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  1. Boenicke W8

    or I'll bring them over for a private viewing, 'cos if you mention food you'll be mobbed retiring end May so will have more time on my hands
  2. Boenicke W8

    hold a bake off and I'll bring them over
  3. Boenicke W8

    and a VERY high ceiling (like their room at Scalford last year), the room treatment at Keggie was because we knew the room would be smaller yup, he seems to have several production slots always booked, I think he had 6 when I ordered by oak pair - they even did a bespoke finish for Richard A in dark ash
  4. Boenicke W8

    yes, room was a compromise, see below is a pair in Elite's room in Fife, in walnut and look at the room around them !!
  5. Boenicke W8

    if Elite has a run in pair available it won;t take long
  6. Boenicke W8

    SAP7 was the lucky chap
  7. Boenicke W8

    Luke Mark at Elite would say as much space around them as possible, I have mine at home with a a good 2m to the side so bass radiators facing out which I generally prefer, at Tim's the room was very narrow so we ran drivers inwards. Hence you will notice that we treated the side walls at Keggie to be safe. My personal room at home also has solid wall (well thick glass actually) behind to allow the read "ambient" tweeter to work well, this is how I get an awesome sound stage, the Keggie room was only partially there. If you look at the photos you will see that I lifted the left hand curtain up out of the way to get consistent reflections from the back wall (probably the minimum distance, compromised vs seating positions) Does that help? Suggest the other W8 owners chip in here . . .
  8. Boenicke W8

    as they are rated up to 1000w and are 4ohm (worse with SE model) and my Meridan 556 wasn't man enough (at 170wpc) I am guessing your EAR may not drive the bass properly, Mark's valve amp used on the weekend is a MONSTER (see the pics), mine is massive SS and is chucking well over 500wpc at them if you want a listen the closest probably is Richard A in Guernsey otherwise I am sure we will be back in 2019
  9. Boenicke W8

    AFAIK we are all using the standard although some have the swing base (e.g. Richard), I'm saving up for that and hopefully the wife will not notice their arrival
  10. one word daily

  11. one word daily

  12. Boenicke W8

    true, which is yet another reason to make sure it was empty
  13. Jokes, old or new

  14. I still think that Danny flopped on top of you would be effective ah yes, I remember them
  15. Boenicke W8

    and the lightest things that we had to hump back to the car