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  1. Maverick

    Newbie Intro's

    ooh you want to spend money! we can help with that, wammers love spending others ££, especially if the suggestions are over budget
  2. I enjoyed it, empty house with curry and wine with volume @ 11, sound was OK through a firestick and a cheap inline DAC as my TV is one of those that doesn't play nicely a good DAC and yes, Bev was awesome
  3. Maverick

    Newbie Intro's

    a very big welcome from me as well, good advice from Richard @lostwin above as well he is right, generally a get together somewhere every month so a chance one or two will be near you
  4. 1m from the side, 0.75m behind and no wall behind my listening position (well not for 4.5m anyway) no toe in either
  5. OK so Sven states <2m bass drivers outwards, however >2m bass drivers inwards (as I have as mine are over 2.5m)
  6. great shaping up to be the most rooms ever in 2020
  7. he locked tab is so it is not being maintained the tab you need is called "Exhibitors enter your data here"
  8. For me class D doesn’t do it, YMMV
  9. I would agree, same with vinyl front end
  10. Andrew, great to hear progress on the health front - strange that you post today as I selected a VM track to 'beat the DJ' and was chatting to Steve during his show that I listen to every Tuesday on enjoy chilling once recovered
  11. Andrew my mate, been playing my CDs up / down Aberdeen and most are very listenable. another trip darn south to that there London on Wednesday so so will provide better report. So far some good stuff on listen #1 i don’t do vinyl so separate report