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  1. TheFlash

    RME ADI-2 DAC vs Chord Qutest

    This rationale is cited at least as often as any theory that the performance of the device itself is improved. It makes sense, and I believe I have heard the difference myself, but it will of course depend on the quality of the SMPS which is being replaced: if it is one of the best (like the iFi aftermarket one appears to be) then the difference may well be non-existent or negligible.
  2. Mods: please note! There is a colour bleed from the HiFiPages logo into the name of any wammer who is in them (whatever they are): I pointed this out to @orangeart a couple of weeks ago because I thought his name was supposed to be in eye-catching orange (well it seemed logical at the time) but was just plain unreadable. He siad it was a forum issue, nothing to do with him. Now valvebloke suffers the same... and it's not just in the left bar, it is anywhere the username appears like in "currently browsing". "Colour bleed" is the best description I can think of.
  3. I wish they'd provide a wind-up or tongue-in-cheek emoji for avoidance of confusion (clearly a coat and a wink don't do it)! Just pulling your leg, you sensitive soul. Hats off to you Eddie.
  4. Well, proper exhibitors yes. I don't have much time for the people who just throw any old kit they're tripping over into a suitcase and turn up expecting the Exhibitor Red Carpet to be rolled out for them.
  5. As far as I know: the jury is out on Q1. Some people routinely have the caps replaced on older stuff they buy, others say to leave well alone as this "standard practice" is just a money-making exercise. I've never heard anyone say "I had the capacitrs replaced on my X and it sounded awesome afterwards". Q2: no Q3: no. You might want to do it because you're a completist/now-I-can-settle kinda guy who wants to know his newly refurbed kit is now likely to outlast him and it will definitely be performing as new... and it probably won't cost an arm and a leg to do so, but if you part of your justification for getting an amp recapped is to save yourself from a catastrophic failure further down the line then I think that's probably incorrect. And it may well be performing at its best anyway. Your call, your money, and all that.
  6. This sort of thing. There follows a blank and some completed examples. What's not to like?
  7. TheFlash


    You're safe these days, I can tell you. Re camverton: well no-one would have guessed that. A cracker. I'm off to France for a week on Wednesday; will see if I can suss some Suze.
  8. I exhibited for the first (and to date only) time last year. I didn't realise until afterwards how many wammer I "know" online had popped in at some time during the day. I shall be wearing my TheFlash T-shirt for ease of identification and I'd like to know I will be able to recognise other wammers. I learned a new word a year or two ago: ""lanyard". It's one of those straps which hangs round your neck and it has a plastic holder attached for a name badge. Last year exhibitors had these. Are there any plans to provide these to attendees? Perhaps with a HiFiWigwam branded lanyard? If everyone had the option to print a simple badge at home with Wam name and real (first) name on it, or even to write their name on a card on the day, it would help to oil the wheels of sociability. Thanks in anticipation, yours obsequiously, etc etc.
  9. TheFlash

    High-end 70s Tuners

    A personal choice clearly, but what are your priorities? Sound? Looks? Functionality?
  10. Life’s too short for thinking! Being new to the Wam is the best reason in the world to make a special effort to be there on 17th March. I’ll personally give you your £15 entry fee back if you don’t have a hoot. I will of course need continuous footage to prove you were a miserable sod all day...
  11. Very smart and unless I'm mistaken that is a very positive review and they retailed at €1499. Nice one.
  12. TheFlash

    RME ADI-2 DAC vs Chord Qutest

    You forgot science... lots of belief with a few measurements to supposedly substantiate (often through extrapolation), loads of dogmatism and snake oil... and even if the science is proven, we choose to ignore it if it doesn't fit our existing paradigm or is otherwise inconvenient (yes, there are actually people who - selectively - use science to "prove" climate change is a hoax ). Thomas Kuhn's The Structure of Scientific Revolutions is an insightful text on this: the scientific establishment resists and resists and resists anything which challenges the dominant worldview... until something shifts and all of a sudden the resistance collapses and the new discovery becomes an "of course!" and is accepred as the new truth. What we sometimes see on this forum is a basic understanding of science in the field of sonics and some fundamental measurements (frequency response, THD, etc) being used to dismiss the subjective and personal from this essentially subjective and personal hobby. In pure Newtonian science, the whole cannot be more than the sum of its parts; for most of us, music is far more than just a load of instruments playing in time and in tune recorded with maximum dynamic range and minimal distortion. And of course, religion and science to one side, we see lots of folk commenting on stuff they've never actually heard. All the fun of the fair! Don't forget to complete your profile so folk can see what kit you have and where you live. And come to Kegworth mid-March for the full 3D Wam experience which makes the forum make a whole lot more sense and will be the best day out of your year.