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  1. JamieMcC

    Inverted poked tweeter dome

    I never tried puckering up my lips but think there would have been a decent chance it would have worked if I had enough suck.
  2. Last year I purchased one of these little 30w Bluetooth amps for my daughters bed room £20 delivered they seem to be sold under a few different names It works a treat. Bluetooth range is limited to only about 20 feet but it syncs easily to a phone and has no problem driving the desk top speakers in her room. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Drok-Mini-Stereo-Audio-Bluetooth-30W-2-Two-Channel-Amplifier-RED-See-descriptio/183585485216?hash=item2abe8c31a0:g:JUAAAOSwj5BcE7hZ:rk:21:pf:0
  3. JamieMcC

    Inverted poked tweeter dome

    I had been wracking my brains how to tackle a inverted dome of one of my Vifa h26tg35-06A tweeters after my three year old decided to poke it with her Barbie dolls legs. Yesterday I had an idea and today I tried it out and it worked a treat. I used a vacuum pump and a bit of clear pvc pipe (you need clear pipe to see what is going on as you start to suck). By varying the vacuum (putting a kink in the pvc pipe) I was able to suck onto the dome and pull it back out. What a result
  4. JamieMcC

    Headphone upgrade To Match Rega.

    The Meze 99's are very nice headphones I liked them a lot and also the Audioquest Nighthawks. The Nighthawks and the Meze 99 I thought were both let down by their bass which I found after while was a bit flabby its not one of those things you notice at first as its actually not bad but after a while and its starts to bug a bit and I never found this with the Oppo PM3 They are all very nice sounding headphones phones that are easily driven and sound great out of a phone or a high end headphone amp you really cant go wrong with any of them imho but the Oppo would be my pick after owning all three of them its the one I have kept.
  5. JamieMcC

    Headphone upgrade To Match Rega.

    Oppo PM 3 are a easy recommendation I preferred them considerably over the Mez 99 classics. New they are a little lover your budget but you should be able to pick up a open box pair for your budget there is a used pair on ebay for £215 at the mo..
  6. JamieMcC

    Advice on AMP DAC for HD650 Cans

    I noticed this listing in the classified section
  7. JamieMcC

    Speaker cloth alternatives

    All sorted now I popping into the local Dunelm store this morning and found some back leatherette material which will be ok for my speaker fronts and some black netting for covers all for £12.50 These are only intended to be temporary coverings to give the open baffles a bit more WAF appeal in stead of having some big slabs of mdf in the lounge and the fine mesh netting looks ideal as a cover for keeping little fingers out while not effecting the sound.
  8. JamieMcC

    Wanted Thorens 150 plinth

    Hi have emailed you some pics
  9. JamieMcC

    Wanted Thorens 150 plinth

    Hi John yes will post a pic there tomorrow I have also have a face plate from a td150 that I can place on the plinth which will might be helpful for scale.
  10. JamieMcC

    Wanted Thorens 150 plinth

    I have a solid Zebrano wood plinth which I had my TD160 in. I put the td160 back in its original plinth when I sold it last year I think the depth of the td150 and the td160 top plate is the same just the 160 is a little bit wider. Its a nice plinth which would be straight forward to put the 150 in you would need to screw a couple of rails on the inside to support the td150 base and make a slightly larger arm board to take up the gap at that end. I can take a pic tomorrow. I would be after £80 including postage which I would expect will be around £20 for Parcelforce 48
  11. JamieMcC

    Rolling power amp input valves - is it worth it?

    As the Transcendent Sound Pinnacle is a OTL amp (output transformer less) the valves and quality of the coupling capacitors will have more impact on sonics. Do try different 12au7's I always thought the Tungsol JTL were good value but their are loads out there with well documented characteristics. You should also be able to use 6sn7 (with a adapter) and probably even E80cc (but would need to check with the manufacture first as to compatible tube alternatives).
  12. As long as you can get a digital signal to a dac in the bedroom from your main server over your network and have the ability to control content remotely via tablet or phone with the addition of some active speakers hardwire or wireless and I think you would be good to go. I use a Marantz NA7004 and a apple tv in one of our bedrooms the wife and kids all have tablets or phones and its easy for all to use iTunes over airplay on their devices or catch up tv net flicks ect. Can be done pretty inexpensively if not for critical listening. I've been using the Marantz NA7004 as my bedroom dac for around five years . But have been toying with the idea of upgrading to a Marantz na-11s1 and active speakers recently.
  13. JamieMcC

    Dieter up my turntable!

    fwiw I am in the building trade (over 30 years) and purchased one of these little palm routers last year from what I can gather they are made using Makita old model tooling but are a third of the price without the Makita branding. From what I have read parts are interchangeable between them. I was really pretty impress with it and use it a lot as its often much more handy than the larger Bosch and Dewalt routers I also have.. Its easily up to doing the above sort of work if you take it steady. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Electric-Hand-Trimmer-Palm-Router-Laminate-Trimmer-Wood-working-Joiners-w-Guide/352539955632?hash=item521504d1b0:g:pYEAAOSwwKxb5ebP:rk:6:pf:1&frcectupt=true
  14. I see the price of used chord mojo's are coming down looking at the ebay sold listings some are going in the £255 - £275 range. Edit, not to far over your budget.