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  1. Muckplaster

    Your Brexit song

  2. Muckplaster

    Decent quality (but non-audiophile) 0.5m mains cables

    Literally any cable will perform identically providing it connects the thing to the mains. Amazon is pretty safe to buy from.
  3. Muckplaster

    measurements - do they really matter that much ?

    Why not use DSP to fix a room? Have you ever tried it? My antimode made a huge improvement to the bass I get on my sub.
  4. Muckplaster

    Advantages and disadvantages of pre/power over intigrated

    There is no disadvantage in integrated ampliers over a separate pre power, expecially when you consider the fact that no preamp is needed unless you play records.
  5. Muckplaster

    isotek isoplug

    It appears that you have no clue. Ah well.
  6. Muckplaster

    isotek isoplug

    That's because a modern hair dryer on the low setting has a series diode to drop the power. It then causes the mains waveform distortion.
  7. Muckplaster

    isotek isoplug

    Never buy cheap chargers or PSUs with unknown branding, especially from Ebay. They could well kill you. Bearing in mind that all power supplies even in budget amplifiers have very good mains filtering (they would hum if not) how do you think RFI gets into them enough to add distortion and cause a drop in actual sound quality? It doesn't ever, although it might raise the background noise. The only way is direct radiation, and that is something all the mains filtering stuff in the world cannot prevent. Not that it's ever a problem unless you are using a high gain phono stage.
  8. Muckplaster

    isotek isoplug

    It's unlikely to damage anything, but a mechanical hum from a transformer is very irritating.
  9. Muckplaster

    Dedicated HiFi circuit design

    There's no point in silver cabling, just use thicker copper if you are obsessed with resistance.
  10. Muckplaster

    Dedicated HiFi circuit design

    The cable make makes no difference to performance as long as the connection is made with appropriate cable.
  11. Muckplaster

    Dedicated HiFi circuit design

    A 5A circuit will power a 1kW amplifier. How much power does yours have? Ring circuits are to save copper. They double the current carrying capacity of the cable used. There are no disadvantages of a ring circuit and we are also fortunate that our mains plugs are so well designed. The best in the world in fact.
  12. Muckplaster

    isotek isoplug

    I can't see a mechanism for the mains quality to affect sound quality unless the gear you're using is inadequate for the purpose. You are listening to an amplifier running on smooth filtered DC, not directly by the waveform and the RFI of the mains. OK, so a DC offset will saturate a toroid and make it buzz, but that is easily corrected with a DC blocker.
  13. Muckplaster

    Speaker terminal question

    What do you wire with?
  14. Muckplaster

    Speaker terminal question

    Oh go on, keep going. It's most amusing. :O)
  15. Muckplaster

    Speaker terminal question

    To be fair English may not be his first language. :O)