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  1. And for when you want proper bass from stand mounts.
  2. Triode output valves are non-linear with massive waveform distortion at anything other than very low power outputs and push pull amplifiers don't reduce quality. Apart from that, spot on!
  3. Do class D amplifiers generally sound worse than AB? Unless they do, then switching noise isn't a problem, and nor is your fantasy RFI.
  4. Sales bullshit for subjectivists to believe so they buy the product.
  5. One important point. If any amplifier is picking up wifi or whatever the noise is very apparent with nothing playing. No noise and you don't have a problem.
  6. Not so. A placebo effect, which is what we are discussing here, is very price dependent. Too cheap and nobody will believe it, bling it up and charge a high price and the gullible punters will buy a shitload.
  7. The religious are always trying to silence the non-religious, especially if the evangelizing turns a hefty profit.
  8. Why would it be deleted and in what way is it inappropriate?
  9. I have a question. Why are your cables so expensive?
  10. My new anti RFI device. You simply pay a lot of money for it and it removes all RFI anxiety.
  11. You win, because I no longer have the right of reply.
  12. This discussion is essentially a religious one. A belief that something is a problem when in reality it isn't even likely.