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  1. Yep, I wouldn't get away with that... marital harmony would demand its placement on the bottom shelf with a good gap above it for airflow... and I'd still get questions about why I needed an "industrial air conditiioning unit" in my hifi rack!
  2. Thanks Phil. Feels good. I'm actualy passing your way tomorow... but can't stop! Dropping something off in Bewdley sort of en route to Kendal where I will put the Sugden through its paces. I'll wave as I pass...
  3. We’re worried for you, @newlash09. We want you to have a rack, or two, for several reasons: vibration isolation of one piece of equipment from another, heat dissipation, and aesthetics!
  4. I exchanged my lovely, but perhaps a bit OTT for my Kendal pad, Audia Flight FLS10 for a Musical Fidelity A3CR pre/power pairing plus cash. They’re an impressive combo, great soundstage from the dual mono design and lovely bass, but I’ve always hankered after something from Sugden or Krell and increasingly have been impressed by what I read and hear about this fab British company. The ANV-50 is a novel and intriguing departure for Sugden, fits better than a pure Class A monster with its intended use, and gets very good reviews. I absolutely love the aesthetics. I’m sufficiently intrigued to borrow one for audition. My key question is whether it has the capability to generate the current to make my ATC SCM40’s sing. What has changed is that last week I got some good news... and I start a new job in mid-Nov after two years of living off my reserves, so the cash I received when “downshifting” is no longer going to top up those reserves, it’s been immediately reflagged as HiFi Funds! How cool is that? I will of course report back.
  5. My demo ANV-50 arrived today. Just saying.
  6. You’ve obviously spent so much on equipment you can’t afford a rack to house it!
  7. D28 replaced by D30 and D30R (former with dome tweeter, latter the most popular version with ribbon tweeter, fast, well-integrated). I had the D30R. D30 and D30R replaced by D30S (D30DS?) and D30RS, again the ribbon tweerer the most popular. I also had these and they are a substantial step up from their predecessor: wider band woofer lifts the crossoveer frequency I suspect, letting the ribbon tweeter relax and sweetening the midrange. I preferred the ProAc D30RS to the ATC SCM40; latter better in the midrange but former with deeper and tighter bass. It was only when I heard the active SCM40A that I waved a sad and grateful farewell to the D30RS; I'd had ProAcs for 25 years. Hope this helps.
  8. No, I just nicked the "no remote but neither does vinyl" phrase. Buy with confidence, @loosend!
  9. Now SOLD to a lovely man in Worcestershire...
  10. I would have sold overseas but wanted to give the UK a pop first. It was the Chinese buyer "disguised" as a UK buyer which annoyed me: I'm happy of course to ship to a UK forwarding address/friend if that is how they're set up, but not to ship to an unregistered address. Now sold anyway!
  11. I had expected this to be snapped up... ... stupid boy!
  12. And smart they are too. They were of course selected/provided by the manufacturer who would, one would hope, comply with their own height recommendations (although for a sub I'm not sure how relevant this is). If those seeking "after market" suggestions limit the height of their ambitions (see what I did there?) to the height of the supplied spikes then no argument.