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  1. JamieMcC


    If workers rights are down to the EU then the British unions have been superfluous for the last 40 odd years perhaps I should get a refund on some of my subs. Ensuring workers rights is the ongoing work of the unions, governing boards and sitting members of parliament the highest standards should be fought for tooth and nail. It should make absolutely no difference if we are in the EU or not in the EU for this to take place . To even suggest MP's (from across all parties) would allow a regression and "Singapore of Thames" could be considered a insult to their integrity (the few who have any left) and a dereliction of duty to their constituents. For Corbyn to use it as an headline excuse for not supporting the deal seems nothing but obfuscation for his own political ambitions and not in anyway in the interest of the country and the outcome of a democratic vote.
  2. JamieMcC


    Incredible isn't it how the labour leader can comment on live TV that the deal was worse than Mays and a race to the bottom with regard to workers rights and environmental protections. A full 26mins before the deal was published. UK probably has some of the best workers rights and environmental protections in the world ffs talk about being disconnected from reality.
  3. Its fine for general listening the 3.5 to RCA is not uncommon, Bluesound for instance use a Combo - TOSLINK / 3.5mm on their current Node and Powernode dedicated streamers which is the same type of connection as found on the CCA. As mentioned above the 3.5mm trs socket is duel use so can also be used for analogue via rca or digital Optical output so you can stream digital to pretty much anything with a digital optical input which is pretty much most modern dacs, AV receivers, dvd Bluray player etc. For a cost of under £30 you get essentially a very simple to set up device that works with a number of platforms can be remotely controlled via an app on pc or phone. The CCA also works as a Roon endpoint which is very handy if your a Roon user. Essentially it boils down to finding out what the options are that work with what ever platform your own music is stored on or the on demand based platforms you wish to access Spotify, Amazon, Tidal etc and making sure what ever option your considering is compatible.
  4. If you don't have a spare Aux input I am pretty sure using a tape input would be fine.
  5. Have a look at the Chromecast Audio it might offer a very inexpensive option depending on what you intend streaming content from you would use a 3.5 jack to 2xrca for input to connect it up to one of the spare inputs on the back or your amplifier. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Google-Chromecast-Audio-Media-music-WIFI-Wireless-Streamer-IOS-Android-New-Uk/372515750552?epid=242693997&hash=item56bbab4298:g:IRwAAOSwTEZb~Vh~ Plenty of videos on youtube on setting up
  6. Any more news on this are pcb's available is there a build manual?
  7. Looks more Captain Scarlet or even Space 1999
  8. Here's a thinking out of the box option. Chord Mojo (£299 amazon) direct into Klipsch rp600 (£449 ebay) assorted cables (£100). Multi award winning Mojo dac price recently discounted from £399 to £299 No separate amplifier required to mess up your signal and add distortion your getting your amplification straight off of the analogue stage of the DAC in the Mojo. Klipsch RP-600M, Klipsh's reference stand mount. Mojo takes up hardly any room (size of a pack of cards). Well under budget If you cant hard wire to mojo direct via usb use ChromeCast Audio optical (£22 ebay) and stream also enables remote control of volume tunes via phone/pc app. Edit could use second 3.5 trs out on the mojo to pre owned active sub given spare change left.
  9. It baffles me that anyone looking for a record cleaning machine is considering anything else rather than going ultrasonic its simple gives outstanding results. I don't know how much the Velvet Vortex costs but if its less than the ones mentioned above its very much a no brainer. Its also very possible to diy something up for not much more than £100 and that's including the ultrasonic tank as well!
  10. Just for the sake of curiosity this evening I've been using my Mojo as both dac and amp to directly drive my 100dB 12" open baffle speakers its been surprisingly good. For only £299 wowzers.
  11. There is also a compactron equivalent the 6FJ7 which is used in the latest version of the Sex amp. Sound is said to be identical to the 6dn7 . Its a beguiling little amp with the right speakers.
  12. Not yet I will probably have forgotten about ordering it by the time it does so will be a nice surprise.
  13. Valves are 6DN7 Amp is a Bottlehead Sex with a few extra mods
  14. 2W Sets amp + 100db 12" speakers + Classic FM streaming. Working from home does have its benefits. Had to close the curtains to capture the glow.