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  1. [2015] Bambounou ‎– Centrum [2 x LP]
  2. I'll report back David... listening to some vinyl at the mo
  3. I thought that'd pique your interest Ian it was being spun up at the The Book and Record Bar In West Norwood when I visited on Saturday, so always the one to try something new, I thought I'd have a dabble ...and now for something completely different... [1992] Various Artists ‎– Artificial Intelligence [LP]
  4. ...and a reasonably nice clear interface on wy Win10 Music server...
  5. For 90 days free, its got to be worth a dabble... and I'm no fan of streaming services either...
  6. [1983] Malcolm McLaren ‎– Duck Rock [LP]
  7. Many thanks Mark... PM replied and SOLD subject to payment
  8. ...and bump again with serious offers for single items or all three welcome
  9. And another bump and reduced to £65 collected
  10. Grey & drizzly Monday bump and reduced to £40 delivered UK mainland
  11. [1975] James Brown ‎– Sex Machine Today [flac]
  12. Done a bit of digging, the plinth link in my previous thread doesn't work any more but I think that the seller Design & Sound in Hungary can be found here under the DASacustic moniker