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  1. Primare posse

    Good morning Primare Posse, this is available on PFM, very good by all accounts! The seller is a member on here too.
  2. Living Voice alternatives....maybe

    I agree about the amp combination. In my set up the LV's even sounded good with a fairly powerful solid state AV amp when my monos were out of action. A couple of years ago I had them paired with a Border Patrol push pull 300B amp & they sounded superb.... But I felt the 300b valves didn't quite grip the bass enough. Maybe a mistake as it was probably my room 😱 I now use Graaf mono's using 6C33C valves which certainly grip the low end & produce plenty of oomph via over 40W per channel. They also produce a £u<k1n high electricity bill! I don't really listen to classical, jazz, drum 'n' bass but nearly everything else. Maybe the 'Jack of all trades' LV's suite me because they cover most bases very well. The avantgardes are certainly interesting but certainly expensive. I'm afraid I think I'm gonna let you do the investigation first hairyderrière 😜 Equally the upgrade to RW or R3 is expensive. I've been quoted £3.5K to upgrade my R2's. In material terms .. ridiculous. So as it stands I'm on the lookout for 2nd hand versions. Unless ........ Someone has a better plan!
  3. Living Voice alternatives....maybe

    Thanks for the further contributions gentleman. All points are noted. Because I have been a LV listener for 20 years I am obviously a fan, but hopefully not a fan who is musically blind. I am quite happily prepared to listen to other speakers. I totally agree that there are designs that are better at one thing or another but I have never felt that music heard through the LV's has been disappointing. I've certainly felt that hearing others..... Superb one track, shit a few tracks later.
  4. Living Voice alternatives....maybe

    Any ideas Nick? ....... & you can't say 'classic 200' 😉 As my R2's are an older version, Kevin was certain I'd get decent improvement going up to the R3 but he would say that heh? Mind you, I know that you took the plunge in upgrading. Cheers
  5. Living Voice alternatives....maybe

    Thanks for the reply Richard. Interesting thoughts on the soundstage. As you say, with the correct positioning of a pair of RW's I'm hoping to achieve the same width as the R2's (which I've enjoyed a lot) but maybe a bit more top end sparkle. It seems that maybe the latest model of the RW is too expensive, unless someone can see me right. Therefore I'm looking at earlier versions or the latest IBX/OBX R3. Could anyone give an opinion on which would give me the biggest upgrade in sound? Cheers
  6. Living Voice alternatives....maybe

    Thanks for the input gents. Sorry Nick, by 'Silver wiring' I actually meant the Kondo or equivalent. I know your thoughts on the Avatars but I think I'm going to push down the OBX/IBX R3 route or RW if available. The S9's do look interesting & I might get a chance to listen to a pair. Im afraid the Spendor 200 seems a tad pricey for me TheFlash, maybe post lottery win eh? I didn't know about that Legacy range hairyderrière so thanks for that. I do like the look of em compared to the classic older stuff. Let me know how you go on.
  7. Living Voice alternatives....maybe

    Resurrecting this thread from a few months ago. I've tried the hOrns Mummy which at first seemed very good, but eventually bugged me as the bass seemed very 'ploddy'. Together with the very sharp uppers gave the impression that the lower mids felt sucked out & lacked drive. Moved on to Verity Rienzi's, superb but I couldn't get the bass to work in my room. I know it's my 1st floor flat causing the issues, Damn. Although my LV's are rear ported they still work better in the room than the above. It seems likely that I will push on down the LV route as proof is in the pudding as they say. To keep costs down maybe an upgrade to R3 rather than RW would be OK as I'm not sure that silver wiring is more beneficial than the improved tweeter. Any advice welcome. In addition, bring on any further recommendations with regards to LV alternatives. I am aware of the Heco Direkt cult😉 Cheers
  8. The Open at Royal Birkdale

    During a coaching lesson, my local club pro informed me that I 'was standing too close to the ball on the tee shot' 'Will I get more accuracy' I enquired He replied 'yeh maybe, but I meant AFTER you've hit it'
  9. verity parsival ovation

    Look a tad 'used' though
  10. What is your favourite track of all time?

    Bislett stadium, Oslo
  11. Hi Phil, hope you don't mind the PM.

    Following a bit of research I discovered you owned a pair of Ruark Equinox speakers. Do you still use them?

    Would you so kind as to give me your impressions of them? Their traits, ideal placement etc Do they have a tendency to favour certain music? 

    In fact any info would be greatly appreciated

    kind regards Richard.

  12. Blown speaker

    Cheers Greybeard, I had seen that. Yeh I was a bit shocked to see the car bit! I do know that the MW-180 had the suffix -SF as Sonus Faber had them tweeked by angels to get the sound perfecti have seen an original one for sale but the guys asking $500! Thanks Graeme, I have removed the driver (carefully) to see what type so I'll have a closer look at the wiring/coils.
  13. Blown speaker

    I've tried contacting Wembley but their phone number (020 8743 4567) seems 'dead' & no response from email. Are they still trading? I do know the driver I need is a Dynaudio MW-180 so if anyone has one I'd love to hear from you. I know there is one available in the U.S. But it's pretty pricey.
  14. SALE Living voice OBX R2

    I can't see the bit where the OP won't demonstrate but can see that he has the Hitachi cables to wire them up. He might have sold the rest of his system though. A location would be helpful. Previous prices on this forum have been ridiculously low in the past, look at 2nd hand LV prices elsewhere & compare. If you still feel they're expensive check out new prices 😱. I will be selling mine in the future & will be asking at least the same amount, I think it's a fair asking price. Biased of course. Good luck with the sale.
  15. sjs electroacoustics

    I'm an Arcadia 2 pre user ... Superb. Equally impressive is Simons' help & communication with any queries I've had. The re-assurance is invaluable.