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  1. Conjures up a mental image of you leaning to one side and toppling over, John, which is both comical and sad...
  2. Thanks for this, Matt. I'm not sure what the situation is regarding reindexing if nothing has changed - or whether it needs to happen regardless. The HD in question is a WD 3TB My Passport so may behave like yours... anyway, it should take only minutes as we've now established. FWIW, I will be backing up everything on the Synology NAS which includes not only music but also documents and pictures. I can foresee only rarely wanting to access docs on the drive but regularly (every few weeks) wanting to access the music files. I intend to get around to formatting the drive in next 24 hours. FAT32 so the second Bluesound Node 2 I think I'm going to end up with can read it (as should anything else be able to, apparently).
  3. one word daily

  4. DLNA UPnP IOS app recommendations

    If you like the look and feel and functionality of M-Connect Lite then I'd be tempted to ask the creators Convers Digital whether they are identical apart from the limitations highlighted here. I notice they also do an HD version so that is three versions to maintain; they may be well organised and simply maintain one set of core code (currently at version 3.3.2) plus Lite constraints/HD add-ons - or they may not, and the crash thing might not happen in the full fat version. Just a thought if boxes are otherwise ticked for you.
  5. DLNA UPnP IOS app recommendations

    Was that the full £5.99 copy?
  6. one word daily

  7. Cone Flap, what is it, how do I stop it?

    I'm curious. If applying the suggested rumble/high pass filter or tone controls sorts out the cone flap issue, will it necessarily negate the improvements in sound quality which John identified earlier? Or should he be able to configure a solution which retains those improvements while counteracting the flap?
  8. Cone Flap, what is it, how do I stop it?

    Do you still have the IA PS3.SE? If you swap the Music First SUT out, does the problem go away?
  9. Cone Flap, what is it, how do I stop it?

    This is true. While when we reported this some wammers were alarmed about potential drive damage, at the time of listening there was no audible effect, just a fascinating visual effect... John appears to be reporting something altogether more disconcerting, a visible flap with an effect on the sound. I've asked a clarifying question to help diagnosis.
  10. Cone Flap, what is it, how do I stop it?

    I never did like those tarty speakers, John, I knew they were all looks ... What do you mean by "noticed recently"? Have you previously played those same few albums without cone flap? Has anything else in your system changed? This might aid a diagnosis.
  11. Thanks Keith. I know it's not the money, I just thought that was the quickest way into things like how many nights you're staying at the hotel. I live 30 mins-ish from the venue; if your costs had included a Fri night stay for example then I may or may not have been able to help. How about this? Because I live so near, I have been umming and aahing about whether to stay overnight in the hotel room I've paid for (just try telling a non-wammer that!). I will get my equipment at least substantially set up in the room either way, though I may not be able to set it up fully with the bed in place ( given my vintage Pioner stack I think I might be ok): The main advantage of staying over is the social stuff on the Sat evening and the chance to hear some rooms I won't get to as an exhibitor. So Sat I move the kit in, see how it works in the room and then maybe or maybe not move it to one side. I sleep soundly (see below!) and on waking I enjoy a hearty breakfast, move the bed, finish my set up and welcome friends to enjoy (or not) my and their sounds. I would not be eating in the hotel, contrary to an emerging theme, I have had my fill of hotel food in my travelling life. I'd be going out for a couple of pints at the CAMRA pub 5-6 mins down the road and the a curry at Jee-Ja-Jee's. The main advantages of NOT staying over are (a) I can leave my room set for the next day, sleep soundly in my own bed, get back there by 9:00am with nout to do (b) I won't cross the "oh sod it" line which leads to early morning listening and banter, over-consumption and a humongous hangover which spoils the Sunday (c) I avoid the bloody noisy neighbours! Fellow wammers walking the corridors until god-knows-what-time and, knowing we have the hotel to ourselves, throwing any caution about playback volumes to the wind, just not acting their damned age! It's what made Scalford fun for so many years I'm sure; it's fun while you're in it but when you know you've had enough and just want some kip... So it's in the balance. If I put on my Take-One-For-The-Team jacket and hear your concerns, I can come up with a refined version of Don't Stay Over. I'm not going to commit after the three glasses of wine I've just enjoyed but tell me if this has some appeal. If it does, let's PM and then speak: I move my kit into the room, ideally with room to finalise set-up but moved to one side if not I wander around a few rooms and enjoy some banter and some sounds. I drink tea or alco-free beer I come home to have some proper beer and proper sleep You set up your kit in your room You kip in my room (NB. I'm not there. Thanks, you're a good looking guy but it's not the way I swing). I hammer on the door at 8am (if set-up completion is required) or 8:30am (if not) and kick you out I am relieved to find that you haven't been sick in my room and particularly on my kit Does that work? Should we speak? PM me if so. If it doesn't, I can decide any old time up to the day; if it does, let's speak. Nigel
  12. That's the sort of creative thinking I was creatively thinking of...
  13. Keith, that is a huge shame; you always run a visually impressive and super-sounding room and the Wam weekend won't be the same without you. Allow me to pretend for a day or so that your mind is not made up. Tell me how that £300 breaks down. And let me get creative. Which might be a case of hope over reality but a man can try! I know that cost is not your primary concern here, but spending the same money in a different way might be safer/more satisfying/whatever. Give me a chance... Nigel
  14. one word daily

  15. Considering Making a SBT

    Thanks Stuart. I happen to have a 12V linear PSU too - it drove my iRDAC which was also rehoused when the Bluesound came in. Both are Custom HiFi Cables "DC2" model. I've hung onto them as for less than £100 I can get them converted to any voltage I may need in future, though keeping two seems greedy if it would help finish off someone's project. PS to Andrew/Bencat: FYI, I didn't do a back-to-back comparison of the Squeezebox+iRDAC and the Node 2. I suspect that in a double blind comparison I would be hard-pressed to say the Node 2 sounded different from, and if different then better than, the Duet+iRDAC. Which means that if you're happy with the SBT sound then you'd probably be just as happy with the Bluesound sound (if not more so, as I thought the iRDAC was a better DAC than the internal Duet one). I prefer the Bluesound's ease of use and app interface and the fact that it does in one box what I previously used an Arcam rBlink, Arcam iRDAC and Duet to achieve. But that's about it.