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  1. Thanks to Julian and Di for a great day ! For a first time bakeoff you were excellent hosts ..Backroom system sounded good but those chrome Gales were something special ....
  2. The Garrard is on it’s way ..and hopefully Marks pie or Pasty or bake well in disguise is as well 👍😀
  3. I love a Derbyshire Pasty 😀👍 or is it a fruit pie ?
  4. I’d love to come and hear your system ,enjoy the Chilli and take home some free plants 😀👍
  5. Received today ! Many Thanks !
  6. I’ll have this please ..pm me with payment details
  7. How about £350 Ono for the 4 tier one that is left ..I may be able to deliver depending
  8. The 3 tier is now sold ...this means that only the 4 tier complete with base and smaller pillar supports is left.. Micky
  9. It is a popular bakeoff Jessica that’s why it filled up .Tim and Kate are great hosts as are Fred and Nick who just held a gathering .. Sometimes attendees have their name down but nearer the date find that they are unable to attend ..then the subs bench kicks in ,so don’t despair 😀
  10. Many thanks from me also ! It was a great day ...And even Dean got full up 😀😂 and that takes some doing ....
  11. Hi ! The shelves measure 50cms x 40 cms. ,they have aluminium? support pillars which allow around 11cms space. I also have some medium and large pillar supports which are interchangeable (offhand I think 15cm and 21cm space ) but I will have to get them out of the loft to measure..The shelves are heavy so I’m not sure what the material consists of ..I won’t be home till Monday so I’m unable to take anymore pics till then ..
  12. Yes it can make 7 will post photos later
  13. What with Bacon Baps,Chilli ,Paul’s pies and an array of cakes which warmers usually bring ,I’m sure tummies will be stretched..All Deans favourites 😀👍
  14. I’m selling my Hutter Rack in either maple or light oak ( not sure of the colour). It consists of 7 shelves and 2 bases so can be made in a 3 tier and 4 tier separate racks.They are pretty good condition although some shelf’s may have blemishes where equipment has been but it’s not noticeable whilst occupied..I’m looking for £299 for the 3 tier and £399 for the 4 tier .. I may be able to deliver as I’m travelling to Ilford next Saturday ..
  15. Just checked the BBC Weather site , no sign of rain for tomorrow 😀 but the BBC never get it right 😂 ! Here’s hoping that they do ..👍