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  1. will record a longer one with it turned up a bit tomowwo when t'wife is fighting on the front line in the NHS, any requests - maybe something so you can see the bass units working?
  2. so best to keep away from YouTube nannies eh? a very simple iPad recording turn the sound right up as a bit quiet, likely needs an external mic, hosted in OneDrive storage:!AjzW-2XbaL-GkJwo6avXLZjOg0nI1A?e=sulFFS
  3. easy to do, Zoom free version - up to 100 attendees for 40 mins
  4. and the masks issued by NHS England have an expiry date of 2022 on a sticker, peel that off and it says "Expires 2016" and this is important meanwhile I'm making sanitizer sprays for old folk that I know, just a little thing but it might help - although IPA (not the beer ) is like rocking horse droppings
  5. hope you make it Jessica, my wife is a Practice Manager so could be a vector
  6. all being well I'll be there, am expecting with my wife working in the NHS that any hit on us will be long over, but ya never know!
  7. I'd love to come down stopping en route via daughters' place in High Wycombe, obviously will depend if me and / or the girls are isolating
  8. never thought of that, once you do it's kinda obvious