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  1. Can offer an even £100..to include delivery
  2. hey there, Never had to partition hard drive and can see all 3.5 tb's of music using Volumio. Over the years I found Max2play unable to manage such a large number of albums/tracks, either some not showing up or being very very slow to scroll through etc. meanwhile, Volumio has been a dream. Cannot say noticed any difference in sound though.
  3. Good write up and very helpful. I have tried max2play (and predecessor) a few times over the years but always had difficulty with it managing larger library. Like you I have HD attached to Pi and use as server/player. Have always found max2play struggle with larger hard drive (currently 4tb drive with 11500 albums@ 120k tracks). I used Runeaudio for a while which managed (mostly), but for last year or so have been happy with Volumio. Manages the larger numbers much better.
  4. Surely you all forgot the 10% original poster tax? Finders fee
  5. Large auction of new and demo stuff in Nottingham. Wish I was nearer as would pick a few bits up.....Some very good stuff here: https://auctions.eddisons.com/auctions/7048/eddiso10447?page=3&pageSize=60
  6. I previously was an LMS user, but found it struggled to index larger music collection (around 3.5 tb worth at the minute). I have portable 4tb drive attached to RasPi and use Runeaudio as server and player into external dac. RuneAudio is free too, so maybe give it a try if you fancy.
  7. Are you sure about that 4tb drive requiring partitions? I have a 4tb portable attached to Rasp Pi and have full access to all albums. I use RuneAudio, maybe that helps?
  8. I too have used Rasp Pi for many years and tried variety of options. Currently, I prefer RuneAudio, which I am sure will run easily on your Metrum. Maybe give it a try, just stick it on your sd card and away you go. http://www.runeaudio.com/download/
  9. If wary of the installation, just ask here. many of us use Pi as server or streamer or both and would be happy to help. As bencat says, it is very easy to set up a Pi. There are many software's available and all you have to do is stick one on an micro sd and bob's your uncle.
  10. Just a thought, my Rasp Pi with RuneAudio does most of this. Provides background information on artist being played, often lyrics to the song being played, and identifies other artists/albums which are similar that may be of interest. I use the Pi as server and player (via dac), with 4tb attached. Rune also has radio stations etc should you want this.
  11. hello folks, Can I just clarify something. If you plug a wd 3tb hard drive into Bluesound Node 2 can you use it the same as if streaming from Nas? Does the app work with album covers, search etc? Also, can you add 2 hard drives? Or larger than 3tb? many thanks
  12. Cheers Dave, Just got round to trying the max2play version you mentioned but no luck. My Wolfson is attached to an old Pi (1st version I believe). Cannot get it to network. Have tried both usb dongle and hard wired ethernet without luck. pi powers up fine. Not sure if it is a faulty Pi or software related not connecting to network/wifi etc. Not too bothered as this was an old thing...Have been running my Pi 3 and Digi+ for ages without a hitch. cheers for your advice/help anyway.
  13. Hi thanks for detailed info. I too have the Wolfson pre Cirrus card and am wondering when you say Max2play works,; can you confirm it is this the latest version of max2play? I am happy to edit config files etc but have tried max2play before without success. cheers and well done for getting yours up and running.