albeit at a higher price point which can do those attributes better. As for the Denon, I don't know the expert stylus mod. Anamighty does a variety of mods including completely changing the coils and retaining only the body. Their cart requires a very tough phono as it is only 0.1ish output.
  5. Hi Keith, there is a CB arm built by Audio Union (used on Dohmann etc), and one built by Frank himself. Do you know the provenance of this arm?
  6. Compare notes of: Thrax Phono (17,500 Eur), with Anamighty Sound’s own 4000 Eur Le Phono, and Phasemation EA 5000 (7,000 Eur) STST Motus II (suspended DD, 7000 Euro), PTP Lenco (2800 Eur), Doehmann Helix 2 (24,000 Eur), Technics SP10r in Schick Plinth Schroeder CB and Schick tonearms Allaerts boron mk2 to Finish Gold. Allaerts, Top Wing Red Sparrow, MSL Ultra Eminent, Art 1000
  7. 1. Nottingham Dais – SME 3012 R with Ortofon SPU anniversary 95 and Graham Phantom with Hana SL2. PTP Lenco with Moerch DP8, one wand having the Zyx 4D and the other with Benz LPS3. PTP tweaks4. Stein Carbon Signature mat which I bought after an AB at Munich5. Will follow up with notes of Ortofon SPU a95 vs a85 in another system6. Will follow up with SPU a95 compared on FR 64 and EAT tonearm (replica of Ortofon 309) in a third system7. Will follow up with compare of PTP vs Schopper Thorens 124, in at least one other system Details here
  8. Why did people trade down from the TW Acustic Raven and Verdier to the PTP Lenco? Why did Salvatore use the Nantais Lenco as a reference for years? Why is PTP Art Dudley's favorite TT? My first trip started with a visit to Geneva, where I heard the Nantais Lenco Mk2. This was followed by a trip to rockhopper's, where we did points 1 to 4 below To sum up, I have begun ordering the PTP 12. Details here
  9. bonzo

    Munich lots

    Guys here is a quick write up with poor pics
  10. The same model as now but older version. The nhb 18 ns whatever. They changed something inside and improved it, so there is like mk1, mk2.
  11. Three of us compared the older Dartzeel model to Ypsilon PST 1. It was the equal on the Dartzeel, the Ypsilon edged ahead when we brought in the constellation inspiration. But don't forget Dartzeel has an excellent built in phono. However then we brought in AR ref 10 and it blew both the others much more muscle, soundstage, depth, bass. The external power supply has made it much better than the earlier models. AR always had midrange and the air, but this model has much better separation, muscle, depth, and bass. In SS, other preamps to consider is Dagostino but never compared it.
  12. Thanks guys. A sequel to the above post, excited by the Scintilla I went to listen to the Deuttas again over Easter. I have now chosen the Scintilla over the Duetta and the Diva. So that leaves me with a Scintilla and a horn choice that I will close off in June
  13. The notes go through Listening to Aries Cerat Diana and KR SX Kronzilla on the Odeon Nr. 38 at Christoph’s Listening to the Odeon Nr. 38 with Lamm M1.1 at Christoph’s neighbor, Michael Krell KSA 100 with Apogee Scintilla, heavily modded by Henk at another neighbor, Rolf. Hifi Hood in Liechenstein
  14. I know a couple of SPU a95, new in box, available from EU from a dealer who is closing down. 1400 EUR each, plus post, if anyone wants, PM me
  15. Thanks guys, was just checking if anyone was reading Will let you know when up
  16. Did this trip just before Xmas, and just finished write-up - it focuses on: Gian’s extreme systems TAD Reference with Pass XA and Boulder 2160 Comparisons of Tenor 75 OTL with Spectral 240 and Airtight 211 on Lansche Audio and Magico Mini Kronos Sparta with a 2k Shelter cartridge vs 85k worth of Metronome CD player and Kalista dac Martin Logan CLX with Constellation Ch Precision stack with Montagna Bergmann Sindre with Lyra Atlas and Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement, and compared with a Studer Wilson Alexandria with Viva SET amps and Grand Slamm X1 with Mark Levinson Basis Audio Work of Art, a 200k USD Turntable Back to Yamamuras Back to one of my favorite WE rooms. Well there is much more, like Duntech Sovereign, Wilson Sabrina, Goldinote Systems for small rooms, and Metronome streamer, but let’s start. If you get bored, jump to conclusions and learnings.
  17. Ouch. This is a preamp thread, not power amp. apologies. For SS preamps, Koda if you have a lot of money, or Soulution, else go with Luxman c900. Superb value for money. More compares to be done in this regard, have compared Koda K10 to AR Ref 10, and have to compare Soulution, Spectral, and Boulder at some point. I heard Dartzeel sounding excellent but haven't compared yet. Soulution and Darts a big plus if you also want an integrated SS phono. Phil, to your question, carmel 2s are good for small rooms but lack the body and weight of the Haileys. For small rooms like yours, Wilson Sabrina, Heco Direkt also very good and latter much cheaper
  18. You will find the following amps compared here; Gryphon Mephisto, Luxman m800/900, Viola Symphony, Ypsilon Aelius, Burmester 911/909, Nagra Classic, Vitus and Boulder Best bang for the buck, Luxman m900. If you are a multi millionaire, Vitus class A. I also need to write up on Spectrals at some point.
  19. The best source of information on LFD is Mik from Unique Audio. Google Unique Audio and give him a call.
  20. bonzo

    WANTED Be Yamamura

    It's on my blog
  21. bonzo

    WANTED Be Yamamura

    The Yamamura horns I heard with the whole Yam system form part of the best room in the world. Some Italians have these electronics
  22. Started blogging about my visits. 3 of us got together, will introduce the others shortly. One is a vinyl veteran with 15000 classical LPs including original Decca and EMI Thought of names like Listening Note, Money Pit, The Natural Sound, before settling on Zero Distortion Read on and let me know feedback please, thanks
  23. In your small front to back room with those corners behind the speakers, you really need to be carful about rear ported speakers. Try an in-house audition of the Direkt or do the Verity Leonore, with SET amps they will sing in your space. If you get the direkt you can invest the remaining in analog.
  24. I have heard those before 2 years ago at Windsor, and at Munich, and have heard the big K2 66000 with various amps twice in different rooms, as well as the JBL 4250 (see here I would personally take the WE, Trios with bass horns, Tune Audio Animas and hORNS Universum, The Universum and the JBLs at the show will suit somewhat smaller rooms than the other 3 require. And all are expensive, though JBLs are found more used. A really good JBL I heard was a DIY JBL in Berlin in link below