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  1. [2019] Miles Davis ‎– Rubberband [TIDAL]
  2. [1995] Yello ‎– Hands On Yello [TIDAL]
  3. [2019] No-Man - Love You to Bits [TIDAL Master]
  4. [1996] Yello ‎– Pocket Universe [TIDAL]
  5. [1980] Mike Oldfield ‎– QE2 [24/44 HDCD flac]
  6. Thanks Barry... the phono stage is American, so size is everything
  7. I see what you mean Jon, but colour doesn’t matter to me, it’s how it sounds and the functionality it brings and as you know, it’s a winner on both counts 😄
  8. [2002] Patricia Barber - Verse [flac]
  9. I'm sat on the naughty step John... listening to the music of course... not sure we're in Vida territory just yet, but anywhere remotely close will suffice... at least that's what my bank manager tells me
  10. Message to myself, if you sell something, bank the cash before you get the urge to splash it on more kit... I’ve now added an Audio Research PH5 tube phone stage and a Cambridge Audio CXN v2 streamer... 😮👍
  11. [1975] Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here [A1/B3 LP]