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  1. I’m pretty sure they will also have used different ears and listened in different rooms too.
  2. It’s far harder to reduce photo resolution on a phone than on a computer! Emailing pics to yourself is a clunky but effective workaround.
  3. Seconded. And someone here has just posted about struggling to replace his Powernode drive with higher capacity one. Keep it simple.
  4. Yup. I’ve been looking at various rack offerings over the last few weeks with half an eye on designing (and commercialising) something which both looks better than much of the dreadful bling or dreadfully functional AND is actually based on the science of isolation/vibration control rather than on stuff which looks like it isolates but actually couples. That’s another conversation for another place but relevance here is that I’d never seen the Grand Prix racks until they came up when I was looking for reviews of your turntable. They adopt many of the principles I’d arrived at independently and I take my hat of to them for that. I presume many of those same principles are what makes the turntable get such rave reviews. Great engineering principles then, well applied and aesthetically packaged. What’s not to like? GLWTS
  5. I just liked your post, Keith. Why? Because of the bit in bold that sneaked in. Same point made as ever, but personalising it to you rather than making it a Universal Truth. Respect!
  6. It gets stunning reviews Keith, though I knew you’re not into those... I bet that shelf is worth a few bob in its own right as their racks go from premium prices to stellar. Nice one.
  7. Can you post some measurements, Keith?! That’s quite a turntable. You don’t do things by half, do you. Good luck with your sale. N
  8. Yes. They sound good, I’m just not mentally in a place where I want to spend £20/month renting music. I still tend to use streaming services to audition at length rather than as my primary source. Not sure what magic goes on in the Ogg Vorbis system Spotify uses but it sounds a damned sight better than 320kbps should. Nigel
  9. Bluetooth has its place! I too had an Arcam miniBlink to allow my kids to hook up their phones when they come home. Very useful option to have, but with obvious sonic limitations.
  10. PS. I use Spotify Premium (320kbps) and am very happy with the sound quality.
  11. Bluesound Node 2 (used, c£300 on eBay, safe used buy as no moving parts) or 2i: both great streamers, fabulous BluOS control app. Can be (ethernet) hard-wired to router if nearby and you can be bothered. Mobile device is NOT in playback chasing ie acts like a remote control not “music transmitter”: most audiophiles prefer to avoid that. See live thread (can’t recall title) where this stuff has been discussed very recently. Chromecast similar but cheaper. Can’t comment on control app. Can’t hardwire to router but mobile device is similarly remote control and not in playback chain, which is great. Avoid other devices like Arcam rPlay which take music from iPad (or whatever) by including the device in playback chain. Nowhere near as bad as Bluetooth (avoid, as others have said) but why do that if not necessary? The tell-tale is whether you can take your mobile device out of wifi range and the music keeps playing... if it’s acting only as a remote, it will, if it’s in the playback chain it obviously won’t. Bluesound has very good internal DAC which you’ll be happy with for quite some time I’m sure. You can experiment with myriad DAC options when you’re ready. Hope this helps.
  12. You’re doing it again Keith: equating linearity (you sometimes call it transparency or accuracy) with High Fidelity. The roots of the phrase High Fidelity and its truncated form HiFi do of course lie in accuracy/linearity/transparency but their use has developed from those roots. To insist that the majority of your HiFiWigwam colleagues don’t really have HiFi systems at all, that they have effects boxes adding various kinds of distortion, is rather irksome. If I were feeling generous, I’d describe you as the type of polite and technically accurate gentleman who would “correct” those around him according to the dictionary he swallowed in the 50s: “car? Ah I see, you mean motor car” “mobile? Ah, you must mean mobile telephone”. It’s quaint and amusing in small doses but rather pompous and tiresome beyond that. Perhaps you might consider starting a forum of your own where adherence to “proper” definitions are the rule rather than the exception. You’d have less typing to do: less correcting of colleagues and less to talk about anyway as everything sounds the same except speakers apparently. You could call it HighFidelityGrandMarquee. 😊
  13. Welcome @tIANcI! Nice set-up you have there. Are there many Audia Flight owners and/or dealers in SE Asia? We are a rare breed here in the UK! Nigel
  14. Let us know how you get on when you’ve landed on a streamer.
  15. I use Spotify Premium. Costs me £9.99 a month I think. Remember to flip the button across to get 320mbps Ogg Vorbis or whatever it’s called and the quality is excellent to the only pair of ears I have... Absolutely no issues in my experience. Install the Spotify app on your iPad if not already there. On BluOS Choose Music menu click on Spotify and it drops out to the native Spotify app do you have full functionality (favourites, playlists, etc) unlike some of the hi-res services. Top tipple though is Radio Paradise: a fantastic way of hearing a wide variety of music. Now has a Main Mix and Mellow Mix, both good. As above, click on it under the Choose Music header. I’m not in front of my iPad right now so can’t check: there may be some sort of “select your services” step to go through to get both of above on your own menu but it’s childsplay. Have you downloaded the app yet? I’m not sure how far you can get without a player but might be worth having a poke. Good luck.