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  1. On my iPad using Safari now and all seems normal, sorry if that doesn’t help.
  2. Peter, I am n way an expert on photography but the quality shines out even to me, pleased I assume?
  3. Who by? I know of 2 wammers staying at the BW who were in the rooms on Saturday night @Bazzer any idea?
  4. Looking at the sheet the show is nearly full on the larger rooms we use for exhibiting so sleeping for non exhibitors might be tighter next March AFAIK as long as you have a ticket for Sunday Peter doesn't have a problem with people staying at the Best Western joining in saturday night. So prefer this as they want certainty well ahead of the show.
  5. Actually thembeing home might be a date to choose!
  6. let's discuss at Kegworth? I'd be up for it depending upon dates not clashing with our students being home
  7. warm pies, wam mushy peas & ham and yes of course mint sauce, not all southern chardonnay swigging southerners do ya know
  8. oi, cheeky! I do like cooking though just let me know, you would be welcome, it would be mine as the only Boenicke speakers to date, still hopeful that one pair of the recent flurry of W5 purchases might make it to Kegworth if you can plan a trip then we are about 4 mins from J24 on M62 so an easy diversion, actually I don't generally do cake, but I can arrange very fine pies easily if lunchtime otherwise if later in the day then diverting through Huddersfield for 25 mins will drop you onto the M1 at J38 (this cuts out the joy of the M62 past Leeds) on your way home especially on the 'wam! wammers generally like cake, curry or just large piles of food in general
  9. thanks mate When I joined the wam some years back a couple of wammers helped me, I count them as good friends now. When working / travelling I did a few wam taxi runs as I travelled a lot. My offer is my payback really, @Spen ago just let me know, as I have take early retirement I can be flexible - and it gets me out of the wife's 'list'
  10. For food & coffee I could be persuaded to come down, not that far really out of rush hour. I am in Huddersfield. My own std W8s fire back against glass, seems to be hard surface or LOTS of space works best - I can send pictures of my room and also Elite’s show room if that helps. I first heard W8s at the last Scalford in the room that had previously housed Jim’s mega system and they filled it to an extent that the sound haunted me for weeks afterwards. My roommate is a jazz musician and he was deeply impressed, and we know where that ended up
  11. Pop up seriously great to deal with, have had some good afternoons listening in there when I was, ahem, working that up that way last time I spent twice my budget, all at my request they just kept swapping kit as I requested & topping up my coffee.