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  1. TheFlash

    Wanted: mains cable

    Er no, just stating facts. Good luck with your search, I'm out.
  2. TheFlash

    Wanted: mains cable

    You're making it harder than necessary for folk to help you... are you really asking for us to look up the price of the Titan cable? Could you not perhaps just give it in £?
  3. TheFlash

    Wanted: mains cable

    I'm not at home until late tomorrow but I think I may have a home-brewed cable made of LAT AC-2 (around £70/metre I think) with a Furutech thingie (£90ish) or MK Tough Plug thingie (£7ish) on one end and an Iego thingie (£40ish) on the other. Library pics of a similar complete cable (ignore terminations), which is as thick as you can go if you actually want to bend it, and the actual terminations. I can confirm actual availability/components/length when I get home but you can do the maths yourself: how does this suit your needs and budget? @locheeboy may even make you up one of the Furukawa ones if you ask nicely and pay him twice the component cost to cover his time too... Give us a budget and length and you'll help people to help you. Cheers. or
  4. Too many other moving parts in my hifi world right now or you would have incoming PM... Lovely piece of kit.
  5. TheFlash

    System for the ma-in-law

    You can never be sure. Even the OP is at it: If he tells us he's 45 and his wife is 33, we know the whole thing is a wind-up. (See what I did there?)
  6. TheFlash

    System for the ma-in-law

    We British call that irony and salute it. If it’s intentional!
  7. TheFlash

    ATC Owners Club

    Really appreciate this. I love bass too, and the SCM40A’s do what I need my speakers to do. They also have a superb midrange which is what makes them, to me, stand out from many other speakers. I’ve realised I was auditioning in a different way to how I enjoy music, and tending to “test” speakers or other kit with deep bass or soaring treble but actually it’s the midrange which gives music much of its soul for me... and it has taken me too long to realise this. I no longer look to be impressed, I look to enjoy, which sounds bleedin’ obvious of course. Home demo? Excellent, nice one.
  8. TheFlash

    ATC Owners Club

    I preferred my incumbent ProAc D30RS to the passive SCM40 primarily because of its superior (deeper, stronger) bass, so I can imagine the above being written about those... but the actives are superb in the bass. Forget not being challenged in a demo, forget “on paper”, and challenge them with your music in your room and I seriously doubt you’d be disappointed. Though, as you say, you’re allowed not to like them!
  9. TheFlash

    Gato Audio Owners Club

    Never mind whether the difference is worth the money, is it also an improvement? To your ears, clearly yes, and I suspect most others here will share the same view. Nice one. Thanks.
  10. TheFlash

    ATC Owners Club

    Firstly, what @Fourlegs says plus a bit: What pre-amplifier was being used on this demo? What DAC/source was being used? When you are auditioning active speakers you are of course comparing not only the SCM50A's with the PMC's you're also comparing the built-in power ATC amps with (the power amp bit of) your MF integrated, and there's bugger all you can do about changing both those variables at the same time. But you could take along your MF integrated and use the pre-out into the actives which, balanced/unbalanced aspect to one side, takes one variable out of the equation. And you could take along your DAC. You'll still have to tune into the room, positioning etc but righ now I'm struggling to see what, if anything, remianed the same between your current system and the one you were auditioning. Secondly, whilst I enjoy a bit of foreplay, could you not just give us the executive summary "Ultimately I decided the SCM50A's were [not] the speaker for me" and then unpack it in instalments for those who watch soap operas, can't take too much excitement at once, but love every episode to end on a cliffhanger?
  11. TheFlash

    Gato Audio Owners Club

    I'll take that "like" as a Yes! Thank you sir.
  12. TheFlash

    boenicke Owners Club

    Please can you all get back to talking about hifi...
  13. TheFlash

    boenicke Owners Club

    Think of all the scenarios which might be possible right now. And think how many of those would lend themselves to being played out in public. I’m not saying anything by not saying anything... I’m just not saying anything. And in good time I’ll say something. Until then, you boys will need to let it lie. Like good boys.
  14. TheFlash

    boenicke Owners Club

    I shall be keeping my powder dry on this one for a while longer, gents.