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  1. hi all, Would be grateful for any insight as to what may be the problem. I was playing a record when I lifted the stylus off the record, then heard a pop and some crackles. I thought Nothing of it, put a new record on, and no sound. Tried all the obvious checking of cables and connections but couldn't find any problem. The cartridge and stylus seem intact and undamaged and the preamp, amp and speakers are definitely ok. The lights on the phono front panel are still on incidently. when brushing the stylus with a brush there is no sound coming from speakers. As luck would have it, I was planning on buying a new phono next week anyway, my biggest fear is that there is a stylus, cartridge problem My system is as follows: Clearaudio avantgarde Lyra delos Clearaudio basic plus Pass labs xp 10 Gamut d200mk3 Wilson benesch trinity Thanking you in advance SD