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  1. that's bad news, please delete your line to make space for others
  2. John, last November I was with a mate following a historic rally. We stopped in Hexham on a cold & wet Sunday night at a wonderful curry house. The Onion Bhajis were without doubt the best I’ve had anywhere & almost as good as mine!!!, and I live in West Yorkshire. Shame Hexham is a trek from here, let alone the south coast!!!
  3. vegetarian not vegan (thank god) plenty there mate: John quizzed them in detail on the quality of their Onion Bhajis @Lurch so he'd probably comment
  4. you are Basil Brush and I claim my £5
  5. Maverick

    Newbie Intro's

    ^^absolutely this not too far for you
  6. Good man, always nice to see an overseas visitor
  7. except that on marginal sales 1/3 overheads wouldn't apply as most overheads are fixed in the short term, i.e. selling an extra £500 of sandwiches doesn't increase your rent/rates/electricity - this is the potential flaw in absorption costing understaffing the bar like Saturday last year is different because punters will likely just wait, if a bit disgruntled (a wammer with an empty glass is not a pretty sight ) and you save on wages (the marginal cost) like cupcakes at Scalford?
  8. or offer no options and lose 100% of revenue no accounting system can measure lost sales (I am a management accountant) which is why supermarkets in the UK often have empty shelves = great stock turn ratios
  9. no 'merican jokes here please
  10. There ya go mate, last year Sunday was around £50 IIRC including breakfast. First year that I've been able to stay over and it made packing up more leisurely.