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  1. were you asked to leave in the general direction of off? and then keep going
  2. that's quite good (well for you)
  3. 7th March hmm, England beating Wales so sub-optimal for me but will go with the majority 28th March - good for me 4th April - not for me sorry, away at University Open Day with the lad (bloody Swansea!!!!!) 25th April - good for me
  4. nobody has mentioned food? I hope all those NY resolutions have long since gone! If I'm coming can offer the contraband Broster's pies or home made cake
  5. Simon, pretty difficult to commit without a date, I'd suggest setting one sooner rather than later I can bring my Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ (DSD256 384k) also if required a Innous ZENmini mk2 with Tidal account
  6. Nigel notice no request for a twin, that OK? Paul
  7. Nigel Peter is away so I have marked you into the same room for Sunday (219) staying on is never an issue as the rooms are not re-let Sunday night, so curry it is @greybeard kit - door / wall (better) sign I'd suggest, you will not be alone with last minute changes, clearly not me & Mark obviously
  8. info is here: on row 7
  9. done but probably too late for the brochure, sorry