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  1. Thanks for that, will get in touch, although I thught Tube Tech had ceased trading a while ago now? Since diagnosing a firmware fault in the Eprom - which may still be the case - I have found and repaired the fault with the digital noise on the right channel. Just the crackling on the right channel with a 44kHz input, and a total fail on both channels with a 48kHz input, to fix. Thanks, Andy
  2. Hello good people, I've a TT Dac 64 here, it has the three push-buttons on the front with the single knob. Unfortunately, the Eprom (firmware) has become corrupt and needs to be refreshed. Please can anyone help me with either a new Eprom, or an file copy of the Eprom? I've a prom programmer so can copy an existing Eprom or load up the file. Here's hoping.... I've modified the analogue board which has resulted in greater transparancy, improved dynamics and soundstage, allied with deeper, more controlled bass. Drop in a pair of Phillips 6922 valves and this is one heck of a DAC. Coupled up to an Apogee Big Ben and 192kHz SPDIF PCM working brilliantly too. Be fantastic if anyone can help as I so want to keep it up and running, all help appreciated. Thanks, Andy