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  1. Mickyricky

    FS: Quadraspire QAVM dble-width 4-shelf rack

    See if anyone is coming to Kegworth that is passing ...I’m sure it would be poss..to get it to you from there ...
  2. Hi Keith..I will buy the Sony mini disc please
  3. Mickyricky

    Kegworth Show - Bring And Buy Sale

    As far as I know yes ! As I said in my listing it was last used by a fried to record some music onto ...I’m in room 5 so you are most welcome to try it out
  4. Get a railcard and it’s cheaper in the long run ..
  5. Mickyricky

    Kegworth Show - Bring And Buy Sale

    Anyone fancy my Brenel Mk5 Series2 Reel 2 Reel..It used last by a mate to record some music…It is a good looker inside apart from a few minor scuffs etc on the outside case. It is Mono as far as I’m aware…The manual is with it …It is heavy so I would rather not post but I would take it to the Wam Kegworth show for viewing etc .Im not sure of the value but how does £125 sound…Non working ones have been selling for spares on EBay for around 99.00 ..so that makes mine a bit of a bargain..
  6. Mickyricky

    Food at Kegworth

  7. Mickyricky

    Food at Kegworth

    It’s ok saying the bar has this but some will be prisoners to their room
  8. Mickyricky

    Food at Kegworth

    Evidently the pies have been cancelled as it may upset the hotel ! Does this mean that we aren’t allowed to bring our own food...Hotel food tends to be a bit costly these days so I hope it will be ok for me to bring my own pie etc..Some of you may not be able to leave the room for supplies ....
  9. Mickyricky

    The Traditional Pie Order Thread !!!!!!!!!!

    I would have thought that with the pies being pork they would have to be refrigerated overnight especially if the hotel heating is warm..
  10. We can sample pies on Sunday Mark
  11. Thanks doing updates Tim has paid for extra room to sleep in ...
  12. Mickyricky

    Rock/Pop SACD sale

    My cd arrived today ..As described so anyone wishing to order from seller have no worries...
  13. Can entry 27 be a twin and 28 a double bed
  14. Is the kit on show going to be in a brochure as in previous years ?