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  1. Maverick

    John Wood Amps

    you seemed OK with sharing a bedroom last year
  2. Maverick

    John Wood Amps

    W8s should be with special swingbase addition this show . . .
  3. expect a post from Admin in the next couple of weeks, usually rooms are allocated after that
  4. you might get a warning for that in 2 channel
  5. I fought in the trenches in the cable wars and was injured, I swore never again !
  6. and you expect me to remember anyone there?
  7. The name is correct, it was in a dealer main demo system so would expect it to be run in (the speakers certainly were) - as to foo well I've no reason to expect that it wasn't properly foo'd up. All I know is that it sounded harsh (and I was selecting the music from Roon), and every DAC slotted in, without other changes, sounded much better to me. Why? No idea. The same source was used throughout (ZENmini ii) so whether the issue was synergy between the two I don't know really, possibly? Interesting comment about my hearing since I don't think that we have met? Anyway a few well known audiophiles on here have a slightly better opinion, and some of the buggers have even run blind tests on me.
  8. Maverick

    boenicke Owners Club

    if they are new, then do factor in the run in, this is what Paul is going through now
  9. Maverick

    FREE Denon DCD1560

    that would depend upon my room mate Mark as we will be in my car, not sure that he's negotiated the extra day yet
  10. Maverick

    FREE Denon DCD1560

    Luke, if someone can bring it to me at Keggie then I'll drop off to you, perhaps the Monday on my way back? kr, Paul
  11. Maverick

    FREE Denon DCD1560

    or plug their speakers into the mains