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  1. Eddieedwards

    Audiophysics owners

    I don’t think they necessarily are! Tbh, when speaker hunting, id written off AP, until I heard the codex. They seem fuller bodied than others in their range.
  2. Eddieedwards

    Wanted or swap - Living voice interconnect

    I have a pair. I’ve tried to attach an image to make sure they’re what you’re looking for and so that you can check with Kevin (as I did).
  3. Eddieedwards

    Amp For Triangle Magellan Speakers - Synergy Required!

    You could also speak to Garry at audio emotion... him and Mark at Elite are a great help and very fair on trade in (if it comes to that). I auditioned some cellos at AE with my T+A amp and also found they lacked “weight” and, at the time, sounded a little more sparse than I was expecting. This could be a trait of the speaker (though my amp is neutral). After saying that, I’ve gone full circle and realised that “weight”, to me, often meant colouration and loss of speed and detail.
  4. Eddieedwards

    SME 309 and similar arms

    Years ago I bought a 401 and a 3009 and wanted to know about different older arms, so I contacted SME who, as I remember, where very helpful. Perhaps give them a bell.
  5. Eddieedwards

    What are you listening to right now?

    Bonobo, migration
  6. Have you tried audio physic magnetic feet? I have these under my codex now, but haven’t directly compared vs spikes yet!
  7. Eddieedwards

    Audiophysics owners

    Thanks for your replies. I was tempted to try and seek out the A3, but it’s such a dull looker for that kind of money, though the specs suggest they will go lower. I had heard from speaking to people that they would probably be a little less refined that the S1 as a trade off. I loved the magico, but can’t help feel that they’re overpriced (excellent though they are). The Codex have no apparent weakness or problem, to my ears (they all start out that way though!). I would say they sound quite different to the Avantera that I heard some months ago though, which I found relatively lean. It’s been several months since hearing the Avantera, but these Codex seem more fleshed out. Aural memory is tricky, so I may be wrong.
  8. Eddieedwards

    Audiophysics owners

    Hi Phil, i didn't respond on the other thread as it would've hijacked it. In summary, the Magico S1 and the Codex have some similarities to me. Both are pretty neutral, with lovely top and bottom ends with very nice fast paced bass. Rightly or wrongly, I felt that, the S1 was perhaps a glimpse of the real Magico sound and that their real speakers start with the S3 and that I'd be hankering after them before I'd even bought the S1. I felt that the bottom end on the S1 was compromised in that what was there was absloutely lovely, but they didn't go deep enough when needed. In summary, the Codex seemed to do wha the S1s did, plus deep bass when needed (as per the specs). I would say the S1 pipped Codex on top end though and was more rhythmic and pacy perhaps. There really wasn't much in it in terms of my preference. The Vivids, in comparison, sounded quite coloured and a little distant in their presentation - they were excellent for certain types of music and played nicely at low volumes when the kids were in bed. My main gripe was their over powering bass when they were louder. I felt they were moving too much air and it was surpressing everything else - they need space around them IMO. The bass also lacked control (and I wouldn't blame my amp) - it was as if they were trying to sound bigger than they are, if you know what i mean.
  9. Eddieedwards


    The finalists were Audio Physic Codex, Vivid Audio B1 and Magico S1. I will be ordering some Audio Physic.
  10. Eddieedwards


    I've just come to the end of a long speaker hunt, trying to buy used/ exdemo. It has been hard work, involving me lugging around 70kg of amp and streamer and driving many hundreds of miles between Derbyshire and Fife, Suffolk, London, Essex, Norfolk and more, several times. I have always only listened to items that I intended to buy at that place, so as to not mess anyone around by using them to listen to new stuff that could be bought ex demo elsewhere. After listiening to many, I got together a shortlist of 3 and got them in my room at home - if a dealer wasn't prepared to allow that, then they were discounted. I think that's the only way to do it really.
  11. Eddieedwards

    Audiophysics owners

    Well, after a loooong speaker hunt, I think I’ll be joining the audio physic club. I’ve had a lovely pair of codex here and they saw off my other “finalists” from magico and vivid. The next step for me is some speaker cable. I’m not 100% believer in cables making much difference, but having worked so hard to get to where I’m at, I want to make sure I explore options and be open minded. In your experiences, what cables work well with AP? My other boxes are T+A HV series. Thanks.
  12. Eddieedwards


    Yes, a nice used pair with m coat burnt orange finish. They look great! The spec shows the A3 to dig a fair bit deeper, though I don't feel these S1 really need more bass tbh. Their fast precise bass is one of their main attributes, but I did also hear the S3 mk1, which was incredible. Thanks for the link!
  13. Eddieedwards


    I might be joining the club, currently home demo-ing some S1 mk1 and have narrowed my long hunt down to Magico, Vivid Audio or Audio Physic. My word, what a speaker this Magico is. How can it do this with one relatively small driver?! It is so detailed, coherent, composed, fast, deep and never tiring. For me, this is next level stuff and i might finally be getting "there"! Has anyone managed to compare S1 mk1 to mk 2, or either to the new A3?
  14. All sorted. I've joined the T+A (not that kind!) club..... Seemingly alone!
  15. Is anyone looking to leave the Vitus club? Let me know if so, as I'm currently looking to move to a SS integrated. I've demmed musical fidelity and T+A amps and would like to have a look at the RI 100 if there are any about.