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  1. Just bought these of a fellow wammer. Everything I wanted and more. They are utterly brilliant. Best Christmas present ever, and delivered in person by an absolute gentleman. I'm absolutely delighted.
  2. Hi Id be interested in these maybe. Where are they if you don't mind me asking, and roughly how heavy?
  3. I was at the birth of all of mine. We have a lovely loving close family, but the birth? Meh. I found it all a bit overhyped. You know exactly what to expect, and that happens. There are no singing angels, just four years of hard labour ahead (no pun intended) and I adore my wife and children. - - - Updated - - - Each to his own. Some of the venom on here is misplaced. We have also lost one little one.
  4. Mine arrived yesterday. They sent the telly one by accident. Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh. I've had everything set up and ready to go. WiFi booster in and working. Bummer.
  5. Have superfast fibreoptic ( insert inverted commas where appropriate), but it's not too bad usually. I'm thick as mince so I'll post how I get on.
  6. [ATTACH]13250[/ATTACH]
  7. It's the grit in the winter. It kills them. I used get through a chainset a year. I keep my roadies pristine but do zero maintenance on my commuter as the worse the weather the more tired and wet I am and the less I want to do anything at all. My commute is pretty hilly and it's still a great solution. I absolutely love it.
  8. Is there anything that can add Bluetooth to an existing unit? I have two lovely cars which I don't want to interfere with, other than adding Bluetooth if possible??
  9. I do a fewthousand miles a year commuting on the bike, so my views are a bit skewed, but I would seriously look at a single-speed bike as bar oiling the chain once in a while, there is basically no maintenence. I have a steel framed Kona paddywaggon with schwalbe marathon plus tyres (I get a p@@@@:ture about every 10k miles or so on these), and mudguards. As an aside, I cannot recommend joining the ctc enough as you get free third party insurance up to ten million, and access to their legal team who are a company, I think Manchester based, who specialise in cycling.
  10. Flatty


    What's the tidal catalogue like? I have Spotify premium and have a family sub with all my playlists stored, and I get most use from the play offline playlists. Can tidal import Spotify playlists do you know? I can't be bothered to start again. Also do they do a family plan?
  11. Thanks. Understood. That was a clear explanation thanks very much. Dan.
  12. Just ordered a chromecast there. Thanks very much. If it works I'll be delighted.
  13. Thanks everyone very much. Some people seem to think that Bluetooth is more reliable and less glitchy than using wifi. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
  14. Hi everyone. I have bought a minimax plus eastern electric dac, which is wired into a high end integrated amp and fairly expensive speakers. All I want to do is play spotify through this set up. Is there a device I can buy (price isn't too important within reason) that would allow me to Bluetooth into the dac? The other option would be to sell the dac and buy one with spotify and Bluetooth already on it. A netbook hardware in worked,but is a bit clumsy tbh. Id love to run it off my phone (which unfortunately due to a lollipop upgrade won't allow a usb out feed). Any advicewould be gratefully received. Dan.
  15. Flatty

    DAC Question

    Problem with this is I'm a bit thick. Sounds great, but upgrading a computer is off the continental shelf for me, never mind the deep end of the local pool. An SDD would be better though for sure, as quieter and, iirc, doesn't heat up as much??