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  1. TheFlash

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  2. Look, it's difficult enough typing without an erection, no need for the blatant provocation of showing these two gorgeous babes.
  3. TheFlash

    New streamer

    The key question, as per above, is whether the boyfriend has, or would be happy with, a suitable hard drive/NAS which will store the data. He may want a one box solution like the Vault, but many of us would be nervous about buying a box which claims to do/actually does the lot rather than separating the storage from the streaming which is a more flexible solution. I have a Synology NAS with 2x WD 3TB Red drive and a Bluesound Node 2 and they perform admirably in all respects. It's a flexible (upgradeable, though I've had no need several years on) answer and should leave plenty of change from £1500. Various musings in the linked threads.
  4. TheFlash

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  5. Loved it all, just wanted to big up the call for (voluntary!) id for wammers. It's a once a year opportunity so I'd like to see us make the most of it. Eddie-Baby introduced himself but it would have been fab to put faces to other names. Even the ugly ones.
  6. TheFlash

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  7. TheFlash

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  8. Yep. And putting it out there with humility.
  9. TheFlash

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  10. What, you mean like a scientist talking about religion? That's the trouble: there are far more people in the only-scientist and only-religious groups than in the religious-and-scientist group, so most people who engage in the debate do so from one side only. I'm in neither by the way, which probably says it all!
  11. This is not only blindingly obvious, it is probably also scientifically verifiable using double blind trials. It may well be necessary to repeat the cake-testing experiment multiple times, even when a conclusion seems imminent. Volunteers can sign up at
  12. Yep. Good spot. This is serious stuff about the ability to accept others' views and experiences as equally valid. Some people struggle with that; and I struggle with their struggling. I said in a much earlier post that I find the most dogmatic and self-righteous of people in any discussion of religion to be the self-proclaimed post-religious. This thread has done nothing to alter that, which is a missed opportunity.
  13. TheFlash

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  14. TheFlash

    Speaker Sound Loss Mystery!

    Do this! In fact, I recommend you take it overseas... If you update your profile with your location, you might find a local wammer jumps up to volunteer to pop over and try all the things that you've tried... all it will cost you is lot of cake.