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  1. Hi All, I'm thinking about moving my music collection onto a NAS drive, and accessing it via a mobile app/web page combination. I've used Volumio before briefly as part of a Raspberry Pi setup, but I have to admit I found it rather clunky. Any tips/suggestions on possible alternatives? Thanks!
  2. I have purchased from Geoff, and it was very straightforward! Lots of communication both ways, he even Skyped me to show me the DAC I bought. Full shipping details were provided, with lots of emails along the way!
  3. What playback software do you use?

    Oops double posted!
  4. Wanted - HRT Streamer DAC

    Hi, Yep that's the one!
  5. What playback software do you use?

    Roon does look nice, but that's a pretty pricey piece of software! I'm happy to pay for stuff, but i'm not keen on the yearly subscription model
  6. I'm currently using a Mac and running iTunes, which is connected to my Rega DAC via USB. I like this solution as iTunes organises and tags my media library for me, has a simple interface and works really well with my iPod shuffles which I use when out and about. Currently with any high resolution files, i'm converting from FLAC to M4A files using XLD (a software re-encoder). I'm wondering if there isn't a better solution out there though, so wondered what them rest of the 'wam used?
  7. After a basic DAC to use with my headphone amp. Not terribly fussed about which revision - anyone got one collecting dust somewhere?
  8. For Sale - Game consoles

    I imagine you'll need a few more details on price and games before people can gauge interest?
  9. Wanted - Headphone Amplifier for HD700s

    PMd you Pete
  10. Wanted - Headphone Amplifier for HD700s

    Hi Pete, Definitely interested, ill have a proper read when i get home and get back to you this evening. Thanks!
  11. Wanted - Headphone Amplifier for HD700s

    Thanks, can't seem to find them new so will keep my eyes open for something second hand. Still looking for something in the £150-200 range!
  12. Wanted - Headphone Amplifier for HD700s

    The other product I've considered is a Teac UD H101. A near ish richer sounds has one for £129. Any opinions on this as an option?
  13. Wanted - Headphone Amplifier for HD700s

    Possibly misterpete, will explore a few avenues first. Really appreciate you looking! JamieMcC: an ifi product is definitely on my radar, I'm just trying to get my head around the different models available. The other two (alas) look out of my reach currently. I paid £240 for the headphones, and felt that an amp that gets the most out of them shouldn't really cost anymore - am I being unrealistic here?
  14. Wanted - Headphone Amplifier for HD700s

    Thanks, ill keep it in mind but i was hoping to spend less than £300
  15. Wanted - Headphone Amplifier for HD700s

    jy3 that looks interesting, will keep an eye out for a second hand one