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  1. I had a Rega Apollo 2000 for a few years, sounded really good. sold it for more than I paid for it too.! Rega CD Player of any sort is well worth a try out.
  2. I recently tried doing this with a Bluetooth receiver, and couldn’t get my apple devices to connect to it. Nor would my Sony laptop, so I sent it back.
  3. Selling my Focals as I’m going to upgrade this year. They are in great condition, apart from a light mark on one edge, this is hardly noticeable from a few feet away. They come with original boxes, and covers. I really love the sound of these, im still using them every day. Any questions, fire away £875 ono south/west yorks area
  4. My daughter FaceTimes me yesterday as she’d had a record player bought, a cheap Goodmans thing, the motor speed is all over the place... it sounds horrific. So I told her to take it back. Today, daughter FaceTimes again, she’s bought another record player, it’s one of the vintage looking ones, (not a crossley) and she’s so happy with it. It looks the part, on its own legs, stood in the orangery in her house. She’s beaming with happiness. Thats my highlight of the year.
  5. Amazon for Vinyl (price Match promise for new releases) juno, for vinyl. Ebay, for 2nd hand vinyl and cds and the odd cassette. Hmv Meadowhall when I’m dragged there with the Mrs. Elsecar heritage centre, when I’m dragged.... you get the point. Music magpie. What Records, for vinyl. Nuclear Blast, and Earache, for vinyl. I do try to buy direct from artists too, a lot of what I listen to is output from lesser well known bands.
  6. If it’s like my old rega Apollo, the red display is just a piece of plastic in front of the display. Should be able to remove it.
  7. No preference at all. Whatever takes my mood really. CD Vinyl or Cassette, the thing I use most is the Front USB port on my CD player. Purely for convenience.
  8. There’s literally hundreds of cheap and cheerful cassette decks on eBay. Just try and find a newer model. I saw a technics deck go for £6 not long ago, anything is worth a gamble at that price.
  9. Bluetooth dac unfortunately wouldn’t connect wirelessly to anything so it’s on its way back to Amazon. Just trying Spotify on the TV, through the Marantz DAC. Vocals are definitely clearer. I’ll see how things go. And what other apps I can get on the TV.
  10. I had been using a mini dac Connected to the amp via rca for a few years, but just yesterday I thought I’d utilise the onboard dac in the CD player.
  11. This morning the Amazon driver was here early, so I have connected the optical cable from the tv into the CD player. The display is showing 48k. I’ll give the apps a try later, I have Spotify on the tv, see how it sounds. The bluetooth dac also arrived, so I’m going to connect that to the amp via rca and test that out too.
  12. Got a couple of albums from wife and daughters. Still searching for some Sonus Faber Venere S. But not in any particular rush for them.
  13. Uhm, I’m really not sure what the best option is going to be for me. I didn’t want a laptop permanently connected to the Marantz cd, or have cables trailing through the living room. The optical cable will be used to connect the tv to the cd, and use the dac within for sound. Im also connecting a Bluetooth receiver to the amp to send Spotify and Amazon music from my ipad and iPhone. Ill have a play around with things tomorrow and see what works best for me. Hi res is a step further away than I thought.
  14. Cool, cheers. I’ll have a look now.
  15. Finally got round to ordering an Optical cable for the Marantz SA14S1SE. I’m a little late to the whole Hi Res thing. But it’s an option on the SACD player, so I thought I’d give it a go. If anyone has any pointers for me, i.e where I can get a sample of hi res music, or what sites are out there that’d be good. Cheers