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  1. I’ve had my Focal Chorus 826v a good few years now, and I can understand how some can find the tweeter a bit bright as I have experienced it a few times at low volume. I played around with positioning and using the spikes I put a small amount of tilt backwards on them. This has given great results. The tweeter covers also make a difference when removed. Im very happy with my Focals. They go well with Marantz.
  2. there's a few tweeks you can try before you spend any money on other kit. get the speakers off the laminate floor, spikes and bases would be a first start. bring them into the room a little (9 inches or more) then a little toe in. next, look at a decent interconnect to go between amp and cd. i'd lose the sub too. there are others, but thats where i'd start.
  3. get an amp with tone controls! or even better, an X-Bass button, lol
  4. i have two that i use, the clearaudio virtuoso and nagaoka ts12 boron
  5. part two, of turntable night/weekend. back to the coloured vinyl, more Trivium. may as well make the most of the weekend!
  6. Can’t say as I’ve ever noticed the difference tbh!
  7. Does genre have any impact on perceived differences of digital v analog?
  8. It’s always a shame to see stores go under. But it’s easy to understand. Personally, I have bought my first “all new” system in individual purchases over the space of a few years, spending over 5 grand. But... that’s me done for many years to come. And that’s probably where hifi dealers lose out the most. Once you are completely happy with your hifi, you aren’t going to spend any more money . Bricks and mortar stores just cannot survive selling hifi alone.
  9. I think the TT and Sacd Player sold for roughly the same amount when released. After having the turntable in action for over an hour, it is fighting back, maybe the amp/phono stage needed a bit of time to warm up! Ive had 4 beers too.. which is also having an effect lol. Oh, and all the records are on Coloured vinyl... no black stuff tonight. 🤪
  10. After a long hard week at work, on the drive home I decided to have a night listening to some new records I bought a while back, but never got round to opening and playing them. I’ve also been enjoying my new SA14S1SE much more than I ever thought I would. It’s nice to see the turntable in action, and have the enjoyment of opening four or five new albums. And I’m getting a little more exercise getting up every 15 mins to flip a record over. Comparing the Marantz TT15S1 against the SA14S1SE, wow.... there’s not much in it to be honest, but I think the SA14S1SE just about comes out on top, it really is a quality piece of kit. Anyway, I’m going to enjoy the rest of my evening listening to the Trivium back catalogue on my turntable. Have a good weekend wammers.
  11. the only noise i have noticed is when cycling through the disc/input menu. it clicks as it gets to the CD selection. i have still not tried the rear usb connection, or any hi res files. but i'm more than happy with the disc playback and the front usb. i've loaded 450 albums onto the memory stick so i've got practically the whole of my cd collection on tap.
  12. i'm still having fun with cassettes. i've got a Denon DRM595 now. i never really stopped listening to cassettes, i had a Technics midi system which was my main hifi for years, till i upgraded then it found its way into my bedroom, and was used a lot up until we moved house.
  13. i'm a very happy owner of both the Pm14s1se and sa14s1se. i bought the amp first as i was very happy with my moon cd player, i then bought the sacd player, and was blown away by the difference in performance. worth every penny. even the front usb port playing mp3 at 320 sounds fantastic. as a pairing, they make all the right noises, and look beautiful to boot! apparently, the sa41s1se version has been improved to play hi res files via the rear usb, so if that is of interest, i'd go for it no question. it took me a long time to finally try marantz, i genuinely wish i'd done it a lot sooner.
  14. being an owner of both the SA14 & PM14 i would love to hear the ruby's to compare.
  15. vinyl is so 2018. Cassette is where its happening right now!