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  1. I'm just setting up to explore Roon myself only yesterday I installed Roon Rock on a Intel Nuc just have a couple of bios settings to configure and add some codex and it should be fully up and running. Looking forward to giving it a try.
  2. I can see applications where the OP origional post maybe an advantage for some folk with particular requirements but cant help think it a bit nonsensical to go to all the per lava for a newbie configuring a Pi running the SharePort AirPlay emulator when you can pick up 3rd gen apple tv with proper airplay that roon recognises as a end point and comes with codecs that support a wide range of audio and video formats for £40 and have the real deal plus all the additional features the apple tv gives in a plug and play device. If not a roon user you still have usb and optical out which can be fed to a to dac for networking using airplay or casting apps.
  3. Are any of you guys with the Naim Nova or Star using them as end roon points, I was hoping to confirm if they will wake from sleep/standby when selected remotely via the roon app?
  4. If you have not done so I would highly recommend spending some time browsing The website its a great place both for perusing you will find may different and innovative methods of construction used in the builders response section to achieve curved surfaces if you hunt around . . It seems to me that many speakers are lined with acoustic damping which negates any sonic impact from the choice of construction material used be it wood, mdf, plywood or composite (moulded) etc. Teak is a superb hard wood its dense hardwearing and highly impervious to rot, I have use it many times both for internal and exterior joinery in shipbuilding. Teak does however have some significant draw backs . Firstly it is very expensive but it is also not particularly easy to work with, its hardness makes it difficult to finish particularly if against the grain and the natural oils in the wood which make it impervious to rot also mean it is significantly more difficult to achieve a good and lasting glue bond something that is particularly relevant to your proposed build method as many glues even some epoxies just wont work on oily tropical hardwoods. Teak dust is also pretty toxic stuff and an irritant that's capable of causing significant allergic reactions to some people both respiratory and to exposed skin, swelling around face and eyes and blistering of skin is not uncommon I have seen such reactions first hand a number of times. Teak splinters also fester easily even weeks after its removed the surrounding area can be inflamed and sensitive. Don't want to put you off teak but if its the look your after I would give some serious consideration to constructing with cnc mdf panels and then covering with a veneer of your choice. I will probably use bamboo plywood again for my next speaker build its stable, nice to work with and can be finished easily to give a decent appearance.
  5. Another of Gregs restorations, google "STS turntable" and check out his amazing TD 124 builds or the "Classic Vintage Turntables" facebook group. I have made some custom parts for him in the past definitely one of the most most knowledgeable guys about when it come to restoring these sought after classic TTs.
  6. The first time I road my bike into work when I came to go home I found a wide load trailer board from our arctic truck attached to the back of my bike lol. I had my revenge by removing the seat stem of my mates bike and slowly adding a bit of lead shot every week
  7. I noticed Sevenoaks sound and vision has a bunch of Naim streamers in its clearance section including the Nova Star and Atom. fwiw the £2500 open box clearance item I purchased from them last year arrived new and all sealed up in its factory wrapping. Nova is listed as £3199
  8. I have a sony tv and use the tv remote to control my ps3 Display is only when connected to a monitor. There are some phone apps available for the ps3 which allow you to control the ps3 via your phone I haven't used them myself maybe they would show the screen info on the phone if you were not connected to a monitor. Be handy if so but I do not know if they do or don't.
  9. What about a PlayStation 3 you can pick up used/serviced ones up from the likes of music magpie for around £50 it will do cd, sacd, bluray, catch up tv iplayer, amazon etc and you can even play the odd game if you so desire. Its has a good reputation for its dvd/bluray abilities also has wifi built.
  10. Last month I switched routers from a 9 year old single band to a new duel band Arris router and now can get solid high speed wifi coverage upstairs where before I had to use the mainline adapter to avoid buffering. Currently have a 100Mb connection via fibre which should increase 152Mb later this year when there is a cable upgrade to my local box. Phone (free evening and week end calls) and 100Mb internet speed is £37 a month.
  11. Have a look at the Bottlehead Sex amplifier I have noticed quiet a few LCD owners say its a great pairing. I have the amp myself and found it excellent with T1 and HD800 but have not heard it with the LCD personally. Give a poster on the wham called Moriez a pm I am pretty sure he has used the Sex amp with quiet a few of the different headphones in Audezes LCD range. He is always trying out different amps as well so probably will be able to give you some first hand suggestions.
  12. Solid bit of kit the TD125 I have a SME 3009 on mine a classic combo that never fails to impress. I had the new Springsteen LP "Western Stars" arrive the weekend its been pretty hot in the house but I think I might just fire up the valve amps make myself a G&T chill out and have a first listen. GLWS
  13. Had a search round a few of the Hatton Garden jewellers websites found a few possible options prices look competitive compared to in the local high street.
  14. Funnily enough I will be in Amsterdam Monday next week not sure if I will have time to shop though