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  1. High reflectivity CD-R's - do they exist?

    You are Serge 2 and I claim my prize! Excellent, sir, many thanks; will have a poke around and try a few things (different brand, those ones you pointed me to on Amazon, and maybe a better recorder). I wouldn't ever describe myself as lazy of course, I would merely emphasise the convenience factor in being able to play a CD-R with an hour or so of one's favourite music on it.
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  3. High reflectivity CD-R's - do they exist?

    Thanks. Yes, that's what I suspect to; it's a mere inconvenience rather than a box-swapping imperative.
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  5. FM Aerial help

    An update. I bought an extendable aerial from eBay (£6.21) which needed a male-female adaptor and then was a simple push fit. It only extends to 30cm or so but the reception is really good. There are two "UK" eBay sellers but only one could confirm I really was buying UK stock: Worth a punt perhaps?
  6. Kef Reference Owners.

    You're a sweetie. I left that tenner under the milk bottle.
  7. private pension advice

    Hmmm. I wasn't talking about flexibility though I do recognise that might be important to some. I presume that this 25-35:1 ratio means, in lay terms, that if you transfer to such a provider you would only be worse off if you live more than that 25-35 years. It would be interesting to understand what they can do with your money that a mainstream provider can't. I was making the assumption that the OP was looking to take a fixed regular income. If this is the case, I think a more helpful comparison would be the annual income from a defined benefits scheme vs the annual income from its replacement. It would be inappropriate to ask you to share such personal information in hard £ of course, but it would be really interesting to know in percentage terms how the income generated by your SIPP (if you had taken it as a fixed/regular income) compares with what you would have got if you has left it where it was.
  8. My vintage Pioneer PD-91 plays red book CDs perfectly. My Arcam CD players also play CD-R but the Pioneer doesn't like them - they sound perfect but the music is interrupted by spikes/stutters a few times a minute and I'm concerned I might do some damage to the player. (FYI: all my CDs have been uploaded via iTunes and are stored as ALAC files on my Synology NAS. When I want to take a copy of a CD I just burn a CD-R from iTunes). I have had a poke around t'interweb and it seems the problem is nothing to do with format (like CD-RW which many older players don't like) but all down to the difference between how commercial CD's are "pressed" and how domestic CD-R's are made. And that ultimately manifests itself as the reflectivity of the surface, specifically lack of reflectivity on CD-R's. Someone has suggested Sony discs might be better than most and I'm happy to give that a shot though I suspect the issue is one of design not brand. I would appreciate any other suggestions. Otherwise I'll just need to stick to playing original CDs on the PD-91. Which is fine, though if I take my vintage rig to Scalford 2018 it would have been nice to have a disc of my favourite tracks rather than swapping discs every time... Thanks, Nigel
  9. private pension advice

    A private pension is unlikely to be defined benefits rather than defined contributions; but check! If it is defined benefits then this is what used to be called a "final salary" scheme by most of us and those are like gold dust. Ignore any advice to do anything with a defined benefits scheme other than take the generous pension income! It is most likely you have paid into a defined contributions scheme. As others have said, annuity rates are crap and that is based on how long we are likely to live these days so you're unlikely to get a markedly better annuity rate by shopping around. If you find one then check for the magic of how they do it! It might be investment in riskier stocks or markets which you really don't want to be touching when looking for an income. So where can you get a better return than an annuity? Obviously there are gradual drawdown schemes where you nibble at the capital but you need to take a guess at how long you'll live and ensure the money doesn't run out: that could be fun! Or you could invest in something you understand but you need to be very very careful as you will get phone calls from people inviting you to get impossible returns out of investing in German commercial property and the like, all unregulated and highly risky. I am not yet 60. I took my 25% taxfree and spent a chunk of that to buy a gym because I knew the specific business, understood the numbers and still lift (lighter these days!) weights so I knew what I was getting into. Ish. I spent another few grand of that 25% on hifi but you only live once! One year on and we've made a few grand though it has been up and down due to various investments needed to stabilise the business under new management. The point here is that I have already made this year as much money from spending some of my taxfree 25% on a business than I would have done out of investing the whole in an annuity. If I could find another couple of gyms the same (I can't) then I could take the rest as taxable lump to buy them and overall I would be getting several times a standard annuity. There are risks of course so you have to know what you're getting into, but I share this as a worked example which is somewhere between take-an-annuity and buy-a-yacht!
  10. Planar 6 gets a nice review in HiFiChoice but they're hardly going to say the RP6 is better! The Neo PSU sounds interesting, not sure if they will ever make these available separately. I have RP6 with standard RB303 arm and Dynavector 10x5; up north I have an Ortofon 2M Black on my Origin Live Encounter arm on Michell Gyro SE. When next tempted to tweak the RP6 I will try the 2M Black there first. That might not be for a while as I like it as it is... I'm with Dudywoxer on the value chain here and would suggest you might be better off keeping the RP6 and RB303 but upgrading the cartridge to a 2M Black, highly regarded by every reviewer. You might find that gives you a better outcome for less dosh than splashing out on the new Planar 6. Whichever way you land on arms and decks, do you have a cartridge in mind or will that depend on the deck?
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  12. Kef Reference Owners.

    Sorry to say I've just put my KEF Reference 104.2's up on the megastore after a few months of ownership, purely because I have three systems and four pairs of speakers and have decided to stick with another pair on my vintage Pioneer system. This may be a mistake... They were Oldius's (Geoff's) and he had the donuts replaced AND the tweeters replaced. I still can't believe how much speaker you get for your money, and not just technically (a 3-way including two woofers per speaker, almost flat frequency response, and an easy drive), visually (imposing) or by the kilo (they are heavy!). Ridiculously good value and it is easy to see why they have such a strong, almost cult-like, following. I am half-convinced I will be seeking out another pair of these in a year or two's time, but for now I need to be sensible.
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