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  1. Watching 2001 for the umpteenth time, on 4K...
  2. [1971] Yes ‎– The Yes Album [flac]
  3. Of course... I've got a damn big bruise on my knee now as a result of not being able to see where I was going
  4. Oh goody... a mains thread where 90% of the opinion will be from those who haven't tried it and 1% will want blindfolds at dawn... I wonder if one of the 9% who've actually done this can pipe in with their experiences? NB: The percentages quoted are for effect only and no online papers or thesis were harmed in their extraction
  5. [2008] The Orb ‎– The BBC Sessions 1989-2001 [2 x CD]
  6. This acoustic version sounds fab and the album its taken from very interesting... albeit an expanded special edition of his 2017 album Monochrome... https://kscopemusic.com/artists/daniel-cavanagh
  7. [1968] The Doors - Waiting For The Sun [flac]